How to find driver license number by ssn?

How to find driver license number by ssn?

How to find a driver’s license number by Social Security Number (ssn)?

Driving licenses are more than just a document that allows the legality of driving in the U.S. It’s also an identity tool in critical processing applications and paperwork. Although getting a motive force’s permit with the Social Security Number (SSN) is straightforward, people who don’t possess an SSN frequently fight for one. Immigration is the most difficult for immigrants to comply with this law.

Positively, the rules are changing. Certain states have begun implementing the law of granting a driver’s license without the need for an SSN, and the most recent addition is New Jersey. In this post, we’ll provide a detailed explanation of how the law works and how to get your driver’s license with no need for having a Social Security Number.

What Information does the SSN Provide?

The social security number verifies your identity, and your SSN is attached to one name and one birthday. Suppose you have a common name, say like Tom Cruise. Your SSN, birthday, middle name, and other data like driver’s license number and addresses affirm that you are the Tom Cruise in question.

What do you need to do if you lose a license?

Suppose you lose your driver’s license and don’t have an old photocopy. So you can’t locate the driver’s license number. There are a few things you should do.

  • The first step is going to the US GOV website. Then, go to the police station to file the First Information Report (FIR). You have to apply for obtaining an additional DL from GOV. You have to register a report by giving your name and address.
  • In the next step, you’ll need to bring the report’s certified copy to your GOV and return it along with the fully complete “lost drivers license application forms.” If you stop by the office in the early morning, you’ll be able to get your license in the evening or the next day.
  • Then, you’ll receive your duplicate license copy of the new license.
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What are the Benefits of having a Driver’s License within the U.S?

A motive force’s permit is more than just a document that proves your eligibility to drive on U.S. roads. They provide a wide range of possibilities, particularly when you’re an immigrant who has insufficient documentation, such as:

  • The ability to access an official I.D
  • Access to loans
  • Allows Access to Domestic flights
  • Cheaper Car Insurance
  • Learn more about each one of these benefits.
  • The ability to access an official I.D

The driver’s license also is a non-public I.D. document. That is extremely valuable if you don’t have an official I.D. card. Driving licenses are usually general to identify purposes. With a license, you may open a financial institution account in the U.S., enroll yourself in college/college/universities, follow for government advantages, and more.

The report is crucial since it displays your picture and the fingerprint documents that officials from other agencies could identify you with. If you’re concerned about an accident, the authorities can identify you with your driver’s license and provide immediate assistance.

Access to the loan

If you’re applying to both private and federal loans, you’ll need a motive force’s license will be required. It will be used as an identification and application process for loans faster. You can also request payday cash loans and other types of loans with your driver’s license.

Access to domestic flights

Most home-based businesses use driver licenses and other documents to reserve tickets. Passports are the most reliable document for booking international flight tickets. Because the driving license serves as an identity record, you can use it to book domestic flights to and from anywhere in the U.S. That is exceptionally beneficial for people who travel long distances within the U.S. for personal or professional reasons.

Cheaper Car Insurance

Many insurance companies are wary of insuring drivers who have overseas driver’s licenses. In some states, it’s no longer valid. However, with a U.S. Government-issued motive force’s license, you may be able to get car insurance coverage in a matter of minutes. In addition, you can avail the lowest cost of insurance options from other insurance companies when you have a longer insurance record.

Can you find driver license number by ssn?
Can you find driver license number by ssn?

Do you have your Social Security number attached to your driver’s license?

Social Security Numbers are not stored in the bar code, nor can they be printed onto a driver’s permit or I.D. card. There is always a need to increase security, decrease the possibility of identity theft or fraud, and safeguard the integrity of the process for issuance. So the applicants to obtain a driver’s permit or I.D. have to provide a valid Social Security card or other acceptable proof of identity. The documents must be original and unmodified originals and not copies.

A person who renews the driver’s license or I.D. card will be required by an individual who is a licensed and permit specialist to confirm their SSN. If the SSN is not in line with the SSN in their database or if authorities don’t have an SSN in their database, the CSR will request the person to show proof of the SSN.

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Can you find the driver’s license number by Social Security Number (ssn)?

