How to Increase your Snap Score By 1000?

How to Increase your Snap Score By 1000?

How to Increase your Snap Score By 1000? | How to Get 1000 Views Per Day on Snapchat

Snap Inc.’s image messaging and multimedia mobile application Snapchat. Has been overgrowing in popularity since its launch in 2011.

The app allows users to send short videos, photos, and messages that disappear after several seconds (known as snaps). However, many people are curious about how to increase their snap score by 1000?

How to get 1000 views per day on Snapchat

In any situation, you want to be a part of that action. Getting as many views as possible on our stories will get us followers who are interested in what we have to say. You can use a few strategies, but remember, they don’t all work for everyone.

Make sure you experiment with each one and see which strategy works best for you! Here’s how to get 1000 more views per day. It’s essential to make it easy for people to find you on Snapchat: Adding someone is quick and straightforward so that it won’t take much time! Start by adding people from accounts similar to yours, like another travel blogger or a food reviewer. After that, look through friends lists or search hashtags related to your interests like #foodie or #doglover.

To find people faster, search for specific users within their bios (it looks like Snapchat username @user_name) because these links always lead directly to their profile page, where you can add them instantly! And lastly, feel free to explore others’ snaps – You never know when something interesting might catch your eye!

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Below are some simple tips to go and get you started on Snapchat

  1. Don’t overdo it. This can be hard when you want to quickly rack up some points and get back into an old streak, but avoid sending multiple snaps in a row. People are much less likely to engage in conversation with you if they know you have nothing new to say, so try taking longer breaks between messages and sending only one or two per day.
  2. Be honest and yourself: Yes, we know everyone is desperate for attention on social media, but that doesn’t mean they want their friends to think they’re fake. A bit of realness goes a long way!
  3. Have fun! Snapchat is meant to be enjoyed, not taken too seriously. If you aren’t having fun while using Snapchat, maybe it isn’t for you.
  4. Use filters wisely: Filters are great, but don’t rely on them too much—they can make things seem a little too forced. When used sparingly, filters can add some personality to your snaps and help people remember what you look like.
  5. Get creative! Try doing something besides selfies (the most common type of snap) every once in a while; take photos of funny signs or exciting things around town instead of selfies all day long.

Use the best practices when adding new friends.

Adding new friends on Snapchat is not very different from adding them on other social media networks. It can be a good idea to accept anyone who sends you a friend request when you’re first starting. This gives you more people to add and improve your score once they take yours (they are automatically added), thus increasing their value.

Once everyone on your friend’s list has accepted you, consider whether each friend makes sense. For example, if someone only sent you one or two snaps in a week but wanted to add you as a friend, ask yourself why they would like to follow your account: are they just looking for unrestricted views of stories?

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Create and use a custom Snapchat QR code

Snapcodes have been a mainstay of Snapchat advertising since they were first introduced. By using them, you’re advertising not only to friends but potentially also to users who may have never even heard of you. You can make a custom Snapcode using one of several free apps, such as Snapcoder or Snapcode Generator.

Create an account for your business and then use an app to generate a QR code that matches what you want it to represent—your company logo, for example. The great thing about custom codes is that users don’t necessarily need their cameras to scan it; get within range (usually 10-20 feet) and hold up your screen so it catches their attention.

Visit exciting places regularly.

Snapchat is all about being spontaneous, but it also rewards you for being active. If you find places you like and make them a part of your routine, you’ll get tons of snaps from friends and strangers who have been there too.

Even if they don’t take advantage of our story feature (Snapchat stories only last 24 hours) or even use Snapchat much, simply taking a picture of their face will earn them points. The more often you visit a place, post pictures and videos from it, or check-in on Facebook, Foursquare or Swarm. The higher your score goes!

Add stickers where relevant

Users can rate pictures and videos on Snapchat when they’re opened. This should be taken advantage of. Many people don’t bother with stickers, but they can be used effectively to boost your score in various ways.

You can create custom-made stickers relevant to whatever you’re trying to promote (like a new clothing line or a new product) and distribute them through social media or public channels on Snapchat. Anytime someone uses one of those custom-made stickers, it will count towards your account’s rating and increase your overall snap score.

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In conclusion, to get over 100,000 followers, you will need patience and persistence. We have done all of that work for you, so now it is time for you to use our hard work. Just scroll up a little bit and download our app, which will help you achieve 500-1000 more followers per day on average! Best of luck in your endeavours, and remember never to give up!