iMessage Sent As Text Message | Am I Blocked?

iMessage Sent As Text Message | Am I Blocked?

iMessage Sent As Text Message | Am I Blocked?

If someone blocked you from iMessages, there are many indications. The recipient will neither receive your call nor text from your contact number. If you feel that someone has blocked you, you have to contact him from another phone. If they receive your call, then it means that he stops you.

Another option to determine is to contact the individual using some of the techniques we advised earlier; if your conversations can get through whenever you use a different phone or mask your landline, your contact number is probably blocked.

Steps to know that you have been blocked by someone

Check the shade of blue of the bubbles

Green bubbles signify that you’re delivering conventional SMS messages rather than using Apple’s exclusive communication protocol. However, it’s worth noting that blue bubbles can mean you’ve been barred from iMessage. When your iMessage account is restricted, Apple’s messaging platform will stop direct messages from being received to the recipients over the iMessage method.

If your smartphone has a texting fallback set, this will deliver the communication like a messaging app, which means the texting icon will become green when someone disables you.

Check the status of iMessage conveyance.

Whether you use an Apple, iPad, or laptop, iMessage displays read receipts or delivery alerts of previously delivered texts if your correspondent has it enabled. Here’s a better solution when you don’t notice any such indication.

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This will also occur while the recipient’s Do Not Wake feature is enabled. They receive the delivery message after turning off the DND function. Therefore, you will have been on the blocklist when the status on their end does not modify after a few hours.

Contact the individual who has blocked you.

You still haven’t received a response to your SMS, but there’s no receipt confirmation. What should you do when you do not want to message them? Try and contact the individual you believe has prohibited you.

On iMessage, you conduct a similar trial with the blacklisted number. While dialing from the blacklisted number, the telephone briefly rang. The computerized mail service informed us that the receiver was unavailable and directed everyone to mail.

The blockers would not be notified of any calls or voicemails from the blacklisted number. They will still receive the message, unfortunately. This one will display in the user’s call recording menu in the “permanently blocked message” section.

Try calling from another contact number.

If you’ve exhausted all these options and still can’t contact somebody, you may try calling them using a new phone number. If somebody answers, you might tell that you’ve actively attempted to reach them and worked out whatever concerns or misconceptions they may have. When you try contacting from an alternative phone and have the same response, it’s possible something unexpected is wrong with the user you’re attempting to reach-perhaps they’re merely preoccupied and beyond the shared network.

Search for the moon icon.

The Do not worry options on iOS enable consumers to suddenly stop alerts for everyone but the people and applications they choose—so if you’ve sent somebody an apple and then don’t respond, it could be because their alerts are disabled.

Check again with Messenger.

It is the most daring of all tricks. Whenever someone disables you on one site, they commonly get this on another social networking or communication application whenever they disable you on one site.

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Send a WhatsApp text using these methods to determine when you’ve been blacklisted. The strategy provides a win-win situation. You would either learn that you have been blacklisted, and you’ll be able to effectively ask your contact how they’re not responding to you with the iMessage.

Being restricted by anyone can be quite painful, although it is best and let others choose their personal judgments. So, I recommend that you determine whether somebody on iMessage has prohibited you but instead of all, you have to protect their privacy.

Check the iMessage receipt alert.

Whenever you fax an iMessage, a “Released” message appears underneath it, indicating that the recipient has read your text. You will notice a “Read Receipt” notification in your iMessages, indicating that another user has activated the Messenger app and touched on their chat thread.

However, that feature is not selected automatically. You won’t get that little green signal since the other user has switched it on.

They would have blacklisted you if you were not doing a “Deliverable” or “Received” indication within the messenger conversation. As previously stated, iMessage would not say received if their battery is low off, from our network, or not connected to the Area network.

When to Leave

This will not be what users would like to believe, but keep in mind that whether you are experiencing trouble reaching somebody or feel you have now been obstructed, it is preferable to give him some time. It’s pointless to try to establish a link when none exists. Although it is upsetting when a colleague, coworker, or romantic interest vanishes from the globe, you must maintain calm. Resist worrying about that to the extent of potential victimization, and give users time to express their emotions.

You may always chat to the individual who restricted you to clear up some confusion, take a breather and then get some external vision, or immediately move on if circumstances aren’t continuing to work well.

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2 major reasons for blocking you.

Your conversation does not have infinite text access.

A rejected WhatsApp message is perhaps the result of an issue at that recipient’s end, not just you. When any contact you’re attempting to reach has used up their texting allowance, they may be unable to send text communications unless their program is reset. If that is the situation, try calling them to check whether you can contact them by phone.

People are visiting other states.

If the user is going abroad, emails and texts may also stop. It is customary for airlines to only operate inside the United States, which necessitates changes if they wish to reach customers beyond the nation.

If you’re wondering why your phone isn’t coming through, check to see if anyone has any vacation plans.


iMessage would be Apple’s SMS text program and technology that allows users on virtually any iOS device to interact with each other. Since there is limited two-way compatibility with YouTube’s RCS, the information method establishes iMessage subscribers with a slew of additional features such as shared folders, messaging replies, Facebook posts, and reading receipts. Each of these elements can only accomplish so much in terms of conveying emotions and feelings.