How to Start a Kitchen Renovation?

How to Start a Kitchen Renovation?

How to Start a Kitchen Renovation?

How to start  a kitchen renovation ? What should be done first – walls, ceiling or floors? Can I do it myself or do I need to look for professional finishers? These questions are asked sooner or later by thousands of homeowners who have finally decided on global changes. After all, when performing work, you need to take into account the slightest nuances and make the room beautiful,  comfortable and convenient.

Our interior experts will help you find answers to the question: where to start renovating the kitchen? And step by step will help to make a plan for repair. Even if you only need a partial repair or a light cosmetic one, maybe a simple rearrangement will help you? Let’s find out!

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Make a project

It doesn’t matter if you are going to do a redecoration of the kitchen or have planned a global reorganization of the premises, you will still need a project. It will save you from unnecessary expenses and endless tweaks that are simply inevitable without detailed planning . In order to draw a sketch, it is not necessary to contact specialized firms. You will be able to do it yourself.

  • Draw a plan of the room with exact dimensions (length, width, ceiling heights, and window and door openings).
  • Mark on the plan the location of the sink and stove.
  • Mark the location of sockets, pipes and radiators.
  • Based on the location of the stove and sink, choose a place for the refrigerator. These three points should be as close as possible to each other, since it is between them that the hostess who is preparing dinner has to maneuver endlessly.

After drawing the base points on the plan, measure the free space and consider whether you want to leave the old furniture in the room or still change the situation completely. Most likely, the set will have to be changed, because a major renovation is a complete change in design, and the old furniture simply will not fit into the updated interior. Write down the dimensions of the kitchen, taking into account the location of the sink and stove – they will be useful for ordering or buying furniture.

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Calculate the costs

If you don’t know where to start with a kitchen renovation and how to choose a style direction, then you should pay as much attention as possible to articles about design. You will draw inspiration from them and find many new, interesting ideas. Once a suitable color and style solution has been found, start counting the costs. You will need to buy:

  • cement mixtures.
  • Wallpaper or wall panels.
  • Putty for leveling surfaces.
  • Paint (for windows, walls, ceilings).
  • Floor covering (linoleum, tile, floor lath).
  • Electrical appliances (sockets, switches, lighting lamps).
  • Various elements for plumbing and ventilation.

When compiling a list of materials, consider every little thing and go through several stores with this list to compare prices and put them against the desired item. Add up all the costs and get the total cost of renovating the kitchen, excluding the cost of work.

Break the work into stages

Where to start renovating the kitchen, if not with the preparation of the premises? Ruthlessly remove wallpaper from the walls, remove old linoleum from the floor, and thoroughly clean all surfaces. Only after you have prepared a bridgehead for work, you can directly take on the repair:

  • Plumbing and pipes. This is the first thing to change when making the perfect kitchen renovation. Most often, old, rusted pipes and radiators, as well as a sink and faucet, are subject to replacement.
  • Electrician . All wiring and installation of additional lighting devices are carried out before the plastering of walls and ceilings. Why? Yes, because jewelry work with putty requires very good lighting, in which any irregularities and flaws will be visible.
  • It is painted or finished immediately after lighting is carried out. If you plan to call the master for the installation of false ceilings, then the work can be carried out after finishing the walls. As a result of stretching, they will not suffer at all.
  • Wall alignment. If, after removing the old wallpaper and finishing, it turned out that there are defects, cavities and cracks on the walls, then they will need to be leveled. Large differences are sealed with a cement-sand mixture and left to dry completely. After that, putty is applied to the surface of the wall and carefully leveled with a special wide spatula.
  • The apron on the wall of ceramic tiles is laid before wallpapering. Therefore, prepare this area in advance and, referring to the drawing, lay the plates. Remember that the apron should cover the entire workspace near the stove and sink so that drops of grease and moisture do not fall on unprotected walls.
  • They are glued to completely dry walls with a roller, brush and clean rags.
  • Repairing the floor in the kitchen is the final stage of work. Cover the surface with linoleum, lay tiles or make fashionable and stylish self- leveling floors that will emphasize your extraordinary taste. It is undesirable to use laminate in the kitchen, as the floors here will have to be washed often, and splashes during cooking and washing dishes can ruin the surface of the panels.
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Arrange the furniture

The room shines with fresh colors and shiny nickel-plated surfaces in anticipation of occupancy. Now the question of where to start the repair seems so far away and even a little ridiculous, because you have successfully completed all the work, and all that remains is to place the furniture . However, do not rush! Ventilate the room for two days before bringing cabinets, tables and cabinets. The fact is that cabinet furniture will block the access of air to most of the walls on which tiles or wallpaper are pasted, and this will prevent moisture from evaporating. What can this lead to? To the formation of fungus and mold! Therefore, do not rush and bring in kitchen furniture only when your repair is a little behind.

The layout of the kitchen set was drawn by you at the very beginning of the repair. So, all that remains is to put together all the details and combine cabinets and cabinets. Don’t forget the dining table and comfortable chairs. Hang new curtains to enhance the beauty of the wall decoration, and be sure to place flower pots on the windowsill, because it is in the kitchen that they grow best.