Psychological Facts About Love and Crushes

Psychological Facts About Love and Crushes

Psychological Facts About Love and Crushes

Do you have someone special in your heart or Do you feel that someone have a crush on you? Most of us find it difficult to tell the difference between a rush and a love. Science says that a crush is an intense feeling that let us create a deep affection for the other person. Most people experience a crush at least once in their lifetime. It is mostly short in duration compared to falling in love.

People often struggle to understand their feelings and knowing the psychological fact about love and crushes helps them identify their firm feelings. Are you aware of where you have a crush or a love? Here are some psychological facts about love and crushes. Also, the Life Path Number Calculator can help you know with whom you are more compatible.

Fact 1: You can have a crush on a person you know and have regular interaction.

Psychological Facts About Love and Crushes

It is easier to fall in love with people we know in our daily life and interact often. Knowing the other person helps us create an invisible bond and attraction. This is what we call a crush. Crush are mostly one-sided but if both the person have similar feelings then the chances of falling in love and having a relationship grow stronger.

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Fact 2: You are likely to fall for a person who has similar behavioural traits to your parents.

Science reveals that we are likely to fall in love or have a crush on someone who has behavioural patterns similar to our parents mostly the opposite sex. So if you are a boy and you love certain qualities in your mother you will look for the same in another person. Similarly, if you are a girl and love how your father protects you, you would want to look for this particular quality in the boy you like.

Fact 3: Being close to your loved ones act as a natural pain killer

Psychological Facts About Love and Crushes

If you are stressed, tired or having an intense headache often hugging and cuddling your loved ones helps you recover faster. We release certain happiness hormones, which in turn makes us feel relieved. This is the same reason why sometimes we act irrationally in front of the person we love. It is the chemical known as cortisol that makes us do that.

Fact 4: The Process of falling in love cannot be defined.

The process cannot be defined by a set of days. Each person’s journey is unique, and it often takes a lifetime. Depending on the circumstances and the bonding for some it may be days while for others it can be seasons or even years. However, based on a psychological study, a crush can last a maximum of 4 months after which it will be falling in love.

Fact 5: Can love happen only once?

Psychological Facts About Love and Crushes

It is difficult to answer with a yes or no, as for some they can only fall once while for others love may happen more than once. Once you have fallen in love it is difficult to just be friends. Compatibility plays a greater role in finding true love. Your life path number, the spiritual number can all give an insight about the person you are falling in love with.

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Fact 6: Your Interests says a lot about your Expectation

We have often heard that opposites attract each other, but when it comes to interests we often like the person more if they share a common interest with us. It can be your favourite pet, food, hobbies or travelling. Relationships with lesser interest details tend to last longer than others.

Fact 7: You don’t share a smile or do eye contact with the person you don’t like

Psychological Facts About Love and Crushes

Smiles are natural. We often smile at strangers too. But, to the person whom we don’t like, we don’t spare a smile. According to research, if a person has a crush or is interested, the first noticeable expression is his smile. The next thing to look for is whether he is making direct eye contact.

We hope that by now you would have understood the different psychological facts about love and crushes. Knowing these helps you understand your feelings better and improve your chances of forming a strong relationship. Remember that the secret to a stronger relationship is smiling for at least 10 minutes with your favourite person.