Enjoying Social Media: 5 Tips on How to Have Fun on Instagram

5 Tips on How to Have Fun on Instagram

Enjoying Social Media: 5 Tips on How to Have Fun on Instagram

It is no secret that social media is starting to become more prevalent in our daily lives as time progresses. Back then, we would mostly need to meet new people or use telephones to connect with our friends. But now, in terms of communication and keeping in touch, all you need to do is start up your phone or PC and log in to your account. And these platforms are not just for connections, they also come in handy for keeping up with the latest trends. 

There are different social media platforms, each having millions of users. Facebook and Twitter are some prominent examples. But if you want an alternative, you should also try Instagram. It even has an Instagram Creator Studio where you can be even more creative in your posts! Other than that, here are five tips to consider so you can enjoy Instagram.

1. Post Anything That Defines You

Being yourself is a pretty general rule. When you are honest to yourself, you attract like-minded people who are potential friends while cutting off people who can bring a toxic and cancerous friendship or relationship. Plus, it is pretty fun to pretend like someone different, and you will feel confident about it. So, aside from being genuine in real life, you should also be yourself on Instagram and post anything that fancies you.

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Feel free to post anything that you enjoy, hobbies, places, animals, topics, and many more! Did you go to the beach last summer? Flaunt your adventures and even how you look in a swimsuit. Did you perform in a musical act last night? Let your followers know by posting photos or videos of your performance. There are no limits on what you can post on Instagram as long as they will stick with the app’s terms and conditions.

You could also meet more like-minded mutuals by adding hashtags. Other users will most likely see your posts when you add hashtags in your caption or comment. And who knows? You might even make new friends.

2. Let Your Followers Know You Better by Posting Stories

Your wall is not the only place on Instagram where you can share your interests. Aside from it, you can also flaunt and express any other things that bring you joy via Instagram stories! Akin to Facebook or Snapchat stories, this feature lets your followers see photos and videos you shared or posted for 24 hours. Not only does this feature let you explore yourself even better, but it also allows you not to spam the newsfeed of your followers with several posts.

Like your wall, you can also share anything you like via Instagram stories. They could be anything cute, such as pictures of your adorable pets, or anything impressive, such as a painting you created. Aside from anything that involves you, you could also share public posts of other users. It could be a teaser from your favorite actor’s upcoming project or a trailer of a soon-to-be-released movie you’re anticipating.

You could also share your music taste by connecting your Spotify account to your Instagram! After all, people can know you better if they know your preferred music genres.

3. Follow People You Know and Pages That Pique Your Interest

Make your Instagram newsfeed more exciting by following people or celebrities you admire! These people can vary based on who or what field interests you. Are you into sports? Follow your favorite athletes! Do you enjoy showbiz or theater? Follow your favorite actors! And if you love music, there is no shame in following your favorite band or musician.

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Aside from people, there are also pages and hashtags that you can follow. These pages or hashtags often involve a topic or passion that you enjoy. Feel free to follow pages or hashtags involving cats and kittens if you are a cat person!

4. Be Creative by Editing Your Photos or Videos

Although you can post your pictures and videos in their original form or appearance, they would still have a different appeal when you edit them first. But if you are concerned with how you will edit them, then no worries! Some apps and websites allow for easy and understandable editing.

Apps such as Layout and Instagram Creator Studio can make your photos even more appealing than they already are. The former lets you edit your pictures well, while the latter lets you manage your Instagram account easier. And when you make your photos highly appealing, you might even capture the attention of some influencers and other famous people!

Meanwhile, several apps or software programs let you edit your videos easily before you post them on your wall. Canva, Filmora, and Movavi are some of the well-known software you can use for PC. And if you are on your phone, feel free to give video editor apps such as PowerDirector, VivaVideo, and CapCut a try.

5. Do Not Forget to Follow Back Any Followers You Know

If someone you know follows you on your Instagram, do not be a snob! Instead, follow them back so you can also get the chance to know them better. It does not matter who they are. Whether they are someone you know back in your days as a student or someone you just met at a recent party, be courteous and follow them back too.

And in case you have a follower you do not know personally, then there is no need for you to follow them back. Although social media is a handy platform for making new connections, there is still the risk of meeting shady people, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

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In a nutshell

Though some people may think it is just a website to post pictures on, Instagram can be pretty enjoyable. Like other social media apps or websites, it can help you freely express yourself and what you enjoy. And who knows? You might even meet more people who also have shared interests with you.