How to Remove a Hacker from my Android Phone?

How to Remove a Hacker from my Android Phone?

How to Remove a Hacker from my Android Phone?

Technology has simplified our lives, but it also has its drawbacks. The hacking of phones and laptops is common as fraudsters seek new ways to commit fraud. Nobody expects to have their Android phone hacked. When this happens, the first thing that comes to mind is how do I get a hacker off of my Android phone?

Our devices are always close at hand. We use them for various things, including banking, talking, and sharing media files. Therefore, the possibility of the same being hacked is alarming. This article will assist you in getting rid of the hacker from your phone.

Signs somebody has hacked your phone

First of all, you must confirm whether somebody has hacked your phone. The following are some signs that your phone’s security has been compromised.

On your phone, there are new call logs or messages. This indicates that the hackers are already working on your phone. They’re also likely utilizing your phone number to get your family’s personal information.

You suspect that your current records have undergone some strange alterations. When access to your phone has been gained by a hacker, he will attempt to locate and alter your documents.

Your phone’s speed has been slowed. This may happen when somebody is attempting to access your applications.

Finally, if the phone’s charge runs out rapidly, it’s a dead giveaway of unauthorized entrance. Malware deploys toxic code, which consumes more energy than is required.

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How to get rid of a hacker from your Android phone

Now that you’ve discovered an unwanted presence on your phone let’s look at how to get hackers off it. Follow the instructions below;

First and foremost, remove any virus you find on your phone. People who enter your phone have access to personal information such as your bank account number, address, and passcode. It is preferable to begin eliminating them as soon as possible.

Examine the available app permissions. This will assist you in confirming if an app is excessively snooping on you. Go to your phone’s settings and then to the General tab. Tap on Apps or Manage apps, then tap on App Permissions to see which ones you need to change.

Uninstall any suspicious apps you’ve installed recently. It’s possible that the hackers used them to gain access to your phone. It could be the work of a hacker, and the sooner you get rid of them, the better.

Next, download an antivirus app to your smartphone. This approach can work wonderfully if you ask how to delete a hacker from your phone. Anti-virus software eliminates any unwelcome presence and protects your smartphone from further threats.

Notify all of your contacts that your phone has been hacked. This is if the hackers send them messages asking for money or other assistance. When dealing with a hacker, it’s also a good idea to do a security scan. The anti-virus program you installed offers a feature that allows you to perform a scan at regular intervals. 

If you’re in a rush, do it right away and uninstall the apps that the software flags as questionable. You can factory reset on your phone too. If nothing else seems to work, this is the last option. If you find malware on your phone, you should factory reset it to get rid of it.

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If you want to get rid of a hacker from my Android phone, go to settings, then system advanced, and select factory reset. To remove all content on an iPhone, go to settings, general, reset, and “erase all content.” However, ensure you’ve previously stored the info on your smartphone before proceeding.

How can I get rid of a phone that has been hacked for a long time?

Hopefully, you’ve figured out how to get rid of a hacker from my phone by now. Now you must verify that your phone’s security is not jeopardized.

Passcodes and phone locks should be used

Many of us do not consider creating a passcode a necessary task. But keep in mind that by installing one, you’ll prevent a lot of harmful malware from infiltrating your phone. You might also make your banking and other financial apps use complicated passwords.

Simple passwords, such as your birthday or a sequence of numbers, should be avoided. Set strong passwords and change them frequently to ensure that your phone is never hacked again.

Keep your phone close by.

This is a common blunder that individuals make. As a result, they must consider how to get a hacker off of my phone. Physical access is the most straightforward technique for a hacker to access your system.

If you’re in a public area or at a family event, keep this information in mind. You can never know the hacker in the making. Contact your service provider if you lose your phone. They will immediately deactivate your account. Your information is safe even if the phone is hacked.

Installing New Apps Might have Viruses in it

There are a lot of applications on Google Play Store. However, none of them can be trusted. Before installing an app on your phone:

  • Read the reviews.
  • Keep only the most dedicated apps on your phone instead of a slew of others.
  • If you have any doubts about an app, don’t use it.
  • Delete your online browsing history
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Try to clear your online history regularly. Someone can figure out all your personal information based on your browsing history. While doing so, remove the cookies, cache, and other data. If you conceive of a way to get a hacker off your phone at any point, delete the internet history right away.

App to track down a lost device

When your phone is missing, it is simple to trace its whereabouts. This feature is available on various cell phones. Install an app if your phone does not have it. You won’t have to be concerned when the phone is picked up.

Update your phone regularly

You’ve probably noticed that you’re getting a lot of software update notifications. Do not put off starting the process. These updates make substantial changes to your device’s security. You are rendering it vulnerable to future attacks by disregarding the update.

Aside from that, your apps must be updated regularly. Even the most trustworthy programs may contain flaws that a hacker may take advantage of. These issues have been fixed in the upgrades, lowering your chances of being hacked.


The first thought that comes to us when we see our smartphone turn on is how to get hackers off of it. However, the process can be a little complicated. It is always preferable to keep your phone secure and avoid a problem.

Follow the steps above and update your password regularly. Disable apps that contain critical information if you’re sending your phone in for repair. Thanks to your systematic approach, you won’t have to deal with a hacker again. Hackers steal a lot of personal information from phones and laptops every year. Make sure you’re not a victim of any such illegal entry.