Why Inventory by Mailroom is the best Inventory Management System in 2022?

best Inventory Management System in 2022

Why Inventory by Mailroom is the best Inventory Management System in 2022?

Inventory management helps organizations decide which products to order and when to order them. It keeps track of products from the point of purchase to the point of sale. The practice keeps track of trends and responds accordingly to ensure that there is always enough stock to fulfill customer orders and that shortages are identified early.

Inventory control is crucial to a company’s success. It prevents stockouts and incorrect records by ensuring that there are never too many or too few goods on hand. If you do not have a warehouse but a mailroom, you can improve mailroom management with the help of automation.

Public firms must track inventories efficiently to comply with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules. To accomplish this, businesses can employ effective parcel tracking software.

Reasons Why PackageX’s Inventory Is The Best Inventory Management System:

The most significant benefit of using inventory management software is that it streamlines the inventory control process. By automating your important business tasks, inventory management software helps you eliminate the danger of a human error.

Here are a few reasons why Inventory by PackageX is the best choice to manage your inventory:

Simple to Operate

The software is also incredibly user-friendly. It aids inventory management in the most basic of ways. By scanning their shipping labels, users may quickly identify incoming shipments. The shipments can then be automatically assigned to an ordered shipment list. Furthermore, rich alerts make it simple to identify all parties.

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With a simple click, inventory can be forwarded or dispatched forward. As a result, PackageX Inventory makes it simple to keep track of stock levels, manage storage numbers, and gain real-time insight across various sites.

Integrations with Package Lockers

Package lockers are available at many businesses, allowing customers to keep their shipments safe and secure from damage or theft. Other than inventory management, PackageX also provides users with package locker connections, which simplify the self-pickup process.

Smart parcel locker owners and suppliers can use our customized connections to connect Mailroom by PackageX to their manual systems. Users can change manual package collection into a fully self-serve operation using Mailroom by PackageX. It’s an intelligent smart locker system that uses AI-powered software to automate the data entering the process.

Smart Dashboard

It offers a comprehensive view of the entire project’s operations, including vital inventory data, building stock statuses, return and damaged stock signals, and a user communication panel for communication between buildings.

Customized Integrations to Meet Your Specific Requirements

PackageX suite programs are designed to be future-proof, so you won’t have to waste time coordinating multiple technologies. Customizability is also available for combining technologies such as ordering systems and point-of-sale systems to fulfill orders from a single portal, assuring a smooth and quick process.

Operational Tracking That Works

This software allows customers to define as many interim Hops as they need to better recognize and analyze the process, and then track the product through them all.

AI-assisted scanning

Users can use their mobile device’s camera to scan any product label to obtain the information they need to extract, organize, and store in a secure database for future use and tracking.

Keeping Control of the Supply Chain

The software has smart indicators that show inventory managers what and when they need to submit and receive orders. To avoid delays and holdups, orders should be issued at the right time, maximizing efficiency and decreasing delay and shutdown costs.

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Improved Traceability

Reduce item waste and overstocking costs to optimize your workflow. Users can trace and track every Hop the product has been through, as well as where it is presently being held, using PackageX’s label-based scan system. To maintain strict accountability, additional logs of timestamps and employee IDs who scanned a product are kept.

Using PackageX’s Inventory Management Software Has Its Advantages:

To summarize, using inventory management software can be extremely beneficial to your organization. Good software can give you an edge over your competitors and help make tasks easier for your staff and customers. For example, using PackageX to manage your inventory will enable you to:

  • Reduce costs and operational errors as much as possible.
  • Increase productivity and save time
  • Gain insight into inventory optimization and how to use it wisely.
  • Improve real-time level of transparency
  • Drive growth
  • Enable a significantly enhanced consumer experience
  • Reduce the number of thefts and refunds.


PackageX Inventory is an effective inventory management software that gives valuable sales figures, allowing businesses to make improved data-driven choices. Users who have a superior understanding of supply and demand can better predict sales patterns and achieve a competitive edge.

Users may access reporting features and inventory indicators through the software, giving them the knowledge they need to make key decisions.

Companies can reduce the amount of inventory they store in their warehouses and cut their inventory carrying expenses if they accurately assess their inventory turnover rate. The inventory management software from PackageX greatly aids in this procedure.