When does Luffy learn Haki, Gear 1 & Gear 2? Is Gear 5 Possible?

When does Luffy learn Haki, Gear 1 & Gear 2? Is Gear 5 Possible?

When does Luffy learn Haki, Gear 1, and Gear 2? Is Gear 5 Possible?

Do you want to know when did Luffy learnt Haki, Gear 1 and Gear 2? When Kuroobi attacked Luffy’s boat in episode one, Luffy used Haki to dodge the attack. Kuroobi did not feel it, so Luffy could not escape the attacks. Later, Luffy used Haki to kill Kuroobi’s crew while trying to save his brother. Later, Luffy was fighting Arlong, and he used Haki against Arlong. It was when Luffy faced Kuroobi, and Arlong used Haki for the first time. So exactly it is episode 517.

When did Luffy learn Episode
Gear 1 272
Gear 2 288
Haki 517

He unknowingly used conquered’s haki at the time Ace died. Rayleigh taught him how to control haki, and he used it post-time skip approximately 500 episodes.

Why is Luffy not using Conqueror’s Haki anymore?

Conqueror Haki can be described as upgraded Intimidation. It works when your enemy is mooks or fodders like on Fishman Island. They can withstand even stronger opponents, such as Elite Mooks like the G5 Marines or Marines fighting in Marineford battle.

That’s all Luffy had to face in New World, and he will not face fodders. All the fighters who survived New World’s pirate attack and those who survived it are veterans.

People will also know that you have conqueror Haki and won’t throw fodders at you because it’s ineffective. Instead, they will throw Elite Mooks or lieutenant, and even Right Hand at you, and that is how the Emperors will deal Luffy.

When does Luffy learn gear 1?

He achieved Gear (gear 1) when using his first “Gum Gum” moves. You can also refer to Gear second if you refer to stated gear moves. It first appeared in episode 272.

With the help of more nutrients and larger blood vessels, he could pump more oxygen. This Gear also enhanced Luffy‘s speed and strength. He learned one technique and activated it by pumping his legs. Luffy can now fight using the Tekkai Technique or Soru Technique with this Gear.

This Gear also depletes energy, but it can still be helpful after Rayleigh’s two-year training. The third Gear, which boosted Luffy’s power dramatically, is what he must use to activate it, and he needs to bite his thumb to do this.

Even his gear 3 can be surpassed, and the attack from gear3 is more potent than gears. Tankman is more focused on attack than defense when talking about the fourth Gear. There are many variations, and this Gear was not often helpful in the series. The gear 4 bounce man was the most commonly used Luffy form in the series.

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That will make Luffy fly and allow him to defeat Dolflamingo. Gear 4 snake-man is another option, and it focuses on Haki observation and will increase speed. That was useful to fight with Katakuri, and it was all about the different gears.

So you know now about how does Luffy learns gear 1. We discussed the situation, and then we talked about other gears used and when.

When does Luffy learn gear 2?

In episode 288, Luffy used gear 2. It was the time Luffy was fighting Blueno, a member of CP9. He increases the number of nutrients in his body. Also, He increases the size of his blood vessels, which allows him to pump oxygen more efficiently. Gear 2 dramatically increased Luffy’s strength and speed. He activated it initially by pumping his legs. But, after a time-skip, he learned the technique and can now use it whenever he wants. He can fight people using the Soru and Tekkai techniques in his second Gear. After using this Gear for two years, his energy was depleted. But Rayleigh’s two-year training has allowed him to use the Gear without losing any Energy.

Let’s now look at the other gears. The second Gear was just mentioned. The third Gear greatly enhances Luffy’s abilities. To activate Gear 3, he must bite his thumb. His Gear 3 forms can surpass giants and do more damage than other attacks. There are many Gear 4 versions. Gear 4, Tankman, focuses more on defense rather than attack. This form hasn’t been used as much in the series. That is Gear 4 Bounce Man’s most popular form of Luffy. This form allows Luffy to fly even though the rubber is stuffed. It was the form that he beat Doflamingo in. When we think about Gear 4 Snakeman, this form allows Luffy to focus on Haki’s observation, which gradually increases the speed. This form was only used once by him when he was fighting Katakuri. These were his techniques in various gear forms.

