How to Watch Naruto in Order on Netflix? What Comes After Naruto Shippuden?

How to Watch Naruto in Order on Netflix? What Comes After Naruto Shippuden?

What Comes After Naruto Shippuden? How to Watch Naruto in Order on Netflix? 

What comes after Naruto Shippuden? What are the options after the anime series? In addition to the anime series, there are four movies based on the series. While the first is already in English, the other three remain in Japanese. Regardless of your preference, you are bound to find an interesting film. There is another question. How to Watch Naruto in Order on Netflix?  Read on for more information! Listed below are the series that come after Naruto Shippuden.

Road to Ninja

If you enjoyed the first two Naruto Shippuden series, then you will probably enjoy this spinoff. Its storyline and setting are both novel-esque, and the action is intense and entertaining. This movie is not an essential, but it is also not a dead end, either. The manga and anime series are not necessarily in chronological order, so you might want to skip Road to Ninja and go straight to the next installment.

The story of the movie is different from the manga. It takes place between the Kage Summit and the Fourth Great Ninja War. While the manga has the main characters fight as the Naruto family, the movie follows a different version of the same events. While the characters remain similar, there are some key differences. While Sakura wants to be rid of her parents, Naruto realizes that they are not the villains after all.

Unlike the other films, the film takes place in a parallel world, with the characters experiencing a new reality. In this reality, Naruto and Sakura are brought to a different time, with both their parents alive and Sasuke never leaving Konoha. Although this story is different from the one in the manga and anime, it remains an exciting adventure. The plot of Road to Ninja is both interesting and unique.

 What Comes After Naruto Shippuden?

After the manga and anime, the movies can be seen. However, it is best to watch the latter after the second series, so as to enjoy the movie’s storyline. Although it is set after episode 493 of the series, the Road to Ninja is a romantic story and should be watched after the second season of Naruto Shippuden. It is one of the most popular Naruto franchises, and it is a must-watch.

This storyline features an alternate universe that features the Masked Man, a fictional villain in the series. He is the Evil Counterpart of Naruto from the Genjutsu World, and his mask resembles that of a Kitsune. His servants have fox cubs, and his attack is similar to Naruto’s Rasenshuriken. In the manga, he battles his doppelgänger, Menma.

Infinite Tsukuyomi

When Infinite Tsukuyumi comes after Naruto Shippuden, the series takes place before the Fourth Shinobi War and features a recurring character called Madara. Both episodes are about people trying out various jutsu. In Infinite Tsukuyomi, Madara’s powers are greater than any other ninja on the planet, and he casts Infinite Tsukuyumi on the moon to make it look like he won the war. However, all is not lost, as Naruto and his friends now live happily with Dan, Tsuna and Gaara, and Kiba are still with Asuma Sensei.

In Infinite Tsukuyumi is the most powerful Genjutsu in the Naruto world, and it can trap the entire world in a dream for the rest of its life. It’s a dangerous Genjutsu, so it must be used carefully. Naruto has many enemies in his path, but only a few will be able to resist it.

In Infinite Tsukuyumi also features the return of Team 7 after their imprisonment in the Divine Tree. Despite the fact that Sasuke Uchiha, a member of Team 7, has never left the village, and has become a womanizer. Sasuke, on the other hand, is back in the Village of the Hidden Leaf after having been imprisoned. He also meets Sakura and realizes that he has family in his friends.

Infinite Tsukuymi can be cast in different ways. Kishimoto illustrated three methods for casting this mystical technique. The first way was demonstrated by Obito Uchiha during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Uchiha gathered the Ten-Tails and carved a God Tree. The Sharingan then bloomed in the tree and cast Infinite Tsukuyomi on the world. Madara also used this technique and eventually managed to absorb it.

Infinite Tsukuyumi follows in the footsteps of the original series. While the series ended with the Retrieval Arc, the anime was more akin to classic Saturday morning cartoons. It featured villains of the week, small stakes, and kid-friendly comedy. It is still a great series, but it is a bit disappointing if you’re a fan of the original series.

