Facebook Automated Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Facebook Automated Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Facebook Automated Ads: Everything You Need to Know

In the olden days, advertising was done through print, TV, and radio. Unlike in this modern time wherein almost everything is made digitally, technology has simplified the marketing and advertising processes following latter-day living. Since today’s world involves extensive use of different social media platforms, it has become one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools.

Social Media has penetrated almost every nation on the globe. As of January 2022, Northern America ranked third in the most penetrated region with an 82% rate (statista.com), following Europe and Northern Europe. With billions of users worldwide, reaching out to your target audience is more accessible.

With Facebook hailed as the top social media platform, businesses opt to advertise their business through it. Because of this, Facebook management is doing its best to help business owners, marketers, and advertisers. The platform has created Facebook Automated Ads that aim to streamline its sales ads promotions. It allows you to place ads on Facebook, relying only on verified data. Facebook will generate an individual custom ad plan with step-by-step recommendations for placing suitable ads.

The work is carried out based on machine learning technology and allows you to increase productivity noticeably with less effort. This type will ensure that the best image or video combinations are shown to the most targeted users on the most effective placements such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or Audience Network. The whole process is managed by the system itself.

Read along to know more about the fundamentals of Facebook Automated Ads.

What Do You Get From Facebook Automated Ads

Before launching an advertising campaign on Facebook, an important task is to choose the right target. The optimization strategy and the result of the campaign as a whole will depend on this parameter. Facebook itself uses user data and behavioral factors to determine who should receive priority in viewing your advertisements. These will be those network users who are most likely to take action included in the advertising campaign’s goals.

Facebook offers a wide range of advertising features and lets business owners create tailored advertising for their business. Facebook ads provide suggestions on how to improve the ad performance.

Users can sometimes get confused with Facebook automated ads and boosted posts. Automatic ads filter viewers to those with a high probability of taking action after seeing your ads. Meaning it is shown only to your targeted audience. Whereas with boosted posts, it gears towards engagements such as increasing page likes and followers, post likes, and comments.

Facebook ads are also for long-term advertising, unlike boosted posts that will only run for a certain period.

Benefits of Facebook Ads Automation

Facebook Ads Automation is one of the most excellent ways to advance your business and produce leads.

  • Time Efficiency

Automating repetitive and complicated tasks simplifies creating advertising campaigns with just a few clicks. The system will create an ad based on your marketing goals, streamlining the process and saving time for marketers and advertisers.

  • Produces Competent Leads

By reaching the right targeted audience, Facebook ads automation generates qualified leads with high motivation to purchase your product or service. 

  • Accurate Details

Tracking and monitoring your ads campaign is made with precision and detailed reports. Accuracy is essential since this data will be the basis for ROAS or Return On Ad Spend.

Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Automated Ads

If you are an owner of a small business and you do not have the budget and a team to manage your advertisements, Facebook automated ads are perfect for you. It will help companies to advertise to a broader range of Facebook users.

Automated ads fall in between boosted posts and actual Facebook ads. Although it didn’t meet the strict standards of Facebook ads, they provide more than what boosted posts can offer.

Facebook ads help advertisers and business owners to be able to reach their target customers, who are more likely to patronize their products or service. 

Automated ads are the perfect option for users that do not have extensive experience and the liberty of time to create actual Facebook ads since Facebook ads require technical expertise and experience in setting up complicated processes. 

They offer better customization than boosted posts and lower the risk of your money going down the drain than manually configuring complex ads on Facebook. Automated ads provide three objectives, unlike Facebook ads, for you to choose from 11 options. 

When it comes to the targeted audience, automated ads simplify the process by providing a predetermined audience that you can modify according to your preference. Another exciting feature of Facebook automated ads is that it sends you updates via messenger about the status of your ads and how you can improve them. Interesting right? 


Facebook automated ads are an excellent choice for beginners. You can easily set up a running ad even without expertise in it. Furthermore, it has enough room for customization even while knowing only the fundamentals. It is ideal for small and start-up businesses that are new to paid advertising and do not have their marketing and advertising team to manage and create regular Facebook ads. This tool will guide advertisers through a series of questions about their business and ad objectives. Then, it will suggest call-to-action buttons, offers, and creatives based on Facebook business page data.

The main features are automatically created audiences and up to six different ad formats that are pulled from organic publications from a business page. Facebook will offer targeting options and make budget recommendations within the stated optimization goal. If an advertiser sets their budget, Facebook will predict the results. Once launched, the campaign will begin to optimize to be as effective as possible.

Advertisers using Facebook Automated Ads will receive reports on the performance of their campaigns with recommendations for improvement. The feature is being rolled out gradually and is currently only available on PC.

Spearhead the right target audience by utilizing Facebook Automated ads that will help you save money, time, and effort while guaranteeing a prosperous return on your investment.