How to delete messages on Reddit in web and app?

How to delete messages on Reddit in web and app?

How to delete messages on Reddit in web and app?

Reddit is an online social community of registered users who can post on the news to weird gossip, from entertainment to education. You can find information about almost anything. Like other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Reddit has a messaging feature to chat with other Redditor users.

Reddit also supports deleting posts. If you accidentally sent a message to the wrong person or want to keep your inbox under control, you can use this feature. However, you can only delete private messages received from other Redditors, not messages sent or received from other Redditors. That’s because a copy of such a message stays in someone else’s mailbox until they delete it. So, you have to be very careful and careful when sending private messages on Reddit. If you don’t know how to delete a post from Reddit and want a complete understanding of it, here’s a guide that explains it all. Read on to learn how to delete a post on Reddit.

How to delete messages on Reddit Via Mobile App? 

After a long time, Reddit users are now given the option to delete messages via the mobile app from their inbox. You can delete messages on both Android and iOS devices. To delete a message, you must follow these steps:

  1. Install the “Reddit” app on your mobile phone through your Playstore or Appstore.
  2. Sign in to your Reddit account by adding the credentials. If you don’t have a Reddit account, you have to register yourself.
  3. Now click on the “Chat” icon next to the “Post” button.
  4. Choose the message that you want to delete from Reddit. 
  5. By pressing for a long time on the desired message, an option will appear on the screen showing “Delete” and “copy” options.
  6. Now click on the “Delete” button to proceed. Once your message is deleted, a popup of delete message will appear on your phone screen. 
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How to delete messages on Reddit Via Desktop?

  1. Open your preferred web browser and go to the Reddit website, then log in to your Reddit account when prompted. 
  2. Click the message icon at the top of the page (it looks like a bubble with an ellipsis inside it). 
  3. Select the person whose message you want to delete from the chat list. 
  4. Finally, click the “Delete Message” Trash icon that appears to the left of the message. 
  5. Click “Delete” when prompted to confirm the deletion. 
  6. Repeat the process to delete messages if necessary

Note: You can only delete private messages from your inbox. You cannot delete messages sent to and received by other Redditors because the copy is in your inbox until you decide to delete the copy. So, think carefully before sending DMs. This method is the same whether you use the old Reddit or the new Reddit.

How can I delete a “Delete for me” message? 

When looking for a way to delete a Reddit post or one you cannot delete, users often delete their Reddit account. They also discovered that websites use your data to target ads and other content by using algorithms.

If you want to delete your account, it’s easier to delete it from your web browser than from the app. Deleting your account will not delete its posts and comments, so you should delete your entire post and comment history before doing this. 

You may want to delete your Reddit account for a few different reasons, including: 

  1. I was offended. 
  2. Someone has hacked your account. 
  3. I think someone is interfering with your content.  
  4. You want a break. 
  5. Tired of Reddit setup issues? 

Deleting your Reddit account does not remove published content for other users to view. However, the message is displayed as an anonymous name. Private messages are still visible to others but not to you. People can’t see your Reddit search history or visited links, but they can see your profile’s posts and comments. Remember that you cannot delete a sent message because sent Reddit messages are automatically saved in the sender’s inbox. However, erasing incoming messages is straightforward.

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Why can’t you delete sent messages on Reddit?

When you send a message to another Reddit user, that person can enter their inbox to read or delete them. However, you cannot delete messages sent from your inbox. You can only delete messages received in your mailbox. When you send a private message to another user, it’s sent directly to that person’s inbox.

How to delete all Reddit messages at once?

Unfortunately, on the Reddit platform, there is no way to delete an entire conversation at once. Also, you cannot delete multiple messages at the same time. I don’t know how Reddit makes this decision. However, this is an important feature that will make it easier and more effective for many users to manage their Reddit posts. In the meantime, you can delete messages one by one. You can delete messages you don’t want to keep in your inbox using the “Delete” button under the selected message in your inbox.


Many Redditors think mobile tools are missing from experience, but deleting private messages from Reddit couldn’t be easier. Personal messages cannot be deleted directly from the app, but deleting them via desktop will change your mobile account. It can be inconvenient, but it shouldn’t take long to delete a message using your phone’s standard web browser. Having your message management skills goes a long way in improving the experience of using Reddit on your favorite devices. Just log in, select the messages you want to delete, and click Delete. It means that you won’t see unwanted messages in your inbox. You can now use the Delete Messages feature in your mobile application. It is beneficial for mobile users, and it also increases the number of users of the Reddit mobile app.