How to improve your online business future through paid guest posts 2022


Improve your online business future through article marketing and paid guest posts

One thing is sure after the pandemic. Businesses are more inclined towards online sales rather than traditional shops and supermarkets. It means you don’t only have to make a website or online stores, but also have to ensure rank in the search engine. A shop page only gives no credibility. The answer to this is article marketing and paid guest posts. Many believe that the pencil is stronger than swords. Like any experienced article marketer will attest that the keyboard is more powerful than the other two. Suppose you’re interested in learning about various tips and strategies to grow your business online. Here are some healthy tips for 2022.

One of the most significant drawbacks of many product/service selling websites is they don’t have a BLOG section. These are three simple steps that will bring organic traffic to your sales page.

  1. Add a BLOG section to your website and add contents/ articles related to your business.
  2. Rank your blogs in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) through a proper SEO strategy.
  3. Divert the organic traffic through an internal link from the post/ blog to your sales page. Though our website is not into direct sales, I have linked the “LINK” anchor text to our home page. It was just an example.

SEO tactics that you must follow in 2022

If you’re writing multiple articles on the same subject, be sure to crossing-referencing the other ones through internal links! The readers will not only take a look at one piece. However, they’re likely to go through the other articles that you’ve written on the subject. It is when they’re in the middle of them. That will boost the ad income you earn from one individual.

Link Building: It’s been in use for a long time. But do you think it’s still an effective and trusted method to create links in 2022? The answer, in the simplest terms, is yes. Learn how to go about guest blogging, as well as the ways to avoid making mistakes.

Why should you develop the guest blogging strategy?

Guest blogging doesn’t just position you into a thought leader in your field. Still, it lets you communicate information directly to the intended viewers. But that’s the best part.

Make yourself known as a thought leader.

This is a long-term aim. I’m not able to lie and claim it’ll happen overnight since it’s not going to happen. However, becoming a thought-leader is definitely in your plans. By writing regularly and blogging guest blogs about pertinent information in the industry, you will gradually establish yourself as an authority in your field. As time passes, your followers will start to look to you for help.

You are aware that any mistake needs to be seen as an opportunity for learning. If you’re in online selling, rethink next time about how much ad money you have to pay to google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram influencers, etc. Why not rank on the key terms where a target audience will come back to you every day.

Guest post is not the only option to make links for your website. There are forums, Blog comments, Link submission sites, etc. Suppose you’re posting on forums or blogs that don’t grant you editorial access. In that case, you should only publish general information and the link to your site. The problem with these forums, comment backlinks, and link submission websites are as follows.

  1. Mostly you will find digital marketers in those forums. They are not your target clients.
  2. If, anyhow, your link changes, you can’t go back to those sites and correct it. 
  3. Potential buyers don’t come from these sites.

So what strategy should you follow?

You have to make money by ranking your articles on google. And you have to submit articles to other authority sites and divert traffic from them. I have another detailed article on this subject.

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There’s a good chance that you’ll be asking more questions than you’ll be capable of finding answers to when you begin with a Guest posting plan. It’s essential to remain focused on the floor. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, the veil comes off, and you’ll begin to figure some of this out independently without the help of other people. Your questions may be as follows.

  1. How much to pay for a guest post?
  2. Is Guest post better than Facebook and other social media ads?
  3. Where to find real websites with traffic so that I don’t get cheated getting a link from a website with no traffic?
  4. When I click Guest Posting sites on the internet, I come across ads. How genuine are these websites to buy guest posts from? 
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Paid Guest Post

How much to pay for a guest post?

You have to be visible and establish your presence across various blogs and websites. So more the traffic the guest posting site gets, you have to pay more. Always remember, a high-traffic website means they have “EAT.”

  • E= Expertise
  • A= Authority
  • T= Trustworthiness

Writing quality articles on your products and services and publishing them on different high authority websites is necessary. But it comes with a price tag. In 2022, you may expect the paid guest post price over other high authority websites.

The content you write should be simple to read. A long, drawn-out paragraph is likely to make your article difficult to comprehend. Make a long-form article with small sections and use an anchor text somewhere in between. This will redirect the traffic from the high authority website to your sales page. 

Is Guest post better than Facebook and other social media ads?

The problem with social media ads is they are expensive. However, once you rank on a specific keyword in Google, you will get traffic daily. Also, once you stop spending, you will get 0 visitors to your sales page. You don’t have to pay extra for that. 

Where to find real websites with traffic so that I don’t get cheated getting a link from a website with no traffic?

That is what most people are cheated over the internet. People only talk about High DA, DR sites. They never say how much traffic the websites get. The best way to do that is to find the blog sites that rank well on the search term you want to rank for. Check their home page. If the sell guest posts, they will mention it somewhere.

Best Guest Post sites

Once you find that, you may ask them to send a screenshot of their Ahrefs homepage. Alternatively, if you are using paid tools, you may check any website in Ahrefs yourself. It will give an indication of the monthly traffic the website gets.

