How to to record games on PS4?

How to record games on PS4

Best ways to record games on PS4

Imagine playing the best game on ps4, and you realize that you should quit playing at one point. In this way, how might you guarantee that you can return to your exhibition and tell and show your companions how you had the option to pull it off. The appropriate response is that you need to begin recording your PS4 interactivity.

Recording interactivity and afterward saved it online has turned into a typical practice in the current age. There are a few different ways to record your gaming experience. You can either depend on a catch card or record through the control center straightforwardly. Here, you will be clarified both of these strategies.


Record PS4 Gameplay on PC utilizing a Capture Card 

To record PS4 interactivity with PC, one of the regularly used strategies is through catch card. For this, you will require a game catch gadget, ideally a game catch programming for the gadget you are using, and an HDMI link alongside an information link.


What this strategy does is that it permits your PC to feature what’s coming to pass on your PS4. Furthermore, from that point, you can essentially record the interactivity on your PC by either utilizing the game catch programming (as referenced above) or any screen recording device. Here is how you can register your PS4 interactivity on a PC with a catch card.


1-Start off by interfacing one finish of your HDMI link to the game catch gadget (in port). Concerning the opposite end, that will be associated with your PS4. In more specific words, the setup should seem as though the thing is being displayed in the image underneath. This is the initial phase in building up an association between your PC and catch gadget, permitting your PC to catch your interactivity.

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2-Next up, you will get the HDMI link is given to your PS4 and add one of its ends into the HDMI out port and the opposite finish to your TV.


3-Finally, interface one finish of your information or USB link to the catch gadget and the other to your PC. You are presently finished with the equipment part and can begin recording your PS4 interactivity.


4-Before you begin recording your interactivity, you need to ensure that your PS4 settings are state-of-the-art. This is essential because a portion of the more seasoned renditions of the PS4 programming didn’t permit players to record their interactivity on an unfamiliar gadget. In this way, turn on your PS4, switch on your TV, and head over to “Settings.” From that point, access “Framework” and afterward select “Framework Information” to check your PS4 programming settings.


5-Before leaving “Framework,” there is some other setting that you need to deal with. Detect the “Empower HDCP” setting, click on it and hinder it. This is significant because you can not record your interactivity utilizing a game catch as long as this setting is empowered. The setting is referred to cripples innumerable game catches from recording the ongoing interaction.


6-Now, your PC is prepared to dominate. It will show what’s unfolding on your TV. While it’s desirable to over-utilize a recording programming that supplements your catch gadget, by and large, you can pick an assortment of screen recording applications to record your gaming experience. You should pick one that will permit you to change your sound and video settings for the ideal yield.


Most screen recording projects will likewise permit you to alter and send out your video in various configurations. When you have your video saved money on the PC, you can transfer it via online media and offer it to your companions and devotees.

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Use OBS Recording Software to Record Game on PS4 

Try not to jump into the problem of recording your PS4 interactivity by utilizing a catch card? No issue because there’s an option for that. That option is named “Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). While many individuals have guaranteed that the product being referred to is difficult to become acclimated to, it’s awesome eventually. The way to download, introduce, and use it free of charge, has brought about many hopeful decorations deciding on OBS. It is important to utilize Stream Key to acquire OBS. You can do as such after introducing the application on your PC. Making a beeline for the recording part, here are the means to flawlessly record PS4 ongoing interaction on PC without catch card utilizing OBS:


1-First and principal, you need to introduce the PS4 Remote Play. Whenever it is introduced, you should interface it to your PS4 too. However, you are prescribed to get to “Settings” and set the goal too high before that. From that point onward, sign in to your PS4 account, and whenever you have done that, you can associate PS4 Remote Play to your PS4.


2-Launch the OBS application and add “Window Capture.”  

Now, you are prepared to begin recording your PS4 Gameplay on PC. OBS likewise permits you to record the interactivity in fullscreen, add overlays, modules, alter scenes. So, it gives you vast loads of alternatives to improve your streaming experience.



In the current age, gaming isn’t something that you would enjoy during your extra time. Many individuals have sought after gaming as a full-time vocation alternative. This has brought about the idea of recording PS4 ongoing interactions turning out to be more famous as time passes. There are endless ways for you to record PS4 constant interaction on PC and afterward share or transfer it via online media. One strategy includes the utilization of a catch card to record the interactivity. The other, more pleasant, and more straightforward approach expects you to introduce PS4 Remote Play and OBS. OBS has vast loads of recording and altering alternatives to guarantee that your interactivity video ends up being according to your assumptions.

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