How to Set-Up a Garden Design Business

How to set up a garden design business

How to Set-Up a Garden Design Business

In recent years, it’s no secret that many of us have been spending more time in our gardens. As such, if you’re a garden enthusiast, then you might be considering setting up a garden design business. After all, 76% of us have access to a garden but not everyone can visualize the best way to make use of the space!

If you’re wondering how to set up a garden design business that stands out from the crowd, read on.

What do you need to get started?

Whether you’re going to start by offering garden tidy ups or are going straight in at the deep end with some serious landscaping, you’ll need the right tools for the job. What tools you’ll need will depend on your offering, but you’ll likely need all the essentials such as trowels, secateurs, forks and pruning sheers as a basis.

If you’re going to be doing some hard landscaping, you’ll probably need to invest in a some more robust quality tools including screwdrivers, hammers and wrenches that RS Components can supply.

What steps to take when starting your business

Once you’ve got your equipment ready to go, you’ll need to ensure you take things one step at a time if your business is going to be a roaring success.

1. Get to know your audience

Before you commit to a business model, it’s important to do your market research and understand what other garden designers are doing locally. By doing this, you can identify a gap in the market that you could fill.

Once you’ve identified your niche, it’s a good idea to try and think about how you could entice customers in. For example, if you’re targeting the 36% of adults that work from home and need a good garden space to help them escape the stresses of modern life, why not tailor your promotions and marketing to that audience?

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2. Decide your USP

With so many businesses already established, it’s important to understand what your USP is and what makes you different. By doing this, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and convince your potential customers that you are the obvious choice when it comes to garden design!

3. Work on your digital strategy

Although gardening is far removed from digital marketing, it’s important not to skip this step. With so many of us spending significant time online, if you fail to adequately set up your website and marketing strategy, you could be missing out on valuable customers.

If you’re no marketing whizz and don’t want to outsource to an agency, simply setting up some social media accounts can work wonders for marketing your small business.

Final thoughts

Although starting a business is hard work, it’s also extremely exciting! If you’re hoping to break into the garden design market, by following the above steps, you can’t go far wrong.