India Telegram Group Link List To Promote Business

India Telegram Group Link List To Promote Business

India Telegram Group Link List To Promote Business

According to a Sensor Tower report, Telegram currently has India’s most extensive user base, with over 1 billion downloads worldwide. Telegram competes with popular platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook in India, but some differences exist. Facebook and WhatsApp are considered India’s leading social media intermediaries, and both platforms must comply with the new IT rules of India’s Intermediate Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code 2021. 

In India, social media platforms with over 5 million registered users are essential, and you must follow new IT rules. However, in the case of the Telegram App, the government has not expressed much concern about the platform. But now, with a user base of about 22% of over 1 billion registered users, Telegram is not a tiny fish in India. 

What is the installation rate of Telegram in India?

According to a TechCrunch report, Telegram reached an installation base of 214.7 million users in the first half of 2021. It is a significant increase from last year’s 133 million installs. WhatsApp’s controversial privacy policy was the most significant driving force for downloading Telegram. Now that WhatsApp and Facebook need to follow India’s new IT rules, it’s good to know how the Indian government will react to Telegram’s end-to-end encryption.

The Government of India wants WhatsApp to introduce traceability to end-to-end encrypted chat. We want to identify the origin of a particular message to fight fake news, rumors, and hateful emails. WhatsApp believes that introducing traceability compromises privacy and can be used by powers to challenge. WhatsApp has fought in court against the introduction of traceability. Still, as Telegram is now the leading social media intermediary, there is information on how Telