Who Killed Naruto?

Who Killed Naruto?

Who Killed Naruto?

So who Killed Naruto? Is he actually dead or still alive? One of the defining plot twists in the series is the assassination of the Uchiha Clan. This decision averted a yearlong civil war that would have led to more deaths. It was a decision between killing a small percentage of the hamlet’s inhabitants and fighting for control of the town for a year. The answer to that question will probably surprise you. Read on to find out more about the fate of the three characters from Naruto.

What are the different theories about Naruto’s death and who killed him?

There are different theories about who killed Naruto. The final chapter that follows The Fourth Shinobi War, in Naruto #640-677, shows Obito Uchiha efficiently defeating Naruto and serving Naruto with Kurama. The Manga’s conclusion is Naruto: Shippuden manga. As seen within Naruto number 698, Naruto and his long-time rival Sasuke Uchiha are engaged in the final fight. They nearly take each other’s lives and then end the battle after they aren’t fighting all the time. They accept each other’s loss, but each loses one arm in the violent exchange. This fight counts the way it is interpreted because it can be seen as the end of Naruto’s battle with Sasuke. After this battle, Naruto and Sasuke are seen as lifelong friends. They will continue their friendship through the more recent Boruto series during the challenge of raising families and fighting against villains. Boruto fans are worried about the possibility that Naruto is going to die shortly. However, maybe Naruto and his Nine-Tailed companion may find an alternative to escape death’s shadow as Naruto did in the Manga.

Another Theory suggests that the closest time to the moment that Naruto actually “dies” is the moment that Madara removes the nine tails of Naruto. It is possible to say that Madara “killed” Naruto. Naruto was saved following the extraction of nine tails, but once that was done, Naruto would not be able to die.

The final theory states that as the two prepare to which, the duo prepare to Kawaki threats Boruto by saying, “I will send you to the location I left to the 7th Hokage.” The fans interpreted this as threatening to murder and as the undisputed evidence that Kawaki was the one who killed Naruto.

Naruto is avoiding his death in the past fight. Jinchurikis, who carry Tailed Beasts inside, are meant to die once or if the beast is removed from them. That is the way he “died” when he was in Naruto Shippuden. But, due to the unique method Baryon Mode works, not only is Kurama the only one to have killed, but he does it in a way that does not end up killing Naruto and saves his life in various ways throughout the fight.

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Another thing to be considered is the scene in the future at the beginning of Boruto. In this scene, a younger Boruto and Kawaki are engaged in fighting the struggle against one another, which appears to have destroyed that Hidden Leaf. In one scene, Kawaki says, “I’ll give you the same message that I left the Seventh Hokage, Boruto,” suggesting that in the distant future, Naruto hasn’t died. However, he’s somewhere else.

Naruto Uzumaki

“Who killed Naruto?” is a popular question in the manga series. There are many theories as to who killed the powerful Naruto Uzumaki. However, most fans believe that Isshiki killed Naruto. The implication here is that Isshiki’s death was a result of an attack by the Naruto Uzumaki clone. However, this is not entirely true.

The series began with the flash forward sequence of the death scene of Naruto, which is shown in the manga. Kurama knew that everyone would die if the Hokage did not use Baryon mode, so he lied to Naruto. The reason for Kurama’s lie is that he knew that the Hokage would not use Baryon mode, and that the clone would not use it either. Instead, he reincarnated himself and teleported back to his territory.

In the manga, the clone kill was a result of Yura’s use of a technique known as “Big Ball Rasengan”. It would be impossible for the Technique to work without a living offer, so Yura would have had to have died to be used as a living sacrifice. This theory is not supported by the manga, but it’s a popular theory among fans.

In the first episode, the manga and anime both showed a flash forward of the future, and fans have been waiting for it to come to pass. This futuristic scene left fans begging for more information. And while we wait for more details to reveal the truth, it’s still unknown what the future holds for Naruto. In the meantime, fans have plenty of time to come up with theories on the fate of Naruto.

Obito Uchiha

One of the greatest mysteries of the series is why Obito Uchiha killed Narutopo. He was a ninja who was one of the most influential and powerful shinobi of the world. This ninja, who was born in the same generation as Naruto, was also the most powerful shinobi of his generation. Despite the fact that he was killed by his younger brother, Obito never felt sorry for what had happened. After he killed Narutopo, he gave the Sharingan Eyes to Izanagi, the latter being his son.

The story of how Obito Uchiha died is a recurrent plot point in the manga and anime. The reason is that Obito died while shielding Narutopo from Kaguya’s attack, and his spirit stays among the living for a while. He gives Kakashi the chakra and the Mangekyo Sharingan that he possesses. This is the only way to know for sure how Obito died, but the answer may lie in the manga or anime series.

The manga and anime did not reveal much about Obito Uchiha’s other siblings. Hikaku was a former member of the Uchiha clan before the pact between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju took place. The manga does not mention how he came to possess the Sharingan, but we do know that he was an incredibly powerful ninja who was a very strong fighter.

