Important ways to maintain long-term eyelash extensions

Important ways to maintain long-term eyelash extensions

Important ways to maintain long-term eyelash extensions

 We all love to have longer and thicker eyelashes, and we try various methods including mascara, eyelash serums, as well as eyelash extensions to achieve our desired look. Today, we are going to talk about the last item, and how to take care of lash extensions to keep them on for longer. Eyelash extensions are among the most common methods of adding lashes to your natural ones to make them thicker and longer for a more beautiful look. Read more to get to know 5 important ways to maintain long lashes naturally with the best serums on the market.

Clean and Brush Them Everyday

Keeping your lashes clean is one of the simplest methods to lengthen the life of your lashes. In terms of your everyday regimen, this includes cleaning your face every day. The good news is that you won’t have to do anything additional if you’ve already built in the suds and scrubbing. We recommend that you use oil-free, foamy cleansers and cosmetics removers to keep your lashes clean and safe.

Together with washing your lashes on a regular basis, you should also brush your lashes with a clean mascara wand every morning but what is the reason for brushing your lashes early in the morning? Your lashes can tangle and flop to the side as you sleep, so brushing them through and fluffing them softly is the key to keeping them in place.

Be Gentle with Your Lashes

The less you interfere with your lashes, the longer they will last, is a basic rule of thumb for eyelash extension maintenance. When you get lash extensions, no rubbing, tugging, or plucking is allowed! If you rub and fiddle with your lash line a lot, your extensions may come out early.

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You could get an itch at your lash line now and again. The great news is that you can relieve the itching without tugging or plucking your lashes too much. Brushing your lashes softly with your mascara wand is a simple method.

Use An Eyelash Extension Sealant

If you’ve engaged in lash extensions, you’ll want to make sure you have a lash sealant as well. This solution helps to prolong the life of the glue used to secure the extension to your natural lashes. It maintains the position of your extensions for a longer amount of time.

In a nutshell, a lash sealant is the ideal aftercare treatment for extending the life of your falsies and improving retention between refills.

Read the Label on Your Mascara

The advantage of lash extensions is that they give you beautiful, long, thick lashes without the need for mascara! We know that a few of you may still want to apply mascara occasionally, and that’s perfectly OK with one caveat: the mascara must be designed specifically for lash extensions.

If you’re a mascara aficionado, stick to water-based formulas. Make sure you read the labels carefully since this is not the same as waterproof mascara.

Do Regular Refills

All of the other suggestions are significant, but this one is the most important! To have a thick, lash line needs you to be present at your refill appointments every two weeks.

Increasing the refill period leads to shedding of your natural lashes, resulting in greater gaps in your lash line. If you wait too long between lash refills, you may need a new entire set, which takes time and money.

Use Lash-friendly Products

Not all cosmetics are suitable for use with lash extensions. Stay away from waterproof mascara, as well as any oil or alcohol-based cosmetics or products. And yes, this includes any oil-based moisturizers used around the eyes.

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Speak to a specialist if you’re ever unsure about the things you’re using or something you’re doing that you’re scared will hurt your lashes.