How to Network and Grow on Twitch

How to Network and Grow on Twitch

How to Network and Grow on Twitch

You’ve probably heard that networking is the key to success. “Get out there and network!” This is standard advice from any streamer who has established the following.

But how would you go about it? It’s simple to watch someone else’s stream, but how can a streamer expand through other channels?

We’ll go through the fundamentals in this tutorial. We’ll go through how to network and flourish with your newly formed group. Networking on Twitch may be a scary and confusing procedure at times. This social interchange is integral to increasing a streamer’s visibility, so it must be done correctly. Otherwise, a youthful up-and-comer may wind up hindering rather than assisting their progress on Twitch.

Let’s look at the tools that a new streamer should employ to get started with Twitch networking.

Twitter, Twitch, and Discord

My friends, it is on these social platforms that you will develop your networking empire. They all provide an invaluable avenue for your fellow streamers and should be utilized to the best extent possible.

These are the only platforms users should think about using for networking. There are many ways to expand your network on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and even email. However, there is a limit to how many sites you can be on without spreading yourself too thin. So here are my three suggestions for going using networking as just a streamer.


The first platform, Twitch, is a bit of a snub. Of course, you’re already doing that, but are you using everything that it has to offer? Sure, it’s your window to the rest of the world, but you’re not alone putting yourself out there. Twitch has hundreds of other streams that will act as nodes in your network.

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Start with what you play when considering where and how to begin your Twitch networking. You belong to the community that flourishes around that game, whether it’s the wastelands of Fallout, the battlefields like Fortnite, or a game developed in 1997. And a community is not ever formed by a single individual. You’re in the presence of other streamers who enjoy Twitch and have brought both of you together because you all want the same thing. You only need to reach out!

Regardless of why making an effort to be active in the stream. All while becoming such a name they’ll (hopefully) remember. Of course, they track these streams and host them if they’re still in the alien deep when you log off for the night.

Do you suppose these streamers will occasionally appear in my chat? Do you think they’ll watch and host my feed as well? They do. There’s a lot to say about this procedure, but let’s start with our other two social platforms.

The Fundamentals of Networking

Networking is the primary driver of development on Twitch, and it will ultimately assist you in achieving the desired confirmed status on Twitch. Several paths to success, ranging from being a YouTube video producer to becoming a pro esports player for a single game.

And how does one develop via Twitch? Let’s face it, many of us don’t have Shroud’s aim. We will not evolve naturally by beating match after match. This isn’t to say you can’t improve. Most people associate the term “network” with how a firm expands. To expand, you will need to collaborate with other broadcasters, much like a company.

In contrast to businesses, networking is effortless and, when done correctly, may enhance your readership and supercharge your growth.

So, where do you begin? 

That is networking but in its most basic form. Don’t let yourself become that person. If you want to develop your stream and build a community of followers, you must first consider how people see you from outside your stream.

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Getting Going

The first step is to introduce yourself, not where you stream. This step is straightforward. Determine the community you prefer and begin browsing for streams with similar audience levels.

It might not be very comforting, which is the first step toward growth. Find a streamer who seems intriguing if you play regularly in Stardew Valley. At the start, don’t shoot for those with hundreds of views. You’ll be swept away in conversation, and connecting with the broadcaster will be more difficult.

Once you’ve identified a broadcaster you like, pretend to be the viewer you’d want to see in your chat. Engage with the streamer and the other users in conversation. The trick is to make a buddy.

It’s already challenging to make it on Twitch alone yourself; therefore, reaching out to other broadcasters will be your best weapon for growth. Discuss the game with the streamer without indicating that you are also a streamer.

Collaborations in Landing

If you’ve been following this far, you should be acquainted with other streams. While developing relationships is critical to your success, it is only the beginning of the many ways you may assist your community in growing and succeeding.

We have many options, the most essential of which is Collaborating.

At first glance, it may appear that you are just assisting one another by streaming together. It’s so much more than that. Collaborations are incredibly beneficial and maybe fun, depending on your connection with other streamers or streamers.

It’s not simply that they’re all streaming together. As a spectator, it might imply witnessing activity inside a game from various angles, hence increasing participation in your community. Viewers like interacting with the broadcast, and having many views provide them with so much more.

Growing with Others

Begin by looking for forthcoming events which you can plan for. Is there an upcoming event or patch in a sport that you and another streaming friend play? Reach out and inquire! Don’t be scared.

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Final Verdict

This is made considerably easy whether you have made acquaintances in the neighborhood. To enhance engagement, set up prizes or competitive activities amongst one another. At the end of each day, you are helping to expand your community, but you are also assisting the streamer with whom you are collaborating.