Unemployment is Rising! What’s your Plan? Sitting Still or Thriving Will?

Unemployment is Rising! What’s your Plan? Sitting Still or Thriving Will?

Unemployment is Rising! What’s your Plan? Sitting Still or Thriving Will?

Why and how is this hurdle now making its appearance?

As technological machinery and automation are booming in this revolutionary era, humans are getting out of work owing to the better replacement of robots and efficient mechanisms for most of the tasks.

Mainly this is happening because mankind is not that proactive but lazy and didn’t see it would come this early. The technological revolution started at a slow pace but as the years went by it picked up its speed so quickly that humans haven’t had time to think about their future. That’s why anticipation is necessary and some allowances so that when this type of thing happens, you have enough knowledge or ways to handle it at least for yourself.

Now that we are already in the situation where more populations are getting irrelevant to cutting-edge technology simply in other words technology has outsourced the humans from their old school knowledge and is asking to rewire their mindset and learn novel things to keep in the race of employment.

Fight or Flight!?

So what are your plans in this fight-or-flight situation? Are you going to fight and give this new game-changing technology a chance, or are you thinking about stepping back and flying to your home and just sitting through?

What if we tell you that from both of these options, whichever you choose, you’ll still be getting paid in the long term if not instantly? Isn’t that exciting and uplifting news!!?

Adults come on stay abreast

Well, let’s dig into it then, to begin with, if you are young and jobless, don’t worry we’ll find something for you, let’s say for that what you have to do is observe your surrounding environment, what things are going up and which are plummeting. If you have noticed as we have then, of course, you’ve witnessed that coding and digitalisation are now stepping up and in further 15 to 20 years they’re not going anywhere so it might be a smart choice to adopt those skills as soon as possible. Yet there are lots of organisations and industries that are waiting for someone to make that change for them by shifting their offline market to an online mega-market.

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Coding is so important that if you just learn the basics and have some logic, then even in this home-sitting pandemic world, you can still earn bucks by just working from your home. Young minds can do whatever they aim for. They just need some motivation and financial crises are the best tutors for that, but keep in mind that adults should not settle for anything less if there’s an open opportunity to earn more than they could think of. It is not a big problem if in the near future robots or machinery takes place in the manual labour area. If you have knowledge about coding, it’s still in humans’ hands to control that mechanism.

Grey beards use your beards to clean off that dust from your screens!

Now moving towards our elder generation who thinks that they don’t have that much energy to learn complex mechanisms and go out there and do what is irrelevant in comparison with the current era.

They should obviously take support of digital screens and observe the market. That means the stock market. Of course, they have some amount of experience in that department, even if they are unaware of it they still can grab free courses available on YouTube or any other source since materials are abundant and just need a willingness which older people have in the bunch We’re pretty sure.

Moreover, I know most grey beards and white hairs have enough experience about basic knowledge or philosophy or learnings which they think they can share with younger generation then they should start online lectures through which they cannot only spread their precious, useful knowledge to kids and adults but also able to earn some good amount of money from it for which they just have to learn only a few applications and basic stuff which are easy.

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Take blessings of YouTube and Social Media

Apart from this different partition’s suggestion there’s multimedia business is booming these days as well and if you think you have that features from which you can attract the audience to watch or enjoy your content whether it’s a vlog, cinematic videos, music, paintings and drawings, art in general or travelling across the world, you won’t be needing any employment labels, money will keep coming to your bank accounts as long as you’re doing your stuff and entertaining people with your skills.

Hope you get some ideas from this article which will be helpful to force your career move in the right direction and don’t forget to keep upgrading yourselves whenever technology requires it. Good luck!