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Madara Uchiha

In the Konohagakure series, Madara Uchiha was a major antagonist. A member of the Uchiha clan, he co-founded the village of Akatsuki and was a prominent member of the Uchiha clan. First, he posed as the mysterious Tobi, a partner of Deidara in Akatsuki. Eventually, he became the Mizukage of Kirigakure and killed Naruto.

The final battle between these two antagonists is the most dramatic and satisfying. While Madara was defeated by Hashirama, he was not yet killed. His corpse was hidden away to prevent tracking. When his body was discovered, he used his scheduled Izanagi in the right eye to come back and kill the Sasuke, gaining his vision. Before he died, Madara bit off a tiny portion of Hashiharama’s flesh, fusing it with his DNA and summoning a statue of Gedo.

After a series of events in the manga, Madara Uchiha is killed once again. He was stabbed twice in the back by First Hogake, the first time by a ninja. However, he later used Izanagi on his right eye and defeated Hashirama in the fourth war. Madara’s death was tragic and has left fans mourning. The anime series continues to explore the lives of the Uchiha family.

After Madara Uchiha killed Naruto, Hashirama Senju proposed a treaty with him. The deal fell through, and Madara lost his tailed beast and his evil statue. But he then rewrote his own death story using his izanagi. In a later episode of the series, he infused a gedo mazou with Hashirama Senju’s cells and killed Naruto.


After the explosion that took place in the Konoha Gate, Naruto finds that five strangers are attacking security personnel. While investigating, Naruto notices that one of the strangers is Tadaichi, a regular customer of Yamanaka’s flower store. The ninja is quickly hit by shuriken, and Naruto is able to create clones of his own body to lead the security personnel away from him.

In Shippuden, Tadaichi is a member of the anbu, the black ops division of the shinobi. He was best known to Ino and often bought flowers for her grave. The two fight, but the battle ends with a shuriken, killing Tadaichi. Although this was a devastating blow, it was still a victory for Naruto, who now has the knowledge of how to defeat Decacoda.

Chino and Nowaki are also ninja, but acted as robin hoods. The two ninjas’ goal is to wipe out the whole of Konoha. They do not bother targeting Oyashiro, Kiri, or the daimyos, because they are too evil. Instead, they pick the most ridiculous and unnecessary target. Then again, who can blame him? He can even make potato chips grow wings!

Sasuke, on the other hand, was planning a trip to a small rural village. He had heard the news about the mass disappearances of shinobi. As he drove by, he instinctively stopped and closed his eyes for a brief moment. Sasuke then charged the power of his right eye with a thought. Sasuke did not even know that he had killed the person who controlled his chakra.

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Amino is a young woman from the Bamboo Village, the daughter of Io. When she was attacked by the Dark Thunder Group, she was about to give birth to her first child. Her death was devastating to her family, and her mother died from grief. Her father was furious and vowed revenge on the Dark Thunder Group, claiming that Amino killed his son. Chino referred to Amino as a great person, but he later realized that his wife had lied to him about Amino’s pregnancy.

Amino’s real purpose in killing Naruto is to remove him. He also plans to use him as a bait to lure other people into the castle. But Naruto, a ninja, isn’t a fool and is determined to kill him. In order to do this, he befriends an old man named Gennou and finds the leads. But the lead leads to a forest full of monsters and evil.

The upcoming attack has brought about a new twist in the Naruto storyline. While the Ten-Tails attack Naruto and his friends, the bandits are unaware of the plan. The menma is a bandit who is willing to kill anyone who gets in the way. But Menma also tells Naruto that his leader is planning to flood the town is in danger. As a result of this plot twist, the bandit leader is forced to face Naruto and his friends.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

The last antagonist of the Naruto series, Kaguya Otsutsumi, was a powerful warrior with power far beyond the Momoshiki’s. He probably had stronger powers than Momoshiki, and feared the God Tree’s power as well as Naruto’s. This was because he was trapped in Naruto’s dimension.

Her deception began after she ate a Chakra Fruit. This caused her to change her personality. Initially, she was worshipped as a goddess. But when she was betrayed by her son, she became a demon. She drains the life force of the Earth through her Divine Tree, and sacrifices humans every few years. She eventually turned her sights on her sons, Sasuke and Obito, but not before sacrificing herself to the Divine Tree.

The ‘Otsutsuki King’ possesses the energy of Karma, which enables him to enter a human body. However, this power is limited by the body that he currently inhabits. The identity of Kashin Koji is still unknown, but he will soon be revealed. He will be the strongest of all the antagonists in the Naruto series.

Another Otsutsuki was Hagoromo Otsutsuki. He was the first to awaken the Tenseigan through normal means. This ability allowed him to slice the moon in two, which made it impossible for Kaguya to kill him. Hagoromo Otsutsuki also possessed chakra and a powerful Rinnegan, which made him a terrifying threat to the Naruto team.