Does ecoATM accept locked phones and stolen gadgets?

Does ecoATM accept locked phones and stolen gadgets?

Does ecoATM accept Locked Phones and Stolen Gadgets?

ecoATM is the recycling of electronic devices. It is peculiar for the acceptance of electronic gadgets. Locked phones and stolen gadgets are acceptable by ecoATM. There are some limitations to locking the phone. Suppose the phone is only locked for caring purposes; it is happily accepted by ecoATM.

On the other hand, if the phone has an iCloud and activation lock, it indicates the sign of a stolen phone. In these cases, it is not accepted. You have to turn off the lock and my find for further processing in such cases. Stolen and suspicious gadgets are not acceptable by ecoATM at all.

It recycles the accessaries like chargers without any cash to the seller to remove useless things from society and make it pollution and friendly for the people. Laptops and tablets are not acceptable for payment.

What is ecoATM?

It is the recycling of electronic waste machines. ecoATM provides an offer to the users to deposit the old, scratched, water-dipped, useless phones and other electronic devices into the machine to save the environment from electronic waste.

In return for depositing the old gadgets, the seller may receive an amount from the machine according to the device’s condition. Sometimes, he may receive decent money if the device is accepted and usable. On the other hand, the seller does not get any payment in the case of chargers and accessories.

List of accepted devices by ecoATM

ecoATM accepts the mobile phones of the Samsung Galaxy S series and more. Samsung S series consists of four types of cell phones. Sumnsug Galaxy S6, Sumsung Glaxy S6 Edge, Sunmung Glaxy S6 Edge+, Sumsung Glaxy S6 Active. These mobiles series of the Samsung company are happily accepted by ecoATM and provide accurate payment to the seller after checking and evaluating the device’s condition. Besides this series, some other mobiles of Samsung galaxy are also acceptable.

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Mobile phones of Apple company are acceptable. iPhone is the manufacturer product of apple company. iPhone is a smartphone having different distinct features. It was launched in 2007 in the united states. There are a variety of models and generations of the iPhone that are acceptable and provide the precise amount of the device according to the device’s status.

Android phones and tablets are acceptable and recycled by ecoATM. There is a wide range of variety for android phones and tablets. Some models of android phones and tablets are Samsung Galaxy Z fold. 3, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 3, and many more. Moreover, the products of Blackberry are also easily recycled by ecoATM.

Can ecoATM accept locked phones?

ecoATM accepts locked phones. There are two possibilities of the locked phone. One case is that the phone is simply sim locked. Suppose the phone carries a simple sim lock. ecoATM happily accepts the simple sim lock phone. When you are selling a locked phone, it is not in working condition.

The other possibility is that your phone has iCloud and an activation lock. ecoATM does not accept this locking the phone. It is the indication of a suspicious or stolen phone. Sometimes, your phone shows the lock message. This lock is called iCloud. The iCloud is also called an activation lock. This feature is present in apple phones and iPhones. The benefit is that no other person or stranger uses the owner’s phone. 

Suppose your phone is protected with the activation and iCloud lock. In case of a stolen and lost phone, the stranger must have your account detail to unlock and use the iPhone and iPad. Otherwise, if he does not know the exact account detail, he can not use the phone. The iCloud lock has a specific id and password that are helpful to open the lock. The person who sets the id and password is only eligible to open it. 

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Methods of removing the iCloud and activation lock

There are many methods of removing the lock of the iPhone and iPads. The easiest way is to bypass the iCloud activation lock by using “Ternorshare 4Mekey”. The lock is removed from the above procedure by following simple steps.

Install the Tenorshare 4Mekey from the paly store. Run it, connect your device with the computer and start from the main interface. The interface appears that contain the jailbreak option. Finish the process of the jailbreak option and then remove the lock. You can successfully remove the iCloud and activation lock. Your phone is new, and you can add a new password and id to secure it.

The second most easy and convenient method to remove the iCloud and activation lock is to ask for the username and password from the old owner. It does not require any installation software. Enter the username and password to unlock it in this method. After that, you can log out of the previous account and make a new account with your detail.

Can ecoATM accept the stolen gadgets?

ecoATM does not accept stolen and suspicious gadgets. Sometimes, any thief or phone stolen wants to recycle their stolen phone. He comes and tries to recycle them. Suppose the ecoATM accepts it. The phone’s owner claims and files a report about the stolen phone within one month. The law enforcement takes action for the recovery of the phone. They present legal notice to the ecoATM to recover the stolen phone. If the phone is present in ecoATM, it is retrieved from it. 

The locked phones by iCloud and activation code indicate the suspicious and stolen mobile phones. That’s why ecoATM orders the seller to remove the lock. After removing the lock, it is acceptable and saleable.

ecoATM is responsible for returning phones on the order of the law enforcement institutes as soon as possible. It is only possible if the law enforcement agency has a legal warrant for the stolen phone. On the other hand, if they cannot present a legal warranty of the mobile phone, ecoATM does not hand over the phone without any lawful activity.

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Final words

ecoATM is the recycling of electronic devices. It is concrete concerning electronic gadgets. It recycles almost all phones but gives money to the seller on specific devices. ecoATM accepts locked phones if the phone is a sim lock. While it rejects iCloud and activation locks because it indicates the suspicious and stolen phone. ecoATM rejects stolen gadgets.