How to Measure Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal?

How to Measure Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal?

How to Measure Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal?

Time has come, and you’ve decided to ask for her hand. The tremendous shopping process lies ahead. Before you rush to the engagement band selection, it’s essential to determine the correct ring size of your partner. Luckily, we’ve assembled a complete guide and covered all nuances.

Measuring Ring at Home

Use the Ring Sizer Tape. Most online stores have a ring sizer tape displayed on their websites. You can print out the tape, cut a slot on a dotted line, wrap it around the widest part of your finger, pierce the arrow cut through the slot and get precise measurements. Your band size is the number that aligns with the slot. For customers’ convenience, many shops offer free delivery of plastic tapes.

Print Out a Measuring Sheet. This method presupposes having a spare ring on hand. Pick a band that sits perfectly on your finger and place it on drawn circles. See which one coincides with your piece of jewellery. If your ring is somewhere between two circles, opt for a bigger size. It’s always easier to size down than up.

String, Floss, Ruler and Conversion Size Table. Bring a non-stretching string or floss, wrap it around the base of your finger, make a mark where the ends meet, straighten the thread on some sturdy surface and measure it with a ruler. Compare the obtained number in millimetres with the chart and find a corresponding size.

Subtle Ways. Figuring out a Ring Size without Her Knowing

Put On an Act

Pretend you are purchasing a ring for someone else. Pick a person with similar fingers and ask your partner nonchalantly their size. To make your deception more plausible, buy a plain inexpensive band and have your partner try it on. Problem solved, and the decoy goes to a happy friend or relative.

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Consult With Her Nearest and Dearest

One of the most effective ways to find out your beloved’s band size is to ask her close friends. They can acquire the needed info casually in small talk. Furthermore, one of them can take your partner ring shopping under the pretext: “I want a new accessory; come along, it’ll be fun.”

Borrow a Band

Sneak past your partner and take one of their rings. Mind, however, such a strategy may backfire. Make sure to borrow a band that fits comfortably on the finger and won’t raise suspicious questions.

Leave no Mark Behind

Another tactic is to use the sketch. If you are afraid she might notice her ring missing, step up your ruse by doing the following: find a band, put it on a piece of paper, draw a circle mirroring the contours of the ring on the inside and outside. Repeat the procedure several times to ensure accuracy.

Sizing Tips and Facts

The most popular women’s ring size is 6.

The most popular men’s ring size is 9.

The fingers of a dominant hand are typically larger.

The best time to take measurements is in the evening when your fingers are warm and a bit puffy. The thing is: fingers’ size alters throughout the day because of the weather conditions and prevailing activities in our lives. You’d want to choose an accessory that feels natural on the hand, even if the latter is a bit swollen.

The wider the ring, the tighter its grasp. Borrow a piece of jewellery that corresponds in terms of the desired bandwidth.

If you ordered the wrong size engagement rings in Sydney, don’t panic right away. Many luxurious stores, like GS Diamonds grant complimentary resizing for a return within 30 days.

Final Remarks

The most concise method to select an ideal band is to have your partner’s finger sized by a jewellery expert. With mentioned above methods you run a risk of jewellery being slightly off. To preserve the element of surprise, we suggest opting for a proposal ring, an inexpensive symbolic placeholder. After she gives the long-awaited “Yes”, you can hunt for an actual engagement band together.

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