How to Organize a Move by Yourself

How to organize a move by yourself

How to Organize a Move by Yourself

It is possible to organize the move yourself, although it is troublesome. It would be best if you considered different nuances, plan, and be prepared that everything will not go according to plan. Then, you will forget about the hassle of using the services of long-distance movers Dallas. If you still want to try your hand, we can teach you.

In theory, any move consists of vehicles, packaging, and labor. So let’s look in more detail at what you need to consider when organizing each element.


Cubic meters. You need such a vehicle in which your things will fit. The main thing here is to determine the cubic meters. Always order a car with a reserve. If you need to learn how to calculate the volume of things – use the calculator for moving or free estimates.

Seal the body. If you seal the body, you can find out if it was opened on the way. But not everybody can be sealed. Think about it ahead of time. You need to order a gazelle with a tent to be able to seal it. You need a metal body.

Packaging Material

  • Personal items are packed in cardboard boxes or utility bags.
  • How to choose cardboard boxes for moving How to choose cardboard boxes
  • Put dishes and souvenirs in cardboard boxes, and wrap them in bubble wrap or paper.
  • Clothes on hangers – in closet boxes.
  • Documents – in archival boxes.
  • Appliances in boxes or corrugated cardboard.
  • Furniture – in corrugated cardboard and stretch film.
  • Glass – in bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, and stretch wrap.
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Look at the packing kits, and you’ll see what professional companies use at the move. Then, buy packing materials from specialty stores.

Physical Challenges

Whoever will physically do the moving should be qualified.

  1. Movers. Simple movers should be able to carry weights without scratching the walls. Slowly put boxes and furniture on the floor. 
  2. Packing movers. Additionally must be able to disassemble and reassemble furniture. Pack furniture and appliances. After their work, the cabinet doors are placed flat, the table does not wobble, and the wheels at the nightstand spin. They know how to pack glass shelves from the kitchen and a mirrored closet door.

Quick tips for a General Moving Organization

1. You should have the packing material three days before the move. Prepare as much as possible. Gather boxes for the move, pack personal belongings, and sign everything. The better prepared you are, the less you will pay.

2. Order the truck later than the movers. So movers and packers have time to prepare things and take them out, and the car will be active, and you save money.

3. Get the phone number of the drivers and the old loader. Call them in advance. If you booked a car and movers in different places, the second still has to pay if one is late.

Preliminary Preparation for the Move: What needs to be done?

If you decide to do everything independently, you must prepare for the move and foresee some details a week or two before the “X” day. Namely:

  • Select a date. It is best to move during the day on weekdays because there are few traffic jams at this time. But, given that most people work now, the move is carried out on weekends. You only need to plan something for this day, except for transportation, as the move can take until the evening.
  • Find a truck that will fit all the furniture, appliances, and personal items. With the driver or a transport company representative, agree on the time of arrival, the duration of the rental, and payment.
  • It is worth buying boxes, bags, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, and stretch film in advance. All this will be needed to pack all things and transport them to a new place of residence.
  • Remember to buy a marker or stickers for marking boxes and packages. This will help to disassemble everything in a new place quickly. On each box, you can write the kitchen/bedroom/living room/nursery and a group of items – books, children’s clothes, kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, and more.
  • Prepare a tool for disassembling large furniture for turning off household appliances – a washing machine, boiler, etc. This will help to quickly take out everything from the apartment for loading into the car on the day of the move.
  • Start putting things together in advance while conducting an audit. Out-of-season clothes, books, pottery, change of bed linen and towels, outerwear – everything that is not needed before the day of the move can be folded in advance.Going through all things, get rid of those that are small, unused, out of fashion, or broken. There is no need to carry trash to a new apartment to throw it away when unfolding. Extra work is useless.
  • Think about who you will entrust children and animals to on the day of the move, so they do not interfere with the process.
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Drawing up a plan for arranging furniture and boxes in a new place will be easy so that when you bring things into the apartment, you can immediately sort them into rooms.

What to do on moving day?

When the day of the planned move comes, many people start to worry and panic, aggravating the situation and complicating the whole process. It would help if you acted quickly but thoughtfully, and everything would pass without unnecessary stress. Do the following:

  • Have breakfast, and prepare a minimal snack and water if you go far.
  • Disassemble furniture that won’t fit through doorways and stairwells.
  • Keep documents and jewelry with you in your bag, do not leave them in the cargo compartment of the transport or unattended near the entrance.
  • Everything that is needed first of all in a new place, it is better to load it into the car last. So these things will be unloaded first.
  • Take care of fixing household appliances and furniture in the car. This will prevent them from being damaged while driving.
  • Return to your apartment and make sure all personal items are taken away.
  • When bringing things into a new room, it is worth observing the principle of labeling so that later you do not rearrange furniture and boxes and rooms into a room.