How to use Tanning Beds at Planet Fitness

How to use Tanning Beds at Planet Fitness

How to use Tanning Beds at Planet Fitness | Best Way to Tan

Nobody loves tan lines, do you? Well, you need to know about tanning beds at Planet Fitness. It helps in burning calories with fun. 

This article will give a detailed review of using tanning beds and planet fitness. We will also discuss its benefits. Finally, we will discuss the basics for people who don’t know about this and are looking to lose fat with fun. 

Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

Planet Fitness is known for its wide variety of available gyms and will tell you the nearest you. They have it all. Apart from tanning beds, it also has Hydromassage and Body enhancement beds. 

Planet Fitness is the most optimal way to save your money and get the best tan that you could think of. The tanning bed in planet fitness uses UV rays to create natural tan on your skin; the good thing is that they don’t use any chemicals or harmful rays that have any side effects. 

Webnews21 can assure you that if you want the perfect summer glow, Planet Fitness is the answer. As you now know, that Planet fitness tanning bed is the best to choose from. We have now given step-by-step instructions to help you use the tanning bed most effectively and get the best results. 

How to use Tanning Beds:

  1. The first step is to turn off all the electronic devices you are using and put them away. These electronic devices emit blue light and eventually block the red light that comes from tanning. It can affect the outcome of the tanning, 
  2. Gently apply the tanning lotion to your body. Make sure the lotion is applied evenly throughout the body. You need to ensure that you don’t rub it excessively on the body, as the lotion tends to dry out quickly.
  3. As the tanning process starts, you will feel a slight burning sensation in certain areas of your skin exposed. It is normal, and the sensation goes away within 5-10 minutes. 
  4. After completing the process, you can remove the tanning bed and enjoy your evenly tanned skin. 
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It is important to note that tanning beds are suitable for indoor use. Therefore, you do not need to worry about leaving the house during the day due to bad weather conditions.

Types of Tanning Beds

Generally, two types of tanning beds are available in gyms with the same outcome, but the operation is different. However, these standing ones are more comfortable to use. It is because lay-down tanning beds have a glass base that can be uncomfortable for some users. 

Standing Tanning Beds

Compared to the lay-down tanning beds, a standing bed provides a lot of UV exposure. That is why Planet Fitness personnel will limit your time there. Because of how intense the light is, it may even harm your skin if it wasn’t a guideline. By choosing a standing booth, some people sacrifice the ease of lying down. However, it is often chosen because it provides more space, allowing users to walk around more easily. It also makes lifting and lowering your arms, turning your head, and bending your knees easier. 

The booths are more hygienic than the beds will attract you. Because you won’t be lying down on the same glass covered with lotion, this is the case.

Lay-down Tanning Beds

When you’re relaxed and comfortable, you can absorb UV rays. Of course, it is not that you can’t absorb UV rays when uncomfortable. Still, the process feels more smooth and seamless when you’re relaxed.

Hygiene issues are one reason why these beds are not preferred. For example, you might stroll into a greasy bed since the previous occupant didn’t clean it. The staff at Planet Fitness, on the other hand, ensures that the tanning rooms are free of grease and that your experience is enjoyable.

Another consideration is that the mattresses are glass, which may be unsettling. In addition, you’ll develop pressure points between your skin and the tanning glass if you press your body against them. This might result in tanning creases, which are undesirable on the skin.

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How to turn on Tanning Beds at Planet Fitness

Before turning on the tanning bed, you need to make sure that you know all the buttons of Planet Fitness. After wearing all the protective gear like eye goggles and other stuff. You need to start the process by pressing the start/stop button once and standing. 

Tanning at Planet Fitness is very comparable to tanning in a salon. You can use the tanning equipment during their open hours if you have a Black Card membership. 

Some Planet Fitness locations are open 24 hours a day. You can use the tanning facilities whenever you want, although tanning beds have time limits because excessive use causes cancer. 

Furthermore, it takes roughly 30 minutes for the tanning beds at Planet Fitness to warm up thoroughly. This implies that you will be able to see your skin clearly when tanning. It is important to note that Tanning beds are exclusively available to Black Cardmembers 18 years or older. It comes at no extra cost because it is included in the monthly membership fee.

Tanning Beds in Planet Fitness

These spray-tan places like Planet Fitness are safer than tanning beds and booths, and they pose little to no health hazards. Furthermore, they give your skin an immediate bronze glow that can last up to a week.

You don’t get the benefits of a natural tan, though, unlike the beds and standing booths. This is because it does not require the usage of light. Also, the tan may come out unevenly, leaving cracks and streaks on your feet, knees, wrists, fingers, and elbows.


This article discussed the tanning beds used in Planet Fitness and why you should use them. Using the tanning beds in Planet Fitness is far better than other salons as they are more hygienic and affordable. 

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