Your guide to Network Relocation in 2022

Your guide to Network Relocation in 2022

Your guide to Network Relocation in 2022

Even the most steadfast IT manager might become slightly jittery at relocating the office network. In addition to the arduous process of transferring a whole business, managing an enterprise’s communications system transition may make the issue appear impossible, making the work much more intimidating. This is why it is best to trust only professional long distance movers in Manhattan at Moving Apt for the network relocation process.

What if, on the other hand, everything happened in an instant? It would be great if your crew could turn off the lights at one property and arrive at a different location the following morning to find everything lined up and be ready to go! Experienced office network relocation teams might be of assistance in these situations. A stress-free shift from your old to new facilities is possible when you work with the proper partners.

5 Things We Should Keep in Mind

1. The Telephony System

Which telecoms companies do you use now and are satisfied with? Many choices exist to improve and optimize your company operations, from VoIP systems to ISDN and PBX systems, which may all be implemented. If you are moving to a new service or staying with the one you already have, it is essential to plan. If you want new phone lines, place your order now; however, installation may take up to ten business days. To handle any concerns as fast as possible, it is best if your landlines and internet routers are set up before you move.

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No, we will not be changing my company’s phone number. A call forwarding service may be required if this is the case. You will need to negotiate for their transfer if you wish to maintain any of your phone numbers or extensions.

It is also a good idea to consider how fast your business is expected to develop in the following three to five years. The sooner you upgrade your telecom infrastructure, the less time you will have to scramble to stay up with demand.

2. Enhancements

IT infrastructure, network security, and General IT service management might all benefit from a transfer to a new location. Are you planning to decommission your on-site data center entirely or only part of it to reduce the required space? What can we do to make your wireless and Internet experience better?

Firewall improvements, server consolidation, virtualization, storage system architecture, and other methods may all help to increase network and security resources.

3. Inquiry Into What Is Required

Most relocation is not carried out solely because the company’s top brass wants to experience something new. Your business is expanding, and you will need additional space and resources to accommodate it. Who has to say that your team’s networking requirements will not alter if its physical space requirements vary?

In addition, even if you have the exact technological needs, installing your systems more effectively when you start over in a different location is feasible. A network relocation senior management may help with the following tasks:

∙ Look at what you have now.

∙ Identify any new needs that may arise in the new environment.

∙ For the new implementation, propose efficiency improvements.

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4. Perform All Requirements Testing at the New Site

Moving day should go without any glitches, and your belongings should arrive undamaged. Finally, what is required is the final run-through to confirm everything works as planned. Check the following items off your final IT migration checklist:

∙ The new Smartphone system should be tested thoroughly.

∙ Inspect your telecom gadgets one by one to ensure they are working correctly.

∙ Everyone should be able to use email.

∙ Restart and test the networks of your data servers

You and your IT supplier should arrange to assist your employees if any difficulties arise. Check up with your team in the following days and weeks to assess how they are coping with the new system. Do they think the infrastructure has improved since the transfer, or is there an opportunity for growth?

5. You Need A Break

Whenever feasible and within your means, attempt to get rid of as much of your old possessions as possible and construct again as much as you can. In addition, these pieces may be tested well in advance, removing the possibility of movement.

6. Hiring professionals for moving tech at your office:

Do not forget to bring the best movers into the scene. Network relocation is a critical process that must be handled by experts only. Unlike a residential move, you cannot try your DIY tricks when relocating the database. Hire only professional technicians who can unplug, pack, move and reinstall your network additions at the new office location safely. The best movers will have a team of technicians to move computers, servers, racks, printers, data rooms, software labs, workstation CPUs, and more.

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7. Test and review

Finally, you have reached at the new location, and your entire network, and setup have also reached safely. So, are you good to get started? Well, not so fast. Before you ask your employees to begin with their work assignments, it is important to test and review the working conditions and reliability of the network components.

You must also check the services that you are getting from a new service provider and ensure their reliability. Some critical aspects to check and review include voice and data networks for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, network testing for vulnerabilities and redundancies, and further updates and changes required. 


Organizing your IT office transfer involves several significant considerations, as you can see. Smooth relocation is feasible if a system, checklists, and forward preparation are followed. Whether the IT transfer is handled by your company’s in-house IT department or a third-party IT service provider, every element must be meticulously planned and executed well.

However, it is best to hire a professional moving service provider who has experience in moving network setups for businesses and ensure that the data, as well as the network components, are safe and protected during the move.