How to Sell An Accidental Car?

How to Sell An Accidental Car?

How to Sell An Accidental Car?

If you are considering selling your old or used car and getting a new one, then there are some questions you will definitely get from a potential buyer. Questions like if you have maintained the car properly or not, or has it been in an accident ever?

If a car has accidental history, then selling the car can be challenging. This also depends on how you clarify the information with the buyer. You have to put some more effort while selling a car after an accident than the one that never has been in an accident.

However, no matter what, you have to be transparent about the accident, damage and repair history of the car always.  If you are clear about everything, then selling an accidental car will not be a deal-breaker; rather, you will land yourself a good deal.

If you are thinking about what you can do with your damaged vehicle, then this article has some tips on how to sell an accidental car and get a good amount out of it.

Always Be Honest About The Previous Accident History

In order to gain the customers’ loyalty and trust, it is necessary to be true to them. That’s why, if your car has ever been in an accident, clarifying the same with the buyers is always recommended.

Believe it or not, more than 6 million car accidents happen in the US every year. Most of the accidents are fender-benders and require minor repairs to the car. But, on the other hand, in some cases, the cars get severely damaged and require major repair.

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No matter what type of damage your car had during the accident, whether it’s minor or major, always be upfront about it. Show the repair and vehicle history records of your car as proof to the customer to ensure the car is totally safe to drive now.

Document If Any Damage Happens To The Car

If you ever sell a car hiding the fact that it has been in an accident earlier, then the buyer can take legal action against you. If the buyer ever finds out that the car is an accidental car, then he can press fraudulent charges, which you have to handle.

This sounds like a lot of hassle; however, you can totally avoid it. First of all, you have to ensure that you have the vehicle history and damage report in your possession. When selling the car to the buyer, present these papers to him and, if possible, attach the photocopies of the papers with the sales form to avoid any future nuisance.

Check If Your Vehicle Needs Any Repair

It is not impossible to sell your damaged car without getting it repaired. However, you might not get a good price out of it. It is needless to say when your car looks good and is in good shape it becomes really easy to sell it. That’s why always consider repairing your car even if it has minor damages.

Trade The Car In To A Dealership

In case you are in a rush to sell your car quickly after an accident, then trading the car into a car dealership is always a better option. There are many car dealerships that don’t mind dealing with an accidental car and getting it exchanged for a new one.

This is sometimes the most effective strategy to maximize the value of your vehicle. Dealerships are usually a little more lenient with what they’ll offer you for practically any automobile you bring them, including cars that have been in accidents.

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However, you don’t have the choice to get the amount in cash; you’ll always have to get a new vehicle if you trade your damaged car into a dealership.

Sell the Car To A Private Buyer

If you have time on your hand, then selling the car to a private buyer can get you the maximum amount of money. You can either post ads online or offline and reach potential buyers.

As mentioned earlier, you always have to be honest about the accidental history of your car to avoid any legal charges.

Get An Offer From A Junk Car Buyer

Selling your damaged car to a junk car buyer will be the last option if your car’s condition is beyond repair. You can find local car junkyards, even there are so many online websites that offer a good price for your junk car.

Junk car buyers are experts in buying vehicles that have seen better days. They do so because they know that, while these cars may not always appear to be in good condition, they often have parts with plenty of life left in them. They can remove catalytic converters, airbags, and even engines and transmissions, allowing them to be reused.

If you don’t like the other possibilities, you should take advantage of this and sell a car after an accident to a trash car buyer. It’s a great method to get a good price for your car, regardless of its condition.

Final Words

There are certain things you will always have to take care of when you are considering selling your used car. It doesn’t matter if your car has been in an accident or not; when you are being honest with the buyer, you might not get the price you have expected, but you can be sure that there will not be any future hassle that you might have to handle.

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