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Blood Prison

Blood Prison is the fifth movie in the Naruto franchise and the eighth in the series overall. The movie tells the story of Naruto, who is sent on a mission to escape from the Blood Prison. When he is caught for crimes against his village, he becomes prisoner #428, and tries to find out the real reason behind his imprisonment. Along the way, he meets Mui, the hidden son of Gaara.

In this episode, Naruto is being tortured and imprisoned in the Blood Prison. The reason behind his imprisonment is that he is being targeted by the evil soul of Moryou, who borrowed his body to regain control of the world. Shion, a priestess famous for sealing deals with the devil, also shows up and tells Naruto that he will die in the next episode. During the battle between Naruto and Shion, he also learns valuable lessons about friendship and trust.

Naruto: The Movie is based on the manga series. It was released in December 2014, and takes place two years after the Fourth Ninja World War. In the movie, Hanata and Naruto are married and have a family. The plot of the movie is based on the events of the manga series, and is set in the same universe as the characters in the anime. If you like the story of the Naruto series, the movie is for you.

After Naruto Shippuden, the manga series has a definite ending. It is the next logical step after the first. This manga series is a fan favorite and is one of the best-selling anime series of all time. Although the series has a lot of shaky moments, there is a lot to love in this manga. If you like the original series, you should definitely check out the latest addition to the series. It has a great story line and action scenes.

The manga series was first published in 1997 and was the first series to ever become a huge hit in Japan. This manga series follows the story of Uzumaki Naruto, a young novice ninja who is determined to become the next Hokage. It is set in a world where ninjas are feared and respected, and is the first manga series to do so. The manga was adapted into anime in 2002, and was followed by a series called Naruto Shippuden.

Legend of the Stone of Gelel

The second book of the Naruto franchise, Legend of the Stone of Gelel, is the sequel to the previous Legend of the Seven Sages. This story takes place before the events of Naruto Shippuden and follows the same plot lines. The story starts with Temujin’s attempts to create a utopian society. As a result, he kidnaps Kahiko and Nerugui and leads them to the mines.

In this movie, Naruto and Sakura are transported to an alternate world where Naruto and Sakura have a different family. Instead of their parents dying, Sakura is an orphan and Sasuke never leaves Konoha. The movie is set after episode 251 of Shippuden. This makes it a much better film than the first. But, the story is more interesting because of its romance.

This movie follows the events of the original series. The story is based on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga. Legend of the Stone of Gelel was released in theaters in Japan on August 6, 2005. In the United States, the movie was a direct-to-video release. The film was released to DVD on July 29, 2008.

The second movie in the Naruto franchise is called Legend of the Stone Gelel. The plot follows Naruto and his friends’ adventures when they discover the location of a lost pet. This movie is also unique in the sense that it is set in a prison where Naruto and his friends must make new friends. As a result, the story will be longer than the original and will be very different than the original.

The first movie also takes place in the same timeline as the “Naruto” series. Naruto and his teammates are still together in this movie, though Sasuke and Sakura are separated in Episode 108. This episode is crucial for the series’ plotline as it takes place before the “Five Kage Summit” arc. If you want to know which movie is the best, you can watch the first episode of the series.

How to Watch Naruto in Order on Netflix?

In Which Order Should I Watch Naruto in Netflix?

If you are just starting out with the Naruto franchise, you’re probably wondering “In Which Order Should I Watch Naruto?” The ideal place to start is with Episode 1 of the original anime. Episodes two through nine of the series are also a great place to start. Episodes ten through seventeen are categorized into the Prologue–Land of Waves Arc, while the “Find the Four-Leaf Red Clover!” arc covers Episodes eighteen through twenty-seven. After that, there are episodes eighteen through three hundred of the Naruto series.

