Who is Stronger? Omni man vs Battle Beast, Thanos & Thragg?


How strong is Omni Man? Will he win or lose against Battle Beast, Thanos & Tharagg?

Omni Man is one of the most powerful Viltrumites ever. He is a superhuman being, capable of lifting enormous amounts of weight and tearing through almost any material. That makes him the most powerful being on Earth. However, it does not mean he would win all battles against his rivals. This article will discuss whether Omni Man stands a chance against Battle Beast, Thanos, or Thragg.

Omni man vs. Battle Beast
Omni man vs. Battle Beast

Omni man vs. Battle Beast

Battle Beast would beat Omni man and any other ‘normal’ Viltrumite in any fight. Thragg and a mature Mark Grayson are the only exceptions. An ‘immature Mark Grayson was able to defeat Thragg at full strength. Thragg was injured but managed to defeat a Battle Beast similar to him.

Omni-Man would be destroyed if Battle Beast was as powerful as he was in his strongest moment. Modern Family volume 21 of Invincible: Battle Beast faced off against Thragg in the Viltrumites’ Grand Regent battle. That was the main antagonist of the series and arguably the most powerful character in Invincible.

Battle Beast would beat Omni-Man and any other ‘normal’ Viltrumite in any fight. Thragg and a mature Mark Grayson are the only exceptions.

However, an ‘immature Mark Grayson managed to defeat a full-force Thragg. Thragg was injured but managed to defeat a Battle Beast similar to his. Remember that Mark beat Conquest twice and Thragg once before reaching his 30s. That is a sign that Invincible has something extra. Because Viltrumites are stronger with age and training, it’s impossible to predict how powerful Invincible will become in the future.

Omni-Man, on the other side, would be defeated by Battle Beast.

On the other hand, Battle Beast can be injured by weaker Viltrumites. However, he could fight well even with Thragg, who was strong enough for him to take out multiple Viltrumites at once. He is a Viltrumite with average stats but better combat skills, and he should be able to take Omni-Man. That is a close fight, but this may be because Omni-Man is the main character.

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Who is Battle Beast, and how powerful is he?

Battle Beast is a character in the Invincible comics franchise. He is one of the most well-known characters due to his war-hungry personality and powerful skills. Although most of Battle Beast’s history is unknown, he was once a planetary guardian on his planet until he became too obsessed with fighting. He quit his job to explore the galaxy in search of worthy enemies. To test the Earth-inhabitant’s abilities, he later served as a subordinate of Machine Head. He easily defeated Invincible, Titan, and the Guardians of the Globe. 

He also almost killed Bulletproof and Black Samson, two of Machine Head’s henchmen. He was then imprisoned in a Viltrumites-controlled race. He escaped after a prison riot organized by Allen the Alien. After being discovered frozen in space by a Coalition party, he joined The Coalition of Planets. He later took part in the Viltrumite War and killed many Viltrumites. After he had recovered from his injuries, Beast was assigned to kill Thragg, currently in Thrax. After many days of fighting, Beast was finally killed by Thragg. Thragg would later use Battle Beast’s skin to make a cape, and his body would be burned.

Battle Beast is a powerful member of his race. He has strong physical abilities and is skilled at mastering weapons. Beast used both blunt and bladed weapons in combat. Even though Beast’s weapons were quite large, they were very effective. He is described as having incredible endurance. He fought Thragg for days, his organs hanging from his body, but still fights. He is also a formidable fighter, able to defeat several Viltrumites at one time and held his own against Thragg, who is perhaps the strongest Viltrumite. His fangs can also penetrate Viltrumite skin. Although Battle Beast may have died, his combat skills will be remembered forever.

Battle Beast is more potent than Human levels. He trounced Mark Grayson, defeated Black Samson simultaneously, and beat Bulletproof, almost killing both of them. He is strong enough to jump large distances in one leap.

Power Comparison of Omni man vs. Battle Beast


Omni man vs. Thanos | Who is stronger to win a fight?

Thanos would easily beat Omni man. If we are talking movie and TV show interpretation, Omni-man will win unless Thanos possesses the gauntlet. But Omniman could utilize his speed to get alleviated of it. He is much stronger and faster than Omni man. With his gauntlet & the infinity stones, Thanos reveals him along with the universe at his hand. Omni Man is the only Thanos version we may see the beating, and it’s his inexperienced Endgame version. It’s still debatable, however, because:

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Omni man vs. Thanos
Omni man vs. Thanos

He held his own against Worthy Cap, a relative of pre-Ragnarok Thor. And he can be highballed to multi-planetary. Captain Marvel was bitch-slapped by him before she received the Infinity stone power. However, he wasn’t going to go all out. Captain Marvel is likely planetary, too.