How effective is Guest Post in 2022

Once you are fully convinced, go ahead to their Contact us page, and ask for the guest post.

When I click Guest Posting sites on the internet, I come across ads. How genuine are these websites to buy guest posts from? 

These companies are the middlemen between the website owner and you. So expect to pay additional for their services. Some of them are undoubtedly genuine. But others are spammy. You may risk it to check. But it is much better to contact the website directly rather than the middlemen. Atleast you know the website owner and can do a better negotiation. It would be best if you avoided in all means any toxic links to your website from cheap sources who advertise to sell links. What Makes a Backlink Toxic?

Many factors could increase the risk of the backlink from the standpoint of search engines, including:

Low trust score for domains:  This is determined by the number of backlinks coming from reliable domains back to the site, which is the backlink source. A low rank suggests that the domain score of the website could be artificially increased.

Mirrored pages: Suppose similar pages on different sites have links to you through an anchor with the exact text as you. Then search engines might think this is an opportunity to build links.

Page layout: If the percentage of text visible to HTML is low, the web page linking to it could be perceived as poor quality.

Impact of Bad Links

If you’re penalized, it affects the page’s rank, which decreases the likelihood that your website will be discovered. Suppose the penalties are severe enough; you may be eliminated from search results entirely.

Penalties are imposed on users in two different ways. Google has introduced its Penguin algorithm at the end of 2012 that targeted links of poor quality. Link-building strategies used by sites were able to see their rankings drop. Since then, Google has refined its algorithm to be more effective in picking up and penalizing links that are not good.

Alongside Penguin, Google has added additional human resources to their spam team to penalize websites with harmful backlinks. If Penguin detects a toxic link, it’ll apply an amount of penalty following the profile of your link. There is no human review of this.

Based on Search Engine Watch, Google performs more than 400,000 manual actions every month.

Manual review of links and penalties could be triggered by

  • The complaints from one of our competitors.
  • Algorithmic behavior from Penguin causes the need for a manual review
  • You’re in an area which Google’s spam team examines

You can ask for reconsideration in the case of manual penalties. However, we’ll be talking more about that in the future.

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How to maximize the outcome from article marketing and paid guest posts?

Infuse some emotion into your piece. Create a catchy title that brings out anger, joy, sadness or other emotion that draws readers to read your article. They don’t want to bore the readers. Please find a way of bringing a feeling to your message personalized it, and people will be able to read it and recognize it. Hiring writers from an outside source to write a single article, a set of pieces, or as an ongoing team member can improve the quality of one’s article marketing. It’s not only an innovative source of ideas, but it could also ease the burden, bringing advantages.

A reliable article distribution service can give your article more visibility. Utilizing these kinds of services, you can submit your article to various directories since distribution costs money, so you must choose the most appropriate one for you. If you ensure that your content is of high quality, your articles will speak of them. Offering them an exciting range is the best method of showing them your expertise.

Suppose you are looking to establish authority and establish substantial backlinks. In that case, it is recommended to backlink to at least two different pages on your blog. You must take one link for your product page URL and another on your home page. Your hyper-linked phrases must contain anchor text if you want to promote your online content effectively through guest posts.

What is the future of Guest Posts in 2022?

An effective way to boost your exposure and promote your content is by posting guest posts on other blogs. You can contact bloggers who write on something related to your article. And ask them to write a guest article for them. Well, they will charge you. But every penny is worthed its price. Make sure to include a link to your website at the end of the article. Spammy link-building tactics are penalized by google daily. Social media ads are getting expensive day by day. So the future of guest posts will seem bright in 2022.

Get more attention to your website by posting guest blog posts on your area of expertise. Look for blogs with high-quality content which focus on the same audience of readers. Ask them if they would allow you to the guest blog post. The main distinction is that these strategies concentrate more on both traffic and increase in ranking. 

Why shall I buy guest posts?

Increase brand recognition

The creation of brand awareness is among the most critical aspects of every marketing strategy. If you imagine a chocolaty bar or trainer, certain brands likely appear in your mind. This is why establishing brand awareness is so crucial. Suppose you’re not planning to conquer the world. You’d like clients and potential customers to be thinking of you when they speak about the products or services that are your area of expertise. You’d like to be recognized as a trustworthy and quality brand, which means that people naturally gravitate towards your company when they need the product or service that you provide.

Additionally, building your brand is never more essential than it is now. Anyone who has access to the web and social media platforms can build an audience, present themselves as an expert and begin attracting customers to their business. That’s precisely what many people are doing, and, in a competitive market, it’s essential to be different. You might want to consider implementing the strategy of guest blogging to achieve this.

Link to your site

Linkbuilding refers to the method of gaining links from other websites that link back to yours. It will help in multiple areas.

  • To learn about new web pages.
  • To determine how an individual page will rank in their search results
  • Backlink profile
  • Google examines the quality of the links that point at your website to determine trustworthiness.

