How to sell low market cap cryptocurrency or SafeMoon on Trust wallet?

How to sell low market cap cryptocurrency or SafeMoon on Trust wallet?

How to sell low market cap cryptocurrency or SafeMoon on Trust wallet?

There is no confusion that cryptocurrencies are the future of money. And new technologies help us to transect freely from any part of the world and make financial decisions on our own. Selling, holding, and buying cryptocurrencies are grabbing the general population’s attention. Someone who is ready to invest in the future or just here to make a fast and quick trade, the chances and opportunities are just a click away from you.

Trust wallet is the most trusted wallet software in the crypto market. It allows customers to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies easily. Trust wallet providers give the best services to ensure their crypto coins are secure. Cryptocurrency storage software focuses on efficient service. Moreover, it allows its users to use VISA cards to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies.

To purchase cryptocurrency on a Trust wallet, people can directly use fiat currency. Users can also convert several cryptocurrencies meme coins and tokens such as Safemoon to BNB and trade them on exchange platforms like Binance.

What is a Trust Wallet?

Trust wallet is a wallet software that provides users to hold several cryptocurrencies coins or tokens from a wide range of blockchains. Trust wallets have a seamless combination with centralized and decentralized exchange platforms like PancakeSwap, allowing customers to convert low capped tokens and meme coins before selling them. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users.

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How to Sell on Trust Wallet?

The selling of cryptocurrencies mainly depends on the coin you want to sell. Here we discuss one of the many meme coins in the crypto space, e.g., the process of how to sell SafeMoon. You should follow these steps to sell low market cap cryptocurrency or SafeMoon on Trust wallet. Fire up the application of Trust wallet on your iOS and Android device.

If you are using an Android device, your dApps (decentralized applications) appear at the bottom of the screen. On your Trust wallet android application, click on your Dapps tabs, and it will display a list of decentralized applications.


Open your Trust wallet on Android.


Click on the bottom of the navigation bar. Go to the Settings.


Goggle the “DApp Browser” to “Enabled.” A simpler way to connect your wallet is using the QR Code.

We can use PancakeSwap as our decentralized application. It will show under the History tab section if you have used it before. If you have not used it before, it will appear under “New DApps.” Another way to find PancakeSwap is under the popular tab because most people prefer to swap the tokens.


By clicking on PancakeSwap, you can go directly to the PancakeSwap page to swap your SafeMoon tokens to BNB. It is recommended to trade meme tokens to BNB, especially if you plan to interact with Binance smart chain and centralized exchanges like Binance.


Select the coin you want to swap on your PancakeSwap Dapp. In this case, as we choose SafeMoon, enter the amount you’re going to exchange. Click on “Max” if you want to swap all your SafeMoon.


Then select a currency you want to swap. Then set the slippage tolerance. Slippage is a term where trades are executed either above or under the stated price.

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After selecting your desired currency and setting the slippage tolerance, for instance, BNB, select the option “Approve SafeMoon” and wait for Pancakeswap to approve.


After approval, tap on Swap to swap your SafeMoon coins to BNB.


You will receive a notification “Transaction submitted.” Your transaction is complete. Your SafeMoon will show as BNB in your account.


Now, your SafeMoon is converted to BNB by keying in your Binance address in the Recipient address section. To exchange BNB with any other stable coin, you can transfer BNB tokens to your Binance exchange address. Depending on your region and the features, you can also withdraw Binance coins for fiat.

There are transaction fees if you want to convert crypto. It is simple to sell crypto on Binance for money because it offers P2P options and withdrawal options directly to your bank account for cash.

Why is Trust Wallet considered as an Ideal wallet for Featured by Binance?

Trust wallet aims to provide an easy and secure way to access and store your cryptocurrency with maximum security and peace of mind. That is the reason Trust wallet has crossed 10 million users. Here are the reasons why Trust wallet is ideal for accessing NFT platforms like featured:

Security and Privacy:

When you create your Trust wallet, no other person can see it; only have access to your private information. It does not collect any personal data related to a person. In this way, you cannot worry about scammers and hackers and keep your assets to yourself.

Easily accessible DApps:

With the help of Trust wallet, you can easily use your favorite decentralized apps (DApps). It is possible without leaving your app to find new ones. It helps our easy access to Featured, among other blockchains like DeFi (decentralized finance).

Advantages of Trust wallet:

There are many advantages of Trust wallet like you can easily see your collections and exchange crypto without leaving the app. Moreover, you can earn interest in crypto via a Trust wallet. You can buy Bitcoin in under 5 minutes. You can easily track the prices and charts within the app. Trust wallet will keep your crypto safe and secure from scammers and hackers.

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Functionalities of Trust Wallet:

  1. Trust wallet is associated with many crypto tokens ranging from Bitcoin to SafeMoon and other meme coins.
  2. This software gives an excellent platform to connect with other blockchains to sell SafeMoon and other meme coins. It also ensures the safety of your tokens.
  3. Trust wallet gives the smooth swap token process as it claims to be suitable for those who want an efficient withdrawal process.
  4. Trust wallet allows you to purchase popular crypto coins like Bitcoin using fiat currency easily.


Trust wallet is a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency wallet.

There are various security parameters to ensure the success of these transactions. For authenticating the exchange of cryptocurrencies, Trust wallet and Binance provide options for QR code scans and 2-FA authentication for users. To sell Binance coins and SafeMoon, users must repeatedly verify their identity.