How Can QR Codes Help Universities Organize Their School Affairs?

How Can QR Codes Help Universities Organize Their School Affairs?

How Can QR Codes Help Universities Organize Their School Affairs?

Now that most universities are applying the modern means to continue their academic operations with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, wireless tech tools like QR codes are integrated by most establishments today. 

And with more people getting comfortable using them for faster information dissemination, universities today should not lag behind this opportunity to incorporate these 2D codes in their school affairs and operations. 

With the presence of a free QR code generator online, universities can easily organize their school affairs by modernizing their means of sending and keeping data to their faculties and students. 

When modernizing most of their academic and institutional operations, here are a few ways universities can integrate QR codes today. 

How To Use QR Codes In Modernizing The Way Your University Functions In The New Normal Setup?

There are few university operations that you can modernize with technology, such as QR codes. By integrating these means, your university’s process becomes more efficient and easier for both your staff and students.

1. Guides and Maps

Universities can integrate QR codes to store their university guides and premise maps. They can incorporate the use of these 2D barcodes to store their campus guides and maps. They can include them in their passbook or IDs and other university materials that are heavily important for the staff or student. 

In this way, their staff and students can keep a digital copy of the campus maps and guides and do no longer have to search for the nearest university map board to check where they are.

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2. Request Fill Up Forms

They can simplify how their students and staff fill up request forms by integrating a scan to fill up a request form portal. They can link their university request website to their QR code and strategically post it on their bulletin boards, university offices, placards, and more to set up a portal. 

Through this, the staff and students will only need to scan the QR code to fill up the request forms, and the office of concern can check if the request pushes through by checking their request dashboards.

3. Attendance Checking

As most institutions mainly check attendance both in the learning and work sector, universities can ease their means of checking their students’ and staff’s attendance using QR codes. 

By integrating a QR code attendance system, universities and their teachers can accurately check if the student or worker arrives early or late and if they are actually inside the university premise. Aside from that, they can also minimize the cost they incur to their biometric attendance system with it. 

4. University Virtual Conference Portal

Since most universities host events and conferences that help their workers and learners improve their skills and knowledge along their academic journey, virtual meetings are becoming a thing for most. 

And as a way to quickly lead their participants to the virtual conference links, they can always tap QR codes to store the links and seamlessly share them with their target university participants.

5. Hold all social media and contact information on one page

Universities can use QR codes to hold all of their social media and contact information in one reference landing page. In this way, universities can easily incorporate them in their orientation pamphlets, syllabus, and the student’s semester schedules and create an easy way for staff and students to contact them quickly. 

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How to can universities create a QR code?

With the mentioned ways universities can modernize with QR codes, the next step they will do to put these methods to the test is to create a QR that suits the functionalities they require. In doing so, they can continue making a QR code by following these QR code creation steps.

  1. Select and launch a QR code generator with logo website and subscribe to make an account. 
  2. Choose the QR code type of the material you want to attach and fill in the required fields. 
  3. Generate as a dynamic QR code
  4. Configure the QR code layout and do a test scan if it works. 
  5. Save and integrate into your university space and materials. 


As universities today are now modernizing their operations with technology, tech-savvy people are now suggesting a new way to transform how they operate. 

With QR codes being one of the tools they plan to incorporate, select the QR code maker to partner with is essential. They can start improving the way they operate and simplify their process.