SSN can’t be obtained from a USA driving license. Previously it depended on the State. Some States used to put the SSN on the license unless the customer requests otherwise. But things change from 2004.

Since it is so different in each State, it isn’t easy to provide a definitive answer other than speaking with the local DMV.

To apply for an original card, you need to provide at least two forms of identification. It is to verify your identity, age, and U.S. citizenship or current legal, valid, and work-authorized status.

The driver’s license doesn’t reveal any information about your immigration status or citizenship. Section 7214 of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 [42 USC 405(c)(2)(C)(vi)(II)] explicitly prohibits printing Social Security numbers on identification documents issued by motor vehicle agencies, including driver licenses and vehicle registrations

How do you get a Driver’s License within the U.S. without an SSN?

Suppose you are eligible to obtain an driving license in the U.S. Without having an SSN depends on the country you reside in. To get an SSN, you need to meet specific standards such as submitting a software shape, bypassing the driving exam, and paying the fee.

There are additional documents needed, which differ from country to nation. In addition to the paperwork, you’ll need to submit a duplicate of your actual Social Security card, containing your unique Social Security Number. Certain states, including Indiana, accept forms like Form W-2.

Licenses and undocumented immigrants

An SSN is usually used to demonstrate your immigration status. Therefore, immigrants who have not been legally documented suffer the most incredible denial of their SSN and cannot have a driver’s license for themselves. However, you may have the option of obtaining an officer’s license without an SSN with the help of proof that you’re legally authorized in the U.S.

Where can you get a Driver’s License without An SSN?

Some states allow drivers’ licenses without an SSN. There are 13 states with this type of license: California, Colorado, Delaware, Connecticut, New York, Utah, New Mexico, Maryland, Illinois, Vermont, Washington, and Hawaii.

Several states have enacted regulations for issuing driver’s licenses to immigrants without legal status. The states include Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Kansas, and Oregon.

Suppose you reside in one or all of the U.S. States now not mentioned above. In that case, the chances are that you will not be able to obtain a driver’s license without having an SSN. If you’re qualified, you should start practicing for one.

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How to apply for a Driver’s License Without a Social Security Number?

Applying for and obtaining a driver’s license without having an SSN differs between countries and states. Therefore, you should visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles professional website for more Information. The main goal is to present a document that could substitute for the Social Security card. As mentioned earlier, it is essential to prove that you’re legally permitted to live in the U.S. Also, you must prove that you can operate in a vehicle.

Requirements vary by way of State.

In Texas, you must provide a declaration that you do not have an SSN and have never received an SSN in any way, or aren’t eligible to apply for one. It is recommended to file this affidavit when you apply to obtain the permit. But, Texas won’t revoke the license if you aren’t eligible to apply to get an SSN.

 In states like Illinois and Connecticut, you’ll need to get a note from the Social Security Administration that explicitly declares that you are not eligible to receive an SSN and the reason for it.

California is a lot more flexible because you’re not required to sign an affidavit or a genuine letter. Submit documents with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to prove that you’re legally permitted to reside within the U.S. These documents comprise the following documents:

  •  U.S. Passport,
  •  Certificate of naturalization 
  •  Eternal resident card (additionally called the Green Card).

As you can observe, the requirements to obtain a driver’s license differ from State to State. Always check at your country’s Motor Vehicle Department first.

Other Documents

The additional files required may also comprise various government-issued identity documents, including statehouse, U.S. citizenship documents such as army I.D.s, beginning mortgage contracts, etc. Be prepared to submit the required documents along with your application.

Driving Test

Along with submitting the required documents, the authorities will request you to check for your eligibility to be a powerhouse. Of direction, this is mandatory and national. It is essential to pass the driving tests and avenue abilities, creative and proactive tests, and an examination of lawful driving. The test is likely to be exempt if you have an official license for motive force before the test, and you can prove this fact.


Many cities and states are making it easier to obtain a driving license for people who are not natives. There’s some debate and a backlash over this. Many believe that it will benefit America in general over the longer term. That could mean a decrease in crime, hit-and-run incidents, and higher living standards for immigrants. Therefore, you might expect additional states to offer driving licenses shortly without the Social Security Number.