KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike Vs. Blix Packa Cargo Ebike

KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike Vs. Blix Packa Cargo Ebike

KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike Vs. Blix Packa Cargo Ebike

For avid bike lovers who occasionally travel with passengers or heavy loads, cargo e-bikes are the ideal solution. An efficient electric cargo bike should require minimum effort on your part to achieve high speeds, even when you are carrying heavy cargo. It should also be stable and easily maneuverable.

This article compares two of the most efficient and affordable cargo e-bikes in the market, to help you determine which electric cargo bike is best suited for your needs.

Main Features of KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike and Blix Packa Cargo Ebike

Features KBO Ranger Cargo E-bike Blix Packa Cargo E-bike
Brand KBO Bike Blix
Price $1,699 $1,999
Battery Lithium-ion



Dual Lithium-ion batteries


10.5Ah, 14Ah

Cargo type Mid-tail Mid-tail
Range 60+ miles 40 miles single battery, up to 80 miles dual battery
Motor 750W hub motor 750W hub motor
Brakes Dual Tektro 180mm mechanical disc brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Frames Low 6061 aluminum step-through frame Low 6061 aluminum step-through frame
Tires 20” x 3.0” CST tires 24” x 2.4” CST tires
Pedal Assist Five levels Five levels


KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike

A recent addition to the KBO electric Bike line, this electric cargo bike possesses a few features that make it an excellent choice for a cargo e-bike. Its 840Wh LG battery, when fully charged, can last for a range of up to 60 miles. The bike weighs 77 lbs and has a maximum carrying capacity of 400 lbs.

The pedal assist in KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike has five levels, and it operates using both speed and cadence sensors. The motor can propel the bike to a speed of up to 20mph when activated by the sensors. The Shimano 7-speed shifter allows you to change gears when shifting between different terrains. It also enables you to ride the bike even when the battery is flat. The saddle on this electric cargo bike is adjustable, accommodating riders between heights 4’11” to 6’3”.

This cargo bike uses a dual 180mm mechanical disc brake. This type of brake ensures that you get maximum efficiency anytime you press the brakes, even when riding on an uneven path. KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike also has full fenders, which help keep the bike and the cargo dry when on rough terrain. It comes in two colors: Vibrant orange and cool grey.

Blix Packa Cargo Ebike

Created by Blix in 2019, this 72 lbs electric bike is a favorite for many. It uses a unique dual battery system with a total capacity of 1,228Wh. When fully charged, Blix Packa electric cargo bike can move as far as 80 miles and as fast as 20mph. It has a throttle and a cadence sensing pedal assist that helps propel you and your cargo with minimal effort.

It also has a 7-speed Shimano RevoShift half-grip shifter that allows you easily maneuver the bike across uneven terrains. There are LED front and rear lights, a smart bell, and reflexive, puncture-resistant tires on the bike. These features help to keep you safe when riding.

This electric cargo bike comes with different front and rear cargo attachments. With these attachments, you can arrange your cargo in up to 200 different ways. They also provide extra security, especially when little kids are in the cargo compartment. This bike is highly customizable. There are various associated accessories for the pedals, the cargo compartment, and the front basket.  The electric cargo bike is sold in four color variants which are slate grey, seafoam, sorbet, and sky blue.

Pros and Cons of KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike


  • It is relatively light and compact, making it easy to carry in the trunk of a four-wheeled vehicle.
  • It has a great maximum carrying capacity and a powerful motor, which makes it ideal for carrying heavy machinery
  • You can use it to carry small children on minor commutes and errands, such as going to school and coming back
  • The bike has bright LED headlights and brake lights which help you drive safely at night.
  • The tires are durable and puncture-resistant
  • The bike comes with a small front cargo carrier that you can install.
  • It has a center stand that helps you balance the bike and keep it upright when you are not riding it
  • KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike has an easy-to-read LED display that shows the pedal assist level, speedometer, and many more useful details
  • It charges fast, reaching full charge within 5 hours


  • The cargo compartment might not be comfortable for sitting, especially when you’re traveling long distances.
  • When the bike is fully loaded, it can get too heavy, which makes it difficult to push the center stand from the ground.
  • The bike has a rigid fork, not a suspension fork. This makes it tricky to ride on rough terrain.

Pros and Cons of Blix Packa Cargo Ebike


  • There is a 5V 500mA USB port in the display for charging devices
  • The bike maximizes battery power by automatically cutting off the motor when you press the brake
  • It is easy to load and mount thanks to the low tires and the low step-through frame
  • It comes with many useful accessories such as front and rear baskets, baby seats, and pannier bags
  • It has integrated front and rear LED lights as well as brake lights
  • The sidewalls of the tires are reflective for additional safety
  • The saddle is adjustable and comfortable
  • It has a rust-resistant chain and a big LCD
  • The intuitive half-grip shifter allows you to change gears with just a twist of your right thumb.
  • The cargo compartment of suitable for sitting small children


  • The front fender is close to the front light, so as it rattles, the light rattles as well.
  • Price does not cover batteries and complete accessories
  • When you add the extra battery pack and load cargo onto the bike, it becomes very heavy.


Both KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike and Blix Packa Ebike are good choices for an effective, durable electric cargo bike. They can both be used as a family bike, a personal bike, or a utility bike, for carrying heavy tools. They are both easy and safe to handle, and they both promise impressive battery power and driving range.


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