Three top-tier Viltrumites of the highest rank can combine their power to reach planetary levels. It’s safe to say that Omni man scales higher than this and would likely be planetary+ at full strength. His Infinity war version can scale to universal with all the tools and create freaking blackholes with only the space stone or the power stone. Omni Man is negated from existence if he goes against these Thanos versions.

Power Comparison of Omni man vs. Thanos

Omni man vs. Thragg | Who is stronger to win a fight?

There will be a very competitive fight however, the power level will show that Tharagg is very strong. He can win a fight against Tharagg.

How strong is Thragg?

Thragg was a Viltrum native. He was trained in combat skills and was bred to become the strongest Viltrumite. Thragg fought during the Viltrumite civil War after their emperor, Argall, was killed by Thaedus. Thragg has been fighting for thousands of years. After the battle, the Viltrumites would be unbeatable under his leadership. Thragg would be given the title Grand Regent and be tasked to find the heir of Argall. As a reminder of the consequences, he would keep Argall’s skull should the Empire fall into disarray. He would believe the heir had died and created the Scourge Virus. He would then stop trying to find the heir and feel that he was worthy of his place among them.

Conquest failed to kill Mark, and he had to confront Thragg. Conquest begged for forgiveness after Thragg threatened to kill him. Conquest was still valuable, so Thragg sent Lucan and Conquest and an unnamed Viltrumite to kill Invincible and anyone else who might be aiding him.


  • Viltrumite Physiology
    • A Viltrumite is much stronger than Humans. It is not known what the upper limit is, as certain Viltrumites are more potent than others.
    • The Viltrumites can move at speeds that are faster than Humans.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Viltrumites produce fewer fatigue toxins than humans, which allows them to move and fight for more extended periods without succumbing to exhaustion.
    • The Viltrumites are superhuman endurance: They can withstand disembowelment and touch lava without any permanent physical injury.
    • Flight: Viltrumites can fly because of a complex balance system in their inner ears.
    • Interstellar Travel: Viltrumites can survive in outer space with no assistance.
    • Enhanced lung capacity: Viltrumites can hold their breath for as long as two weeks without having to breathe.
    • Invulnerability: Viltrumite skin can be much more difficult to penetrate than human skin. Beings with similar strength can only harm Viltrumites.
    • The Enhanced Healing Factor: Injuries that would otherwise kill people can be healed by Viltrumites.
    • Accelerated Aging – Viltrumites can live for thousands of years while still being in their physical prime.
    • Dominant Genes: The genes of a Viltrumite will prevail over other races’ traits for physical appearance or powers.
  • Viltrumite Weaknesses
    • Vulnerable ears: Extreme pain can be caused by a Viltrumite’s imbalance in their ears, mainly due to frequency. That could lead to extreme pain and even death. The intensity of the attack will depend on how strong it is.
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Omni man vs. Thragg
Omni man vs. Thragg


  • Hand to Hand Combat: Thragg has been trained in all forms of combat, even hand-to-hand combat.
  • Leadership – As the Grand Regent, he effectively ruled over the Viltumites for thousands after Argall.
  • Intimidation His simple looks scare most people, particularly Viltumites.
  • Indomitable Will – He doesn’t back down or surrender no matter what happens. He doesn’t slow down, even if he is bullied by his fellow Viltrumites and thrown into the sun.
  • Tactical Analy: He can instantly strategize and create complex but effective action plans.
  • Charisma is eloquent, persuasive, and convinced Mark and Nolan to allow the Viltrumites to stay on Earth.

Strength level

Class 100+: Thragg has been the strongest Viltrumite ever to exist. He decapitated Thaedus and killed Battle Beast before inflicting fatal wounds on Omni Man.

Power Comparison of Omni man vs. Thragg


Which Marvel and DC characters can Battle Beast and Thragg together?

Many of them, especially when they are grouped, can be defeated in a single fight. Street-level characters can be defeated, as well as those from other continents. It all depends on how Marvel and DC characters can defeat them. For example, a character from a country or continent may possess potent and versatile abilities to beat the other in a 1v1 battle or even 1v4.

Omni man and invincible were able to destroy a world with the aid of one other viltrumite. They are both at the continental level, and they could each probably take on or outtake Aquaman on their own. If they all worked together, I think the strongest they could defeat would be one of the weaker green lanterns.


It is insane to compare the power levels of Omni man, and however, this battle is a fantasy. I have shared my opinion. So what do you think about the power of Omni man vs. Battle Beast, Thanos & Thragg?