Global Online On-Demand Home Services In 2022-2023 | Maids/ Maintenance

Global Online On-Demand Home Services In 2022-2023 | Maids/ Maintenance

Global Online On-Demand Home Services In 2022-2023 | Maids/ Maintenance

The innovation in-home services is a significant driver in the global online home service market. The digital marketing opportunities and customer engagement predict the growth of online home services. Vendors in the market are introducing on-demand home services such as packing and moving, home tuition, beauty services. So in this way, they can attract new customers and gain more market share from innovative home care services. 

Getting help at your doorstep from a skilled and qualified provider is easy to complete your tasks efficiently. These home services websites allow analysis and research focus on emerging market trends. These websites help in providing actionable insights to develop effective strategies to maximize their market position. However, in this article, we discuss the best home services in the market so you would pick up the best one. 

Best Home Services Websites In 2022-2023

Here we discuss the best home services in detail so that you can narrow down your choices. 

  • Houzz

Houzz has become one of the most dependable and popular websites for people searching for renovation and remodeling ideas. The website aims to help people with home projects, so Houzz is famous for publishing tool apps. These tools are used for home renovation and designing purposes. You can connect your business website to Houzz’s to represent some of your completed projects. The best thing about this website is that you can set your rates. Then they communicate with the customers through email and social media. 

In addition, over 1.5 million professionals are registered on this website. In addition, Houzz has 5.4 million visitors per month on the website to gain maximum benefits of home care services.


They provide guaranteed service quality to ensure your job with customer satisfaction. This company offers home services, including deep cleaning, house cleaning, lawn mowing, and many more. offers transparent pricing, and they will give you the price estimation based on your work. They will provide you with easy scheduling to choose your timings accordingly. The worker will arrive at your location according to your appointed time as it is convenient for you. 

  • Helpling

This website provides household services in Australia, UAE, France, Germany, the UK. This home service company offers dusted and wiped off the surfaces and all the home care services. They also assist in oven cleaning, move-in cleaning, window cleaning, cupboard cleaning, and fridge cleaning services. Moreover, this company gives you liability-insured cleaners and taskers for your home care. Furthermore, they provide you with English-speaking taskers for customers service. They have transparent pricing, and they offer no hidden charges with reasonable prices that suit your needs.

  • ANGI Homeservices

This website offers you online on-demand home services, including maintenance and improvement projects. ANGI Homeservices has more than a network of approximately 181,000 service professionals. These professionals will give their best home care services in more than 500 categories with maximum customers satisfaction. This online home services company started in 2017.

  • Handy

Handy will give residential repairing and cleaning services, and this company offers online booking services. So you should hire a professional handyperson and cleaner for houses, apartments, and other residential properties. This home service company operates in Massachusetts, serving its customers in Massachusetts and New York. 

  • TaskRabbit

You can get help around the house from a trusted tasker of your own choice. This online home service company ranges from furniture assembly and handyman work to moving, yard work, and many more. When your everyday life gets busy, you don’t know how to tackle it with the daily home care tasks alone. So you should trust a reliable online home service website. However, you can choose your tasker by comparing the skills, prices, and reviews. Schedule your service at a time that is suitable for you. You can chat, tip, pay and review all by one platform to find the best tasker for you. 

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Build your team of local, background-checked taskers to help you around the house. You can connect with the best person for the job on the online home service website. You can also save your favorite tasker to book again and again so that you will achieve the best home care services every time.  

  • Thumbtack

It is a home service industry to find local professionals such as handymen for any task. The customers can easily filter search results depending on different factors. And you can contact service professionals through web-based platforms. However, this is a convenient app that shows the total number of service professionals in your area. They will set the rates and estimated prices before they take the job.

  • Home Advisor

This website also uses TV ads and commercials for home improvements projects. So that they get connected through a professional contractor in their area. This company has several tools that help with home renovation. Some are comprehensive and guided processes for the right professional and contractors. Additionally, this website has almost 2.7 million visitors a month. 

Benefits of using home service websites

People that use home service marketplaces achieve these benefits:

  • Help at your doorstep

Home service websites will help you around the home. A little help in the house will help you enjoy independence. You would like to spend more time in the home whether you need some help regarding cleaning or outside the house to maintain the garden. The home services companies can fulfill your needs and requirements. 

  • Choice and control

Everyone needs different treatment when it comes to the maintenance of the home. You already know what kind of services you need. But unfortunately, you are unaware of the range of services available in the market. Home care services will resolve your problems related to your home care. They have the proper knowledge and competencies to introduce the best plan for you.

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Home services and improvement is a billion-dollar industry that is predicted to grow further in the future. It shows a lot of business opportunities if you can generate quality leads. Online home service companies innovatively offer home services with the best customer services. Many investors also started investing in these companies because this industry seems to be growing in the future. However, customers can request an online home service through the marketplace. 

The website then matches them with the service professionals in the local area. Customers pay for the service when the job completes, and most of these websites also offer money-back guarantees. These websites also provide customers reviews associated with the profile of vendors.