How To Get Around the Tinder Ban? Why did they Ban you?

How To Get Around the Tinder Ban? Why did they Ban you?

Guidelines To Get Around From Banned Tinder Account

Finding your Tinder account banned can be stressful and frustrating. But don’t worry. You still have many options to unban from Tinder, which is discussed in this article briefly. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. It has millions of regular users searching for a compatible match. However, the Tinder app is not easy, as every app has its guidelines and rules. This app also has some limitations which are different from other dating apps. So if you do not consider these rules soon, you will get banned. If you got banned on Tinder, then this guide will help you get back your Tinder account.

My Tinder Account Got Banned – Why?

Tinder has unique policies and rules. If you want to use this app, you have to follow these rules. In any case, you disrespect them, and you can lose the chance of using this app. If you violate any community guidelines or terms, another user can report you. So, Tinder will detect your disrespectful behavior. 

What Makes You Banned From Tinder?

Here are some possible reasons that can make your Tinder account ban.

  • Creating A Fake Profile

Creating a fake profile is the main reason for getting banned on Tinder. Many spams and fake accounts on Tinder want to cyber-bullying and hack the data or belong to sexual predators. 

  • Use Of Inappropriate And Offensive Language

You are at a higher chance of getting banned on Tinder if you use offensive or inappropriate language. When you use offensive language, the other person has the right to report your account. 

  • Make Spam Accounts

Creating a spam account can lead to the banning of the Tinder account. If you constantly message a person who is not interested in talking to you, it will block or warn you. If you are copying and pasting the same message to several contacts, you are at risk of getting banned.

  • Posting Nudity Or Sexual Content 

This app has a strict picture policy. Pictures with some skin show-off are not suitable at all. Tinder will ban you if you violate their rules and guidelines. 

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Keep in mind that it’s easy on Tinder for one user to report another. If you made disrespectful remarks for someone, this would be the reason behind your ban. Another reason for a banned account is you meet someone through Tinder, then act disrespectfully with that person, so your account will terminate from Tinder if your date reports you. 

Banned From Tinder? An Ultimate Guide To Get Your Account Back

If you are trying to remove the ban from Tinder, then there are several options for you. 

  • Tinder Ban Appeal

You can try appealing the decision through Tinder support if you have banned the Tinder account. There is no official appeal process. This app is very strict about its rules and guidelines. If you think your account got banned accidentally, contact Tinder support for help. 

  • Hard Account Reset

If your appeal does not work to recover the account, you have to start over from scratch, so make sure you have provided all new information. For this, you need a completely blank slate to start a form. 

  • Create New Account 

So, the first thing is that you have to uninstall Tinder and delete the app from your phone. Then you have to remove the links to your social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook. You will have to log into these social media accounts to delete the connection of the Tinder account. 

  • Use Of New Data And Pictures

Now the process gets tricky. Tinder and all dating apps also track your device. So please change your phone; otherwise, you will need to work around this. If you decide to get a new phone, you need a unique device ID. It looks a little different depending on what type of phone you have. So you have to look up the specifications for your model. 

  • Use A New Phone Number

Furthermore, you will need a new number or a SIM card. So using your friend’s number may work if you have easy access to confirmation codes that texted to them. 

  • Create A New Google Account

Another option is to use a Google voice number from a new google account if Tinder already has your previous account information. Tinder also tracks your IP address. So same with that case, you need to start fresh. However, you can either use a VPN or reset your WIFI router to get a new IP address. Once all your information is reset and has a blank slate, you are ready to go for a new Tinder account.

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New Tinder Account – A Fresh Start

In the previous steps, you had to delete Tinder, which means you have to download Tinder and take a fresh start with a new account. Try this new account as a chance to do your best this time. Create a new Tinder profile that must be better than the last one. 

While making your new account, you get a chance to consider what pictures you will share. Ensure that these pictures are according to the guidelines and must be different from before. Try that everything about the new Tinder account needs to be brand new. For a new Tinder account, you might need a new Facebook account, or you will have to link your new account to an unknown email address or unique phone number. 

All the information you want to share to signup must be new. It depends on your device and how you choose to register, which means a new Apple ID or a new Google Play Store account. If you want to pay for a Tinder subscription or any particular feature of the Tinder app, make sure you have used a new payment method. 


Every social media platform has its policies, guidelines, and rules. Likewise, Tinder has its own rules, even though it is a dating app. Our article focuses on how to unban from Tinder. Thus if you ever get a ban, never lose hope, create a new account, get help from the Tinder support system, and stand unique on the line.