How to wrap a small gift for wedding and birthday party

How to wrap a small gift for wedding and birthday party

How to wrap a small gift for wedding and birthday party | Best DIY methods

With parties, birthdays, festivals happening all around you. You have to give them gifts as well. However, a beautiful gift wrap sparkles the presentation and looks more beautiful. But sometimes, it can be tricky to wrap a small gift for a wedding and birthday party. 

This article will discuss how you can wrap a small gift for a wedding and birthday party. But, first, let’s look at some DIY methods to wrap a gift for a wedding quickly. 

What material do you need?

  • Wrap Paper
  • The actual present 
  • Scissors
  • Transparent Glue ( Not necessary)
  • Ribbon, Bows (Optional)

The simple box wrap

Here it would be best if you wrapped your present, you have to make sure that the box is placed in the middle and there is enough wrapping paper to cover all the sides of the box. Moreover, keep fragile items in a box to avoid any damage. It is better to use some tape to close the sides of the wrap, and it won’t move around. Or you can use tissue paper inside the box as padding. 

Now, as you’ve placed the box in the middle, bring the paper up on one side and over the top of the box. If the wrapping paper is not sufficient, use another paper. Using cut pieces and random pieces looks very unpleasant. After you have covered the sides, check if the edges are jagged. If yes, fold it under the first layer to make it look seamless. 

After you have taped one side, bring the other side and make sure to make a tight crease on all sides. As it will leave a clean look, and the wrap will look professional. After it is done, make sure to flatten the triangle on the sides. You can use tape to hide the rough edge or crease. 

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You can add tags, ribbons, or bows to look more beautiful. Moreover, suppose the gift is expensive, or you want to give an aesthetic look to your presents, or you want to make your gift look more unique. In that case, you can use gift baskets to make your gift look even more special. 

Small block wrap

If your present is rectangular, this wrapping method is for you. It is simple and easy to understand. Moreover, if you have a little experience wrapping gifts, you can do it in under 5 minutes. 

Place your gift on the base wrapping paper, facing down. Cut a piece of wrapping paper as told before; it should be big enough to wrap around the gift and long enough to wrap around it. Remove any excess.

Apply a different color/pattern of wrapping paper horizontally to your original paper with Double Sided Tape. Closely look if the visible side has been cut with scissors to leave a clean and professional look. You want this to be straight. Remove any excess wrapping paper to keep the box in the same shape as the original.

Wrap the present as usual. You need to keep the sides clean and make sure that there are no excess or rough edges on the corner. 

Finish the wrap with a thank you/congratulations/sorry note, or attach a bow or ribbon. To upscale the look, always choose a fancy and contrasting gift basket.

Small pleated look box

This sleek ‘pleated style’ is simple to make and looks gorgeous. You can decorate it with miniature ornaments or Festive season or insert dried flowers. Either way, it will look beautiful to everyone and put a smile on its face.

Wrap your gift in enough wrapping paper or kraft paper to cover it completely. Cut your paper more liberally on the long side to at least two hand widths wider than the gift.

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Place the paper with the short side facing you, face down. Fold up the bottom edge by about two centimeters. To make the creases in the wrapping paper, repeat this technique as needed. Now you can unfold your folds by turning the paper over. On paper, this should result in an ‘accordion pattern.’

Put your fingers on the top fold and gently bend it down. Smooth out the folds and do it again for each one. Turn the paper over and tape up your pattern once you’ve folded and smoothed everything out. Finally, you can package your gift and send it as a gift.

The cheap DIY wrap

A cardboard roll, scissors, and a cylindrical fragile gift such as a mug, tumbler, or water bottle are all needed.

Leftover toilet paper or gift wrap cardboard rolls can be recycled as gift boxes for small items or gift cards. They’re also recyclable and don’t require any tape, which is a plus. To flatten the roll, first press down on it. Then, cut the roll to the width you want.

Place a cylindrical object, such as a mug, a class, or a can, on top of the end of your roll and score both sides with scissors. Rep on the opposite end. It will be easier to fold as a result of this.

The ends should be folded inside. Wrapping paper remnants and twine can be used to embellish it. As you’ve wrapped the gift without using any gift paper, it would be best to give the present in gift baskets so that it looks more attractive and pleasing. Giving the gift wrapped in cardboard paper gives a blank look.


You don’t have to execute a straight wrap every time. Instead, consider wrapping it in a large box loaded with paper confetti or a tiny box that will never hold the main gift.

Creative gift wrapping is a lot of fun and is sure to bring smiles to people’s faces. Don’t be afraid of strange shapes or spherical gifts; there’s always a way to wrap them tastefully. Simultaneously, be environmentally conscious and choose sustainable materials or alternatives, such as Furoshiki. Then, with a clear conscience, you can give your gifts to your loved ones.

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Wrapping paper and present ribbons are lovely, but they usually fall in the trash after Christmas. They are essentially disposable item that pollutes our environment unnecessarily.