How to Use Someone else’s Pee for Pee Test

How to Use Someone else's Pee for Pee Test

How to Use Someone else’s Pee for Pee Test | Is it Legal?

In today’s workplace, urine drug testing is all too routine. It is commonly used while signing for a new job and in corporate sectors. If you’re a drug addict or consume alco*hol more than an average person, it can be a problem. Fortunately, there are various effective methods for evading a pee test, the most prevalent of which is the use of synthetic urine.

In this article, we will tell you some of the comprehensive ways to use someone else’s pee for a pee test. But first, we will discuss some of the ways that help you pass the drug test all by yourself and do all the process with little effort. 

Ways to pass Pee Test

1. Stop Drinking/Smoking for some time.

It may seem obvious, but not taking drugs is one way to pass a drug test. It would seem like failing a drug test would be impossible, but it is the simplest and most logical.

According to studies conducted by experts like the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus, Ibuprofen, Pseudoephedrine, and supplements or foods containing ca*nabis seed oil may trigger false positives. In addition, according to a study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors, drinking tonic water can induce opiates or quinine to show up on a drug test.

Those who have never smoked or drank alco*hol have fewer chances to fail and don’t need to worry much, but knowing how long drugs stay in the body can make a significant difference for every 22 students who consume marijuana daily.

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2. Use Detox

There are many detoxification products on the market, some of which claim to be able to “temporarily” or “permanently” rid one’s body of drug traces. These medications operate by allowing the user to drink enough water to dilute the metabolites in their urine for a short period. The drink replaces the vitamins and nutrients measured in urine tests for pH, acidity, creatine, protein, and color. 

Because those components have been changed, the urine does not appear to be diluted. Therefore these drinks may be suitable for mild smokers. It hides the presence of THC that has been digested in your body. It’s best to drink it four hours before a test because it doesn’t work as well after that.

3. Borrow from friends

Although synthetics and masking products are available, the most popular method of faking a test is to bring in the urine of a friend or relative.

Administrators of drug tests are aware that many people may attempt to falsify a test and are vigilant in checking for qualities such as temperature and color. 

If caught, the consequences can be severe. For example, suppose the test taker keeps their work. In that case, a positive test may force them to attend drug awareness classes and complete monthly screenings for up to a year.

Best Place to Hide Someone other Urine

Because you’re not likely to be touched here, the groin area is the fantastic body location to keep your fake pee in for guys. 

The sample can be hidden over your crotch or lower in your underwear. Determine which one makes you feel most at ease so you can enter the facility with confidence and avoid arousing suspicion. Wear loose-fitting clothing as much as possible to hide the urine kit or sample on your body. 

You should dress in advance with the urine sample and strap it on you to check for anybody regions that stand out or appear strange due to the sample or device. This way, rather than worrying about the big day, you can remedy any mistakes by looking for something else to wear.

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Make sure no one is Watching you

However, keep in mind that, while you won’t have someone watching you pee, faking your samples is only somewhat easier than the direct observation method. This is because the monitors have been trained to determine if you’re giving your urine sample in various ways. As a result, they’d request a direct monitoring test as soon as they noticed or heard something unusual.

When a supervised drug test is scheduled, these methods should provide a clear picture of what to expect. Next, we’ll show you how to pass a urine drug test, whether you’re a man or a woman.


We discussed some tricks that can help you pass the pee test in this post. Several ways can help you pass the test. Using someone else’s urine is not recommended. If caught, legal actions can be taken against you. 

But it is recommended to try some tricks like not drinking alc*hol for some time or using the detox method to dilute the concentration of alc*hol in the body. Sign-up for our newsletter to keep yourself updated on the news worldwide for more updates.