How to Trick an ATM to dispense double the money

How to Trick an ATM to dispense double the money

How to Trick an ATM to dispense double the money | Dispensing Money from ATM in 2022

If you’re looking to score some extra cash, look no further than your nearest ATM. With just a few simple tricks, you can coax the machine into dispensing double the money you requested. However, you should be aware because these techniques are easy to execute, they may also be illegal. So it would help if you used them for the right purpose only. Tricking ATMs is not an easy task, which is why before tracking ATMs to double the money, you should gather a lot of information that we will provide you in this post.

When an ATM dispenses cash, it counts the number of bills that are being requested and then provides that many bills from the cash cassette. If more money is requested than is in the cassette, the ATM will ask for a new cassette. There are many ways to get around this and get more money from the ATM than in the machine. We will show you how to trick an atm into dispensing to double the money in this post.

Tricks to dispense ATM for doubling the money 

The easiest way to make a fake ATM dispense double the amount of money you’ve withdrawn is to steal your card and PIN. This scam involves slipping the card through the Lebanese loop in the ATM card reader while the customer is away. Once the card is trapped, the criminal can withdraw cash from the customer’s account. It’s possible to get around this security feature by placing the card against a hidden camera.

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The scammers use an inherent flaw in ATMs to steal as much money as possible. In one recent attack, they targeted ATMs of Santander Bank, which has multiple locations in New Jersey and New York. The bank suffered losses in the tens of thousands of dollars. It is unclear whether you will hack the ATMs in the future. But in the meantime, ATM thieves can take advantage of this vulnerability by modifying their software.

The experts connected a fake base station to an ATM and tapped into its network using the stolen software. They discovered that two network interfaces were left open – one of which was configured with a comically insecure combination of the root, and the other was a web admin interface with weak passwords.

 With these weak credentials, the attacker could intercept and spoof ATM requests and responses from the processing center. Consequently, ATMs should have network equipment inside the machine and include Message Authentication Codes in all transactions.


The hacker must obtain an insider working at the target bank to use this technique. He will then purchase a key to give the attacker access to the ATM’s network cable. The key does not provide access to the ATM’s cash trays, but it will reveal the ATM’s network cable. Once the hacker has the network cable, he can connect it to a remote server. Then, he can download the data from the ATM and manipulate it to his benefit. The resulting information is then sent to the attacker’s server.


While most ATMs are secure, a few vulnerabilities can prevent ATMs from dispensing double the money. The most common exploit is to obtain a key from an insider. If you have access to the insider, the attacker can use the same key to steal the cash. This trick can fool ATMs with different network protocols, such as POS terminals. While this method is not yet as secure as stealing cash, it is possible to get away with it.

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Hack ATM by purchasing a Key 

The most common way to hack an ATM is to purchase a key from an insider working at the target bank. The key does not provide access to the cash trays, but it does expose the network cable.

Once the attacker has the key, the next step is to install a malware-laced USB drive into the ATM’s USB port. Once the victim is done, the money should appear in the account. The key doesn’t give the attacker money , but it does allow him to expose the network cable. It is then used to remotely control the ATM and send data to the attacker’s server.

Most ATMs use Windows embedded 2000 or XP. The ATM will double the money and print a fake receipt by cutting the USB port. If the attacker is successful, he will withdraw twice as much money as the original person. If the hacker has access to a target bank, he can sabotage it and use the ATM to steal personal information.

To trick an ATM to dispense double the money, you first need to know how ATMs work. The most common ATMs are connected by a network, allowing an attacker to control them fully. The attacker can use a device to make an ATM dispense double the money. The ATM will then send the malicious message and encrypt the data, enabling the criminal to withdraw cash.

Can you trick the ATM?

Technology has become so advanced that people have found new and innovative ways to scam others in this day and age. One of these scams is called skimming. Skimming is when a person steals your credit or debit card information by using a device attached to the ATM.

This device reads your card information, inserts it into the machine, and stores it. Skimming is well known technique that  most people use to dispense atm for doubling the money.  If you know the right technique you can trick Atm.

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Final Words

By following the simple steps listed above, you can trick an atm into dispensing double the money. Be sure to use this method responsibly and for legal purposes only. Have fun and happy spending. There are several ways to trick an ATM into dispensing double the money. While some methods are more complicated than others, they all exploit the machine’s programming. So if you need some extra cash, give one of these methods a try mentioned above.