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Naturo Watch Order on Netflix

Sl No Naruto Watch Order
1 Naruto Episodes 1–105
2 Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
3 Naruto Episodes 106–160
4 Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel
5 Naruto Episodes 161–196
6 Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
7 Naruto Shippuden Episodes 1–23
8 Naruto Shippuden: The Movie
9 Naruto Shippuden Episodes 24–70
10 Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds
11 Naruto Shippuden Episodes 71–121
12 Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The WIll of Fire
13  Naruto Shippuden Episodes 122–169
14  Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower
15 Naruto Shippuden Episodes 170–221
16 Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison
17 Naruto Shippuden Episodes 222–271
18 Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Road to Ninja
19 Naruto Shippuden Episodes 272–479
20 The Last: Naruto the Movie
21  Boruto: Naruto the Movie
22  Boruto: Naruto the Movie – The Day Naruto Became the Hokage
23  Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
24  Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals

Episodes 290-295

In this episode of Naruto, the Hyuga cousins fight alongside each other. This is an important battle, since it gives the young Naruto a chance to see how his family protects them. Meanwhile, the fifth division is led by Mifune, who defeats the allied forces. They meet the reanimated Kimimaro and Chiyo and defeat them. The episode also serves as a prequel to the movie Road to Ninja.

Miina is plagued by vivid visions throughout the day. Naruto tries to stop her from ascending the tower, but it doesn’t work. The power of the tower comes from the clone of Disonasu. Eventually, the clone becomes a Hydra-tailed fox monster. This is the most shocking moment of this episode. Naruto attempts to kill the clone of Ama no Hoko, but it takes a few moments to make him realize that he was wrong.

In this episode, Naruto travels to the Land of Honey, where he searches for Orochimaru. In addition, he babysits the son of a rich man named Kunijiro. Afterward, he finds out that the mysterious Yagura has been hiding for many years. In addition, the three ninjas team up with the mysterious Hinata. Naruto also visits Lee’s rundown abode, where he tells him of his new plans to build a dojo. The dojo is designed to train a person in martial arts.

While the majority of Naruto fans enjoy the show’s enviable timeslot, the filler episodes are the ones that lose the interest of long-time viewers. While some fans may enjoy these episodes, others may not have the patience to watch them. Nevertheless, these episodes are vital to the ongoing story of Naruto. Aside from filler episodes, the season’s arc also commemorates the show’s 500th episode.

The first episode of the new season ends with a major reveal. A powerful ninja named Pain has taken the Tonika village and killed its residents. The villagers are helpless and do not know how to use their ninjutsu to protect themselves. Meanwhile, a group of schoolchildren led by Dokku is forced to protect the villagers from the rogue ninja. The battle ends with the destruction of the ninja’s home, but the team wins.

This episode also features the Chunin Exams arc, in which Team 7 learns the secrets of being a ninja. The series is one of the longest Naruto arcs to date, and it also included some of the toughest tests. However, the characters still manage to come out of this episode with more character growth. The show’s storyline is as compelling and engaging as ever.

The story of episodes 290 and 295 continues to be intense and action-packed. Power (Li) is the story of the Fourth Shinobi World War and takes place after the Five Kage Summit. This episode also features a scene from the film, “Totsugeki Rock”.

Episodes 176-196

In Episodes 176-196 of Narutopo, the team goes to the Land of Honey, in search of the Daimyo’s wife. They find a castle where they encounter an evil clone, and Naruto and Sakura fight back. Meanwhile, the Allied Shinobi army deals with the infiltration of the White Zetsus, while Team Kurenai prepares to fight the Allied Mom Force. While in the battle with the Shinobi, Naruto also helps Sakura regain her memories.

The next episode finds Naruto contemplating his relationship with Sasuke, the spies who are on his trail. Naruto’s secret past is revealed as he discovers that his friend and rival, Kisuke, is a spy. He is tempted to kill him but decides that the only way to stop his rival is to fight Sasuke. But the villagers are not convinced, and Sasuke decides to protect them instead.

