How to Unblock Proxy Free Sites

How to Unblock Proxy Free Sites

How to Unblock Proxy Free Sites | Best Proxy in 2022

If you are the person who is not able to access your desired content in your country, then don’t worry; we have got you covered; in this article, you will find more about unblocking the content which is restricted in your country:

Unblock any website you want by using a VPN.:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is possibly the most acceptable way to unblock websites, especially if you often need to access prohibited content.

A VPN, in brief, is a program that encrypts your internet traffic and allows you to conceal your IP address so that no one may see it can know your actual location, allowing you to access geo-blocked websites such as US Netflix. At present, it is also the most popular technique for circumventing internet censorship. Instead of directly visiting a website, you do so via Your ISP will have no idea what you’re doing because you’re using a VPN server and cannot restrict you.

The best feature of VPNs is that they completely conceal your online activity. When you unblock banned websites in your country, your Internet Service Provider will be unable to track you (or office)

Unblock sites with an open proxy:

If you need to quickly unblock a page on a public computer, a proxy service is the best option.

Proxies, like VPNs, conceal your accurate IP address from the website, as well as the IP address of the website from your government, business, or institution. Using a proxy is free and does not need installation, making it an ideal tool for circumventing work, school, or public library limitations. Brokers can also open certain geo-restricted pages, but you won’t be able to access significant streaming services like Netflix.

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Proxies have disadvantages of their own. Some proxy services may track your internet activities or even leak your IP address, preventing you from accessing blocked websites.

Furthermore, your school or employer may restrict access to proxy websites. Fortunately, because there are so many proxy sites on the internet, you’re bound to come across one that isn’t blocked.

Install a VPN or proxy browser extension

A website-based proxy may not be sufficient to unblock a dynamic site like YouTube, Twitter, or Amazon. Alternatively, you might try installing a proxy as a browser extension for Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. This type of website unblocker application will allow you to surf with ease, allowing you to select different servers based on your needs.

Instead, you might use a VPN browser extension instead of installing the application on your PC. Most major VPN providers have browser add-ons that you may use with your favorite browser.

Instead of a URL, use an IP address.

There is always the possibility that your institution will restrict specific URLs rather than IP addresses. In that instance, you can unblock a website using its IP address.

If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, a URL is the website address string you see in your address bar, but an IP address is a distinct series of numbers assigned to the server hosting the website. You may enter your browser’s URL bar and get to the desired website.

To unlock restricted websites, use the Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a free, open-source internet privacy tool developed due to online repression.

Routing your traffic across a network of volunteer servers conceals your IP address from the destination server and hides the destination server’s IP address from your Internet Service Provider. As a result, the Tor browser is a fantastic tool for unblocking websites.

Download Tor and use it as your normal browser if you want to give it a try. Keep in mind that while Tor is active, your connection speed may suffer and some websites may still be restricted.

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View blocked content with Google Translate

Even though it appears to be a joke, you can genuinely unblock websites by using Google Translate.

Copy and paste the URL you want to unblock into the space where you’d put the content to be translated. Then, click on the link under the translation area to view the page.

However, be warned that the quality of the presented information may be unsatisfactory. You may even see merely text rather than the regular arrangement. Furthermore, you might be unable to click on the website’s links.

As a result, Google Translate is only effective when you need to unlock a website for its content, such as an article or a forum post.

Take advantage of a dynamic IP

This strategy will allow you to visit websites that have blocked your IP address. However, it will only work if your ISP has assigned you a dynamic IP address that changes regularly.

It’s not difficult to understand: if you can’t access a specific website, restart your router and check whether the page you want to view loads.

Unfortunately, rebooting your router will not work if you have a static IP address. To determine the type of IP address you have (dynamic or fixed), write it down and compare it to the one you obtain after restarting the router.

Unblocking Websites at School or Work

It’s no secret that organizations such as schools, universities, or offices can limit access to websites that are judged improper or may hinder productivity.

However, these constraints might be excessive at times. If you wish to check your emails or browse your social networking platform, you may need a technique to unblock the sites that allow you to contact the outside world.

So, here’s something you might find helpful. If it is your work computer, you may be able to install and use a VPN as much as you like. However, you will not have this privilege if you use a public computer at school or do not have an allocated workstation at your workplace.

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Because it does not require installation, a proxy website may become your greatest friend in this circumstance. Other effective ways for unblocking websites at school or work include utilizing IP addresses instead of URLs or just transferring the page’s contents into a PDF file.

Last Words:

Whether you reside in a country where most foreign websites are restricted or want to view a Netflix movie that isn’t accessible in your location, have a plethora of alternatives for unblocking websites.

It’s reassuring to know that regardless of how hard someone tries to impose internet censorship, there will always be individuals who develop innovative solutions to protect your right to knowledge.