How to Find the Best Blog Sites Accepting Indian Guest Posts in 2022?

How to Find the Best Blog Sites Accepting Indian Guest Posts in 2022?

How to Find the Best Blog Sites Accepting Indian Guest Posts in 2022?

In layman’s terms, guest posting refers to writing and contributing articles to be published on someone else’s website or blog. So, in essence, anyone working as a content writer or freelancer is doing guest posting for their employer. 

There are many reasons a blog site will accept a guest post, and India is no exception. But, first, you must be able to write a compelling headline for your guest post. Statistics show that people read headlines five times more than their copy. 

So, you must make sure that your headline is catchy and interesting! And last but not least, you must have a good grasp of English.

How to write a Guest Post for Websites

Writing a guest post

The first thing you should consider when writing a guest post for a blog site that accepts Indian guest posts is the format of the post. The format of the post must match the formatting of the blog that you are targeting. 

The target audience for the post should be a business or a consumer, and you should tailor your content to these audiences. It’s also a good idea to include an author bio, so your reader will know what you’re about.

Guest posts on lower authority sites will get you decent backlinks and traffic, but posting on high authority sites will increase your ROI. One of the most common methods for finding a high-quality blog site is using Google. Entering relevant keywords and phrases will allow you to find blogs that accept guest posts. 

Use your industry’s keywords if you’re unfamiliar with the platform. Make sure to include a link to your website or social media profiles in your bio. By including these links in your bio, you’ll increase the chance of getting a response and your content published on a site relevant to your industry.

Once you’ve landed on a blog that accepts Indian guest posts, it’s time to prepare your content. After researching and determining the topic of your guest post, you’ll need to submit your article to the website owner. Before submitting, read the blog’s guidelines and be aware of their required format. Then, you’ll have to wait until the blog site’s editors approve your content before you can publish it.

The Muse is a career growth website that accepts guest posts. It’s an excellent medium for companies and employers to find potential employees. There are free and paid guest post submission sites available in India, so you can pick one that best suits your needs. After you’ve determined which site is right for you, just Google “writing a guest post” and follow the steps outlined in the results.

The domain authority of a blog site will determine how high your post will rank in search engines. The higher the domain authority, the better your chance of obtaining a high page rank. The domain name is a good indication of the quality of the blog’s content. Your DA will be high enough to be considered for publication if you have a quality piece. The average guest post will have a score of 40 or less, and this will affect your brand ranking.

Once you’ve chosen a blog site to write for, consider the post’s purpose. If it’s a personal blog, include your bio and a link to your website, so your readers will know you are an expert in the field. Guest posting is great for building brand authority and relationships with influencers. This method is also a great way to build your online audience.

Formatting a guest post

If you’re a newbie to writing for a guest post on the web, here are some tips to help you make your work stand out. When formatting your guest post, ensure you include a link to your site at the bottom of your bio. Make sure your bio is enticing so that it stands out amongst the crowd. You also want to link to your landing page or other relevant content.

If you’re looking for a guest posting opportunity on a top blog site, research the blog content and the audience it is targeting. For example, is the audience geared towards businesses, or are they targeting general consumers? Are the posts tutorials, lists, or other specific topics? Knowing the audience and the niche is essential in writing a guest post that will be of value to readers.

Finding the right blog owner’s email address is critical for success in guest posting. While most blogs have a contact form, you may not have their email address. To find these email addresses, use tools such as Hunter. Also, use Keywords Everywhere, a free Chrome extension that can help you find keyword-rich blog owners’ email addresses. Once you’ve contacted the blog owner, you should follow up with a personalized follow-up email so that they know you’re interested in publishing your guest post.

When writing a guest post, think like the audience of the blog. Before writing a post, analyze the blog’s archive and comments to see what content resonates with them. You may want to follow the blog’s author’s style and mimic their style of writing. Finally, don’t be afraid of rejection! If your post is rejected, it won’t harm your chances of getting published on another blog. If it’s rejected, try submitting your post on another blog or publishing it on your blog.

When sending your pitch to a blog owner, read the guidelines carefully. Follow their guidelines for writing a guest post, and try to get in touch with them through their contact page. Ensure to include a link to your writing sample in your email body. Once your article is accepted, the owner will have a link to your site, another benefit. And, once you get the ball rolling, you’ll be rewarded with a backlink to your site!

After deciding which blog sites to submit to, it’s important to remember that domain authority is important in search engine rankings. Your domain authority (DA) determines your chance of getting good traffic and a high search engine ranking. Therefore, if the blog site accepts guest posts, you should aim for one with a higher DA. 

A high-quality post can score 60+ whereas a low-quality one can score only 40-55 DA. It’s important to remember that a good guest post is essential for the brand’s search engine ranking.

Finding a blog to accept your post

You can take several steps to find a blog that will accept your post, and this article will outline them in detail. However, before submitting your post, you should read the blog’s guidelines and ensure that your content meets these requirements. 

Some blogs only accept posts that are under 600 words. In contrast, others only accept articles written by known individuals. Regardless of the niche you choose, it is imperative that you produce quality content and write for your audience. Be sure to do background research and support your claims with evidence and arguments. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting your post to a blog.

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