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As we move on to the next arc, it is important to note that Episodes 176-196 of Narutopo are filler episodes. They do not form part of the main storyline, but are necessary to maintain a healthy gap between the manga and anime. Besides, filler episodes give manga artists time to create storylines. Although many fans find filler episodes boring, they do offer a wealth of insight into the lives of characters.

In Episodes 176-196 of Narutopo, the Hyuga cousins fight alongside each other. The fifth division, led by Mifune, also gets into trouble with Team Asuma. Despite the fact that the fifth division has been caught by Team Asuma, Naruto disguises himself as Shu in order to fulfill his duties. However, he blows his cover and kills all of the Six Tails’ henchuriki. The episode also serves as a prologue for the movie “Rail to Ninja” which follows this series.

In this arc of the series, the characters proved their strength and ability to fight against the enemy. The show introduced Orochimaru and the Kohona 11, which were used fully in this episode. Other major characters from the series included the ninjas Temari and Kankuro and Hiruzen. There are also some intriguing twists and turns in this episode. However, there are plenty of plots to look forward to.

After the events of Episodes 169-176, Naruto and Shino have traveled to the Land of Vegetables, where they try to rescue the people. As they fight the Janin, they encounter a mysterious creature called Kaima. After rescuing the peddlers, Naruto, Hinata, and Choji visit the Land of Vegetables. Meanwhile, the trio rescues two peddlers from the Janin and saves them. They then find a run-down house of Lee, which is home to an old teacher. Lee tells Naruto about his dojo, which he hopes will be used by people who are trained in this art.

Episode 311

In which order should I watch the various Naruto series? This can be a difficult question to answer, but there are many different ways to watch this beloved Japanese manga and anime series. Some fans watch the first few episodes, while others prefer to get started with the second. Here is a guide that will help you decide which series to watch. This article will also be helpful if you want to watch a particular series in a particular order.

The first thing to consider is whether or not you want to watch the original series first. The original manga and anime series are incredibly popular, and this is especially true of Naruto. The series starts with the original Naruto manga, and then focuses on his son, Boruto. If you’re a serious fan, you should probably start with the first one, since it’s a little less complicated.

The fourth season of the series is the most difficult to place, because of all the inconsistencies. For example, in the original series, the Raikage still has his two arms. Besides that, the fourth season’s Blood Prison must have occurred before the “Five Kage Summit” arc, which is a non-canon part of the series. The series is split into several different arcs and OVAs, and a number of these arcs are essentially interconnected.

The anime, on the other hand, ends after the fifth season of the manga. The manga ends with the “Naruto” arc, and the anime follows the same pattern. The anime ends with the “Akatsuki” movie, which brings Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru together in a battle with the Akatsuki. The anime also brings in heavy-armored soldiers and battleships with big guns.

How to Watch Naruto in Order

There are some fans who prefer watching the original series in order. However, many of them may not want to waste their time watching filler episodes. For these people, this article will help you navigate the series and find the right order to watch it. A guide to the Naruto series is an indispensable tool for fans. You’ll discover which Naruto series to watch first, and which movies to skip.

This popular anime series is an excellent choice for anyone new to the anime world. It is easy to follow and contains a compelling storyline. In addition to giving viewers a glimpse into ancient Japanese culture, it is also incredibly popular for its action sequences and motivational lessons. There are also many different ways to enjoy Naruto’s story arcs, so make sure you watch the series in the order it was originally intended to be aired.

The first Naruto movie is called Boruto. You should watch it right after Chapter 500 of Naruto Shippuden. The second movie, Naruto vs. Konohamaru, follows chapter 19 of the manga. After Chapter 100, you can watch Naruto: The Genie and the Three Wishes!, or Naruto: The Movie. Both of these movies are entertaining and worth watching.