Importance of Entertainment in a Student’s Life Nowadays

Importance of Entertainment in a Student's Life Nowadays

Importance of Entertainment in a Student’s Life Nowadays

Time To Decompress

Students are no strangers to multiple hair-on-fire moments and situations. Continuous pressure, competing demands, and multiple tasks often inflict a lot of stress on them. At worst, many turn out to be suffering from some form of mental health issues.

There are lots of studies out there pointing to the need for a healthy school-life balance. According to Johns Hopkins University, students need to find and maintain a balance between different roles they play to succeed in their studies. That success should not be achieved at the expense of personal life, health, or well-being.

For optimal academic performance, a healthy school-life balance is essential. Academics are frequently prioritized over personal factors such as relationships and exercise by students. As general health and well-being are essential for effective academic functioning, this can contribute to a drop in academic performance. To achieve that kind of equilibrium, students need to find time for entertainment! No one has yet discounted the importance of fun in anything we do. See why it’s important and how it affects our academic performance.

●     Relieves stress

Entertainment is a major stress-reliever. And stress is notoriously known as a silent killer with long-term effects on your well-being. Fun activities are a great and effective countermeasure that prevents or mitigates those effects.

Now, fun activities vary from individual to individual. You need to choose them for yourself. It can be anything from listening to music and taking dance classes to playing pickup basketball or clubbing with your buddies.

Colleges and universities are becoming increasingly amenable to introducing fun activities to manage the stress levels among both teachers and students.

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●     Boosts creativity

Get involved in art, design, or drama to boost your creativity. They are a lot of fun, and they also challenge your brain to think outside the box. There are lots of games that train your memory skills, prompt quick thinking, and encourage your challenge cliches and stereotypes.

By enhancing your power of imagination, you are more likely to complete your college assignments more effectively and efficiently. If you need help with these, make sure you read a credible essay writing services review carefully before you pick an online writing agency to get your essay done. You can thus make sure you hire professional writers to complete your college assignment on time and at an affordable price.

●     Improves communication

If you choose to opt for social activities, you will get to know your fellow students and tutors better. As you exchange your stories about personal lives, hobbies, or kids, you build stronger and more durable friendships. That helps so much with your communication in more formal settings, especially with your teachers or school administration staff.

Entertainment also helps improve your emotional intelligence, as you become more capable of understanding other people’s emotions and feelings. Empathy is an important attribute, and you can’t achieve much success in any walk of life without the ability to appreciate other people’s emotions and their drivers.

●     Recharges your batteries

Students know how intensive classes and studies can sap your energy. Even perfectionists get tired or burnt out once in a while. Rest and recuperation matters, and entertainment is one of the best ways to replenish your mental and physical energy.

There are many ways in which you can do this. Talk to your friends and fellow students to come up with college entertainment ideas you can lead on. Organize Netflix groups to watch favorite movies or TV series, initiate dorm talent shows to discover the hidden talents on your own campus, and encourage students to join nature tours. Those tours can be made more fun by adding opportunities for camping, hiking, and outdoor meals.

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●     Encourages a healthy lifestyle

Entertainment can also be combined with a healthy lifestyle. Encourage your friends to team up and hit the gym for regular workouts. Research shows that when people work out together, they achieve their objectives quicker. Gym buddies can thus engage in a healthy competition, provide on-the-spot feedback on a faulty technique, and spot each other when lifting heavy.

You can also set up competing cooking teams and organize a contest for preparing the best healthy foods for all to enjoy. Award prizes to the winners. One of your contest winners might be a future chef of a Michelin 3-star restaurant!

Balance Matters

Getting a high-quality education is a clear priority for all. Whatever field you choose, studies take a lot of time, effort, and resources to acquire the kind of knowledge and skills that will pave the way for a successful career.

This is no easy job, and it often takes a toll on your mental and physical health. To make sure that your academic achievements do not come at the expense of your well-being, you need to strike a balance between your life and studies. Allocating sufficient time for entertainment in your busy schedule is extremely important.

Not only are fun games enjoyable, but they also help us decompress, take a break, refuel our bodies and brains, and get back to our studies with renewed energy.


Joanne Elliot has been providing student support services at the leading universities across the country. Her expertise lies in the field of mental health. Joann led multiple programs to assist students suffering from continued stress and fatigue. Recently, she has started sharing her experiences via regular blogs focusing on the healthy lifestyle and behaviors for students.