After crawling websites on the internet, they can extract the content from those pages and include it in their indexes. This way, they will determine whether a website has enough quality to rank well for relevant keywords.

So it is essential to ensure that relevant and high-quality sites from your industry link to your site. 

How effective is the guest blogging method for my online business in 2022?

The guest blog and SEO are a great fit following Google’s guidelines. Publishing relevant content on high-quality and relevant sites is sure to boost your SEO ranking and eventually bring more visitors to your site. It should result in increased customers and sales for your business.

The guest blogging method should only be considered in conjunction with a broad strategy to improve your SEO since it won’t provide everything you want. However, it can help you get closer to the direction you’d like to be in.

Write only for reliable and relevant websites.

Google dislikes spammy sites, and it is crucial for a variety of reasons that you only write for excellent websites.

What makes a good site? It is possible to judge a place by its design, traffic, and user-friendliness. It must also be relevant to your subject and also to your business. Avoid identifying yourself with poor quality and untrustworthy websites since you may end up getting penalized by Google. It is certainly not worth the effort. You should not link your company with such websites regardless.

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Do not use anchor text to make a statement. This is among the most challenging areas to improve. Although anchor text remains an influential ranking factor, it’s essential not to exploit it by putting keywords in the blog just in the name of it.

Be careful not to use the exact match keywords within the anchor text of every link that you receive from guest blogs. Making content that is natural and well-written should be the top main goal.

Like Ahrefs and SEMrush, many tools can help you get a grip of your profile for anchor texts. Make sure you maintain an even ratio of anchor text by combining branded and commercial links.

Guest blogging is the future in 2022

However, getting the correct links can be difficult, As anyone working involved in Digital PR will tell you. This latest experience is not uncommon and illustrates why obtaining quality links requires some effort. But if you land on our website and read this article, you know that you are organic traffic to, and like you, many are visiting us daily. Why not email to check how we may help you.

Responses vs. Link Price

The majority of bloggers request to view the content before valuing its intent as an editorial. Bloggers are so aware of the business benefits when working alongside brands that they’ll take any content as they’re sure it’s relevant. Google has introduced ‘no-follow hyperlinks to avoid spam. Google will also penalize websites that don’t use ‘no-follow links that are non-natural (paid) links. This is in direct contrast to the findings we discovered in an outreach we did. 

Bloggers are happy to pay in exchange for a “do follow” link on their website. Therefore, the ‘do follow’ button is acceptable. However, the “No Follow tag” is equally good. However, it’s crucial to recognize the distinction in advertising and the need to provide quality content. Quality content must be long-form content, and the link should look natural. 

It’s still important to review the standard indicators of quality:

  • PageRank and domain authority.
  • The number of posts per week.
  • The average number of comments per post.

All of these factors will help determine if a website is suitable for a particular audience.

It is a given that your content should be worthy of sharing. It should try to trigger emotions, and it must always inspire engagement to get readers’ attention. Create your content as the starting point of a conversation and connect with a blogger’s readers.

So do you think guest blogging is worthwhile?

The short conclusion is that yes. There are numerous advantages to adhering to best practices for guest blogging, like brand recognition creating links, and increasing the authority of your site’s domain.

The publication of informative content on high-quality, relevant websites can boost your search engine ranking tremendously and eventually increase traffic to your website. That will also help build your reputation in the market and also bring other people in your field to consider you a thought-leader and expert in your field.

However, it’s not as simple as it once was. Websites with higher domain ratings are being overwhelmed by requests and frequently do not answer emails. That can be a source of frustration. We’ve seen more success by reaching out to websites directly through their contact us page. The guest posting websites are extremely satisfied to receive a nicely created, unique article to enhance their existing content. 

“Guest blogging is still a viable SEO method, but it needs a strategic plan to avoid spammy or cheap link building that could harm SEO.

In 2014 Matt Cutts, Google’s director of Webspam, posted in his blog that guest posts with the sole reason of generating massive backlinks could cause Google’s algorithm to penalize your website. It’s still the case. In this regard, the term “successful guest blogging” refers to giving readers something of value. There are three essential questions to consider before embarking on your guest blogging:

  • Does the site I’d like to guest blog on appeal to my kind of reader? If so, then you can offer value with great content.
  • Does the website have good-strong credibility, or is it just a bit shady? A simple website with informative content is an effective method to increase the authority of your site.
  • Do I feel satisfied with this post on my website? If not, you should re-examine your approach.

The objective of relevant, strategic, and successful guest posts is to increase the authority of your domain for your website. That, in turn, results in increased traffic because Google considers your website to be an authentic source of data.

“Guest posting” remains a feasible option for 2022, but only if websites are willing to keep guest posting without notice of any immediate results. It is a long-term gain and not an immediate success plan. Consistency and frequency are crucial. The effects of guest posting are cumulative, and the results usually take in a few months, or even years later, before businesses realize the benefits.”