Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Every Budget in Christmas 2022

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Every Budget

What to gift can be a major question for many. It is not always that you know exactly what you want to gift to your friend or family or even co-worker. This makes it a task to decide what to gift. We all play secret Santa around Christmas, and we love it but at the same time, we also want the person we are gifting to love our gift. To make your decision much clearer, we have gathered a few gift ideas for every budget.

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $10

A little low on money or looking to gift your BFF multiple gifts to make a cool gift basket? We have created a list of secret Santa gifts under $10.

1. Customized Glasses

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

A wine or shot glass is a perfect secret Santa gift for people with whom you love to enjoy a glass of drink. The ability to personalize a wine glass for your close ones makes this gift even more memorable. You can customize your significant other’s initials or whole name on the glass. We suggest first knowing the options and then selecting a beautiful glass design for this precious gift.

2. Bubble Bath

A small yet fun gift idea for her. For someone who loves a bath in a tub then a bubble bath is a great gift. It can create a relaxing vibe for just under $10 which is definitely worth it.

3. Customized Koozies

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Custom Koozies on your favourite drinks are a great way of uplifting your Christmas celebrations. Additionally, customized koozies for your family friends and family can make an amazing secret Santa gift. You can personalize koozies with romantic quotes for your significant other or even make it amusing with funny sayings. Personalized koozies are one of the most practical gifts that your loved ones can use now and then.

4. Luxury Scented Candles

You can buy scented candles for your secret Santa gift. Scented candles can create a magical aroma in your house and your close ones will never forget it. The scent will depend upon whom you are gifting. There are woody scents with an earthy and smoky tone of sandalwood, pine tree, etc. You can also gift romantic and floral scents like rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and lavender for your loved ones. Try this secret Santa gift and make Christmas even more memorable.

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5. Customized Phone Cases

Christmas Gift ideas 2022

You may never know how good a phone case can look with personalization. Phone cases may seem casual but if you gift customized ones with your and your loved one’s images, it’ll make a memorable gift that one can see every single day. Additionally, you may gift hand-crafted personalized flip cases, cases with beautiful colour combinations and straps.

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $30

The Secret Santa gifts under $30 can also be useful and thoughtful. It doesn’t matter if the price is cheap. What counts is that the gift should be helpful and something your friend or family would cherish coming from you.

1. Customized Canvas

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

A canvas is a great gift for someone’s house or office. A canvas can be of anything maybe a portrait of themself or beautiful scenery, etc. It can also be a photo of your and your best friend.

2. Pint Glasses

Beer lovers will love these glasses. A nice big pint glass to chug beers. A set of pint glasses can also be gifted for a secret Santa. It is a good option for under $30

3. Customized Purse Mirror

Customized Purse Mirror

If you will be gifting a lady something, then why not a customized purse mirror. You can carry this anytime and anywhere as it is potable in nature. Helpful for their make-up and customizable with their initial and a beautiful design with it.

4. Duffle Bags

A very useful gift for someone who loves to travel. This one is much useful gift who loves travelling. A gift under $30 is certainly worth it and a nice gift idea.

5. Personalised Earring

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Every Budget

You can now also customize earrings with a name or maybe initials. A cute gift for women. It is certainly unique and they can wear it anytime for any occasion.

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

Many secret Santa gift ideas under $50 can make a great gift and surprise your friend or family. If you are unable to decide on what to gift, we have a few ideas gathered for you that will be a good secret Santa gift.

1. Customized Tote Bags

Customized Christmas gift

Tote bags a highly versatile while combining practicality with style. For someone who loves shopping, customized tote bags could make a really useful gift. You can choose from light fabrics like cotton and jute or use durable ones such as leather.

2. Wine Bottle

This is a great gift for those with whom you want to enjoy drinking on Xmas. There are some really good red and white wine options that you can choose according to the taste of the person you are gifting.

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3. Wood on Cheese Board

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

A very unique gift, wood on cheeseboard allows to cut cheese and use it maybe while having wine. Certainly a useful gift for some specific kind of people.

4. Travel Cooler

If you are willing to give the best gift to a travel lover, then this is the correct option. It is to carry anywhere while travelling as compact in nature. The best part is it will keep your drinks cold or hot. A great secret Santa gift under $50.

