How to use Two Controllers on PS4

How to use Two Controllers on PS4

How to use Two Controllers on PS4 | PS4 Tips and Tricks

Using two controllers on the same PS4 might sound new to you if you’re a new user of PS4. However, it is possible to connect them and play without interruptions as the game can become much more fun when two players are playing together, whether together or against each other. 

This article discussed how you could use two controllers on PS4. Then, we will tell you the step-by-step process of how you can connect two controllers with PS4. Although the steps are straightforward, it can be challenging for someone who just bought a PS4 and doesn’t have much knowledge on how to use it.  

How many Controllers can you connect to the PS4?

You will be surprised to know that Sony allows you to add up to three separate controllers to the Playstation, each of which can be allocated to users who are already registered in your console and new users or visitors.

Furthermore, it causes them to emit a different light than the first or primary knob’s predetermined blue color. We’ll now show you how to connect a second controller to your console in this video.

Connecting PS4 with 2 Controllers

Here is how you can connect the second controller with PS4:

1) Turn on your PS4 console by pressing the power button.

2) Connect the opposite end of your PS4 controller wire to your console’s USB port.

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3) Press and hold the PS button on your controller for around 3 seconds.

4) Finally, connect your wired PS4 controller to the console.

You can still connect a second or more wireless controller to your PS4 console without a USB cable if you don’t have one. 

Here’s how to go about it: On your PS4 dashboard, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices (via a media remote for your PS4 or a connected PS4 controller).

How can we use Two controllers on PS4?

Depending on your game, you can use your second controller in several ways on your PS4. For example, some games have a two-player split-screen option. One player helps the leading player with a secondary controller. Other multiplayer games allow each player to have their controller.

Sony made it relatively simple to connect multiple controllers to your console, but keep in mind that you cannot use both of them at the same time if they are wireless because there is no way to turn off any of them within the Dualshock 4 itself.

How to connect 2 Controllers to PS4 FIFA 20

Connecting two controllers with FIFA 20 is similar to connecting controllers with PS4. You have to follow the same procedure to connect the controllers. However, while the same process is the same, we have another method to connect the second controller on PS4. Here it is:

Go to PS4 Settings, located above the home menu, with your synced PS4 controller. Wait for the light emitted by the controller to begin flashing after pressing the SHARE and PS buttons. 

Go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth devices on your controller main. Next, select the new controller on the screen and press the X button.

Why won’t my second PS4 controller connect?

If the original USB cable fails, a typical option is to try a different USB cable. You can also try pushing the reset button on the back of the PS4 controller, located behind the L2 button. If your controller still won’t connect to your PS4. 

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How to connect two controllers on PS 5?

Connecting your second controller is somehow not much different on PS 5 compared to PS 4.

To pair your second DualSense controller with your PS5, you’ll need to make sure it’s turned off. Hold down the PlayStation button until the light bars along the sides of the touchpad turn off if it’s turned on. 

Go to your PS5’s settings menu to connect a new device, in this case, a new DualSense controller. You’ll need to scroll down to the “Accessories” section after you’ve arrived.

When you open this menu, the PS5 will show you any devices that are already linked and any accessories that it has discovered that you might like to couple. Now is the time to pair your DualSense controller with the console so it can be found. 

To finish pairing the new controller, choose the new one and connect it using the previously paired controller. The other controller will be disconnected as a result of this. After that, you’re almost finished. But there’s one more thing to do.

As soon you’re connected to the PS5, you’ll be requested to update your DualSense controller as soon as you connect it. According to Sony, there will be at least one software update for the DualSense Controllers. However, because this is a new controller, it is unlikely to have it.

How to Update PS 5 Controller?

Connect the controller to the PS5 through the USB cord that came with your console to update it. After you’ve wired the controller, you’ll be able to start the software update by selecting the “update” button on the screen. Because the update file isn’t huge, this should only take a minute or two to complete.

Now that the new DualSense controller has been paired and connected to the PS5, it can be used. You might be thinking that connecting the second PS5 controller is an extensive process, but this isn’t the case. You have to go through this process only once, and once you are done with it, connecting next time will be much easier. 

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We discussed the step-by-step guide on connecting your second controller with PS 4. Then, we discussed it in detail and how you can easily connect the second controller.

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