How to make yourself faint or give yourself a real fever in 10 minutes?

How to make yourself faint or give yourself a real fever in 10 minutes?

How to give yourself a fever under 10 minutes?

Many people around the world are interested in having some fun and exploring some of their deepest desires. Some people might want to see what it is like to be out of control, while others might just want to experience the feeling of being on drugs or drunk without actually doing them. For those who want to learn more about these experiences, here is a helpful guide on how you can make yourself faint or give yourself a real fever in 10 minutes. 

The article will present 10 methods people can use to make themselves faint or develop a fever for days at a time. These methods are not recommended because they are both dangerous, but many people know that this is an option if they need it.

The first method mentioned is taking Tylenol, which should be avoided due to the risk of overdose. Next, drinking alcohol is mentioned as another option.

How to make yourself faint and have a fever in 10 minutes

It is possible to make yourself faint or give yourself a fever in 10 minutes. These are common techniques that are used by actors or people who are trying to fake an illness for some reason. There are various ways that one can do this, such as holding your breath, exercising, or cutting your skin and then pressing on it.


You can make yourself faint in 10 minutes by doing this activity. For doing this you have to do the squinting on the floor. You can also do squats on the ground area. While squatting try to set your head lower every time and gradually do it faster. When you start doing it faster your body has to put more effort to do it fast as you can.

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While doing this keep your finger in your mouth and blow the mouth with full force. After a few minutes, everything will be blurred and black. You will be on the floor unconsciously.

 One thing you need to understand before doing this is that you should be careful. You should not do it near sharp items and furniture. It can cause serious injury so beware.


If someone squeezes you with full pressure or force you will be faint in a few minutes. For doing this you have to sit on the toes then take a deep breath nearly 6 times and hold. Keep the breath-hold stable. Now say someone to keep his arm around your head like encircling and squeeze you with force. Everything will be black now.

Be careful while doing this. You should not do it on the road because you can get an injury while falling and your head can bleed 


Yes, hyperventilate can make you faint a few times. For doing this find a wall where you can peacefully stand against the wall. Then hyperventilate by taking 3 or 4 deep breaths. Smash your head on the backside with little force. Find the carotid arteries in your neck and press them with your thumb. You will faint after that. But beware due to this less oxygen reach to your neurons (brain cells) it can be very dangerous.

Hyperventilation occurs when too much air is breathed in, which can lead to a decrease in the levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. Hyperventilation can cause a person to lose consciousness or faint because their decreased levels of carbon dioxide result in an increased level of oxygen that is then used up by the body’s tissues.

This often occurs with chronic hyperventilators, people with heart disease, pregnant women, elderly people, and those who are emotionally disturbed. So now you will understand how to hyperventilate will faint you.

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Hold breath

By doing this trick you can be faint in less than 10 minutes. Start breathing deep and fastest as much as you can. When you will reach 9 or 12 breaths you will feel lightheadedness, off-balance and Shaky.

You will instantly faint after that. The process in this trick is called respiratory alkalosis in this process the term we discuss earlier hyperventilation keeps your lungs clean from dirt and carbonic acid in your blood, your blood PH will be more alkaline.

Skip breakfast

If you will skip breakfast and do not even drink a sip of water. You will be faint and for doing it in 10 seconds stand outside under the sun.

You will be faint a few times because you already have no nourishment to get energy when you will stand under the sun it will sip all of your remaining energy and you will be faint with a feeling of irritation. This is the pro tip.

Eating toothpaste

Eating toothpaste will cause you fever. If you want to have a fever in 10 minutes. Go to your bathroom and eat toothpaste. The toothpaste has some ingredients or chemicals which can cause fever.

Take a shower with cold water to catch a fever

For catching fever in 10 seconds take a bath with cold water and when you finish then take shower with hot water. You have to throw water in your ears and keep your head slide. Without drying hair wear the clothes.

Then use the air dryer and keep drying your air with hot and cold air. After sitting 2 minutes spray your room and stay for 2 minutes. You will catch a fever after doing this.


Most people are looking for the quickest way to induce a fever or faint, with no regard for their safety. There is no quick fix for inducing these conditions and no reliable way to predict how long it will take before you experience these symptoms. The safest methods are either prolonged exposure to heat without fluids or dehydration with an IV drip of water over hours.

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Above, we have told you about how to get faint and fever in the 10 minutes. Before using these tips and tricks be careful.