5. Scent Diffuser

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

This makes a great gift for anyone’s room or maybe even office. You can choose the scent and gift them accordingly. Scent diffusers can also be refiled so it’s a long term gift actually.

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $100

Looking for something expensive for your special someone? We have brought a list that will help you buy gifts for multiple types of budgets so you don’t have to go anywhere. Here is the list of secret Santa gifts under $100 that is also helpful and premium.

1. Make-up Set

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $100

You can gift multiple make-up products and make it a set. A great gift for under $100 and if someone loves make-up you can do a bit more research customize it as well.

2. Necklace

A very nice necklace can also be gifted for under $100. It can be gold or silver plated and well you should know what kind of necklace she likes.

3. Polaroid Cameras

Cheap christmas gifts

A great secret Santa gift, a polaroid camera can be so useful to capture moments and also get the photo immediately. An invaluable gift for anyone.

4. Coffee Maker

Here comes the most useful gift for the one who loves coffee. It makes a great gift for their home and every morning they can use it to make themselves a coffee.

5. Fitbit Tracker

Someone who is into fitness will definitely love a Fitbit watch tracker that can track the progress of their exercise and other minute details throughout their day.

Christmas Gifts under $100

Best Secret Santa Gifts For Co-workers

Are you playing the secret Santa with your co-workers? Well, it can be a task to find a gift for your co-worker that is appropriate. No worries, we got you covered. We have gathered some ideas about what you can gift your co-worker for secret Santa.

1. Wooden Desk Organiser

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $100

Someone who loves things organised will love this gift. A great sleek wooden desk organizer can help to keep the paper, pen, files, everything organised. One of the best gifts for a co-worker.

2. Customized Pen

Thinking of gifting something to a co-worker? A pen is such a general and boring gift, right? But a customized pen makes it all very special and becomes a great gift for a co-worker. You can personalise the pen with a name or initials.

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3. Laptop Sleeves

best Christmas Gifts under budget

If you gifting someone who has to carry a laptop every day to the office, then a nice looking laptop sleeve can be a great gift to keep their laptop safe and also make it look stylish while carrying them.

4. Insulated Bottle

An insulated bottle is also a great gift for a secret Santa, it is cheap and useful and will keep any drink cold for a longer duration. Therefore it makes a decent gift for a co-worker.

5. Books

Best Secret Santa Gifts For Your BFF

Books as a gift are undervalued. Someone who loves reading will always love a great book. You just have to know what kind of genre they like to read and gift them accordingly.

Best Secret Santa Gifts For Your BFF

Your BFF is more special than others and you would want them to feel loved and appreciated. They need your attention and your gift should feel special to them. Now, if you are having trouble thinking about what to gift, then here are a few gift ideas for secret Santa for your BFF.

1. Customized Perfumes

Best Secret Santa Gifts For Your BFF

There are many online sites that now avail the service of customizing your own perfume. This means they give you multiple options to choose from and the type of scent you are looking for, then they can personalise the perfume bottle with any initials or even a name if you require. This makes it a very unique gift.

2. Headphones

Music lovers will always love a headphone as a gift. You can get him or her a headphone that is good overall, it can be an earphone too if you are looking to gift something portable but do not underestimate the power of a headphone, it gives a great vibe to listening to music.

3. Customized Wallets

Christmas gifts under every budget

A special gift customized specially for a man. A wallet is much needed for any man. You can simply gift a customised wallet that allows you to personalise a letter or a whole name on the wallet. It makes a perfect secret Santa gift.

4. Small Plant

If someone loves plants, then you can gift a small plant that can be a bonsai or bamboo, etc. Choose any according to your budget and they can keep it at their home on a desk or near their window. A great gift idea for a guy or a girl.

5. Box of Customized Chocolates

Best Chocolates for Christmas

A perfect gift for someone who loves to eat chocolates. A customised chocolate box is simply different chocolates put together to make it a customised box specially for your friend. You can include his/her favourite chocolates or simply get yourself a customized box prepared from online stores. The cost may depend on the brand of chocolates.