If Someone Blocked You on Instagram Can you Still Message Them

if someone blocked you on instagram can you still message them

If Someone Blocked You on Instagram Can you Still Message Them

Can you send a message to a person who blocked you on their Instagram? Can you tell if they have blocked you? How can I find out why they blocked me? All of these questions or many more will be answered on this page. 

How can I check if someone blocked you on your Instagram?

It’s easy to stay connected with so many more social media platforms. Still, it’s also elementary to quickly shut someone out. Maybe it’s an ex-partner, an intrusive distant relative, or someone with questionable political views. Regardless of why these people get blocked, it can be difficult to tell if you’re the one who has fallen victim to this block button. While it could be the case that these people you are trying to connect with have deleted or deactivated their accounts, it can be hard to tell. 

If someone blocked you on Instagram, can you still message them?

Their social media has enriched our lives immensely; it has also brought a raft of new insecurities or anxieties. Their social media anxiety is now a thing, or there is a lot of this work done by a psychologist to figure out how we are affected by events on these social networks.

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Can you send a message to a person who blocked you on Instagram?

Depending upon these circumstances, you may want an explanation for why someone had blocked you and to explain when something happened the way it did. Unfortunately, contacting someone would be an easy way to do both if you’re out of your luck. 

Once again, someone blocks you on Instagram, and you have no way of contacting them through this network. Suppose you could ask a mutual friend to contact them. You could try these contacts on a very different network or other methods, but you can no longer do it on Instagram. 

Is it easy to block someone on Instagram?

I know it is; yes, it is very easy to block someone on Instagram. Unfortunately, it seems a little too easy. Every social network platform should have the tools necessary to block these toxic users. Still, if these other tools are also used too often to ghost or drop people, we no longer want to talk to them. 

1. Select confirm and block. 

2. Open Instagram and select this personal profile. 

3. Select the three-dot menu icon to access this menu.

How do I find out when they blocked me?

You will either obsess over this very big question for a while or ignore it if you’re not the ignoring type. You have been blocked pales into this insignificance beside the why.

Sometimes it will be obvious if you said something offensive on a night out or date. You asked something dumb and sent a pic or instant chat you really shouldn’t have. These reasons are many more, or we have all been there. 

Can you tell if they have blocked you?

If they blocked you? It’s hard to say something, as Instagram doesn’t say anything. However, if their profile suddenly disappears or if you cannot find it, can no longer see their posts or stories, some chances are you have been blocked. They search for them, or they won’t be there. 

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A very easy way to find out is to use someone else’s phone. They borrow a friend’s account and search for this person if they are there or contactable for them but still not you if you have likely been blocked. 


I know it is, yes. This person you blocked can see your profile but still not any more of your posts, highlights, and stories on your profile. If you can, you may be wondering how. Sometimes though, these search results or mostly from these previous tags, group messages, or comments. 

As Instagram doesn’t delete previous comments, tapping on them will take these blocked people to your profile. If they will be able to see your profile picture, count of photos, bio, or follower/following count. To reiterate, if they will not see your stories and posts. The area will appear blank.


Their blocking doesn’t delete these likes or old comments from each other’s profiles, as mentioned by Instagram too. These blocked people will be able to see your old comments on their profile, or similarly if you will be able to see their comments on your profile.

However, these likes disappear from each other’s view until you unblock them. Since if you aren’t able to view each other’s profiles, you won’t be able to comment/like new and old pictures during this block period. 


Surprisingly, they blocked this person from tagging and mentioned you could use your username anywhere on his Instagram because your Instagram won’t notify you about it. But still, if you change your username, they won’t be able to mention you as they don’t have your new username. Similarly, suppose you can also tag these blocked persons (for whatever reason). In that case, you still mention they will not appear in these Activities. 

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No or yes. At the same time, their old chat thread disappears from each other’s profile; as they mentioned above, you can use the Send Messages option available on this profile to view past messages, and they even send new messages. 


This last year, Instagram launched these deadly last active status features in these Direct Messages. If you block someone, they will be deprived of it, and it would be you if enabled. 


Well, if you cannot block someone on this Instagram story. Suppose you can only hide and mute stories. Their muting a story will hide the other person’s story from your profile, and with these hide options, you can restrict your story from their view.