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Luffy’s gear 5

There are two main ideas that fans have. One suggests that the pirate is using Gear Four to his fullest. This refereeing fight is the “final,” meaning that Luffy will be using all of his Gear Four power against Kaido until he recovers.

Others, however, think Luffy’s statement is a different meaning. They believe Luffy’s “final Gear Four” refers to the form. This new technique could be the form’s limit. If Luffy wants to expand his abilities, he will have to unlock Gear Five. If this is true, One Piece will soon feature Luffy facing a foe that makes the new form debut. Fans will have to wait to see how this comment turns out.

 Luffy will probably awaken his Devil Fruit when Gear Fifth is useful. Luffy, for example, made extensive use of Haki in Gear Fourth regardless of the form it was. Similar to Gear Fourth, he will likely make use of his new powers, which he acquired, and that is awakening. Fans need to know what Luffy’s awakening would look like before understanding Gear Fifth. Luffy’s most basic ability will be to transform everything around him into rubber. But there is more. Luffy can awaken his fruit and gain complete control over rubber’s properties, as well as the ability to modify some of them. Luffy could use vulcanized rubber to make it more challenging, which would help defensively and offensively.

Luffy could make rubber that is similar to resin, which would give him extra mobility. Luffy could also use the rubber-like properties of rubber to make himself intangible. That would be similar to Katakuri. Whole Cake Island ensured that fans knew how similar Luffy was to Katakuri in terms of power. Luffy was able to create Gear Fifth by gaining these abilities and spreading them around his environment.

Gear Fifth, in theory, is possible. Luffy would use vulcanized rubber while simultaneously having logia-like powers that allow him to be intangible. Combining all that with Color of Arms Haki, the Color of Supreme Kings Haki, Luffy would be virtually unstoppable. The new Gear Fifth, which could improve his techniques and make him stronger, would allow him to defeat Kaido. It would push him above the level of Four Emperors, making him the most robust character in the series. Luffy isn’t using Gear Fifth, but he has yet to fight Kaido, and there are many other battles to awaken his power.

What should Luffy do first? Devil Fruit Awakening, or Gear 5

Many believe it will result in the Devil fruit awakening. Others believe that gear 5 will bring about the awakening. Luffy will experience an increase in control and endurance.

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He will look like DC Plastic Man controlling his body and the endurance to survive being exploded from within. He won’t be able to use his Doflamingo power or Karakuri powers to transform himself into a doughnut. Devil fruit awakenings focus on the user’s needs so that Luffy will have the two most incredible powers: creativity and durability.

Gear 5 seems a bit of a drag. Why?

  1. Gear 4th already includes 3 forms (Bounceman Tankman Snakeman) that provide most of the stats Luffy requires in a fight.
  2. He already uses tremendous Haki, and as we move closer to more vigorous opponents, any Haki usage can be dangerous. Luffy will increase his durability in gear 4th.
  3. Gear 2nd is excellent, gear 3rd is good, and gear 4th is fantastic. It seems more like a list than power-ups. Oda would love to spice it up.
  4. It will also be difficult to imagine a new form if Luffy is still struggling with gear 4. Although rubber can be very creative, it will feel old to blow into a muscle.

But awakening. It would be a wonderful time.

What do you think about the future of the manga with Luffy’s Gear Fifth?

When it comes to speculation about Luffy’s Gears, one of the most critical questions is whether there will be a Gear Fifth. Luffy may not be ready to take on the next challenge yet, having just improved his control over Gear Fourth. It is possible that Gear Fifth could exist, depending on how Fans perceive Gear Fifth. Luffy’s gears are unique, and he uses his Devil Fruit power in every way possible. Gear Second is where Luffy uses his rubber body to maintain extremely high blood pressure, making blood flow faster and making him stronger. Gear Third is where Luffy inflates his rubber bones for as much power as possible. Thanks to Haki and the Gomu Gomu no Mi, Gear Fourth uses high-level compression.

Luffy has not mastered all aspects of his Devil Fruit power, so Gear Fifth is still possible. One big power-up remains for Luffy: the Devil Fruit awakening. As you can see, Luffy’s power will increase even more when he awakens the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Luffy will be able, just like them, to use his Devil Fruit at crucial moments and use powers beyond a rubber body. Luffy’s Gear Fifth might be the form where he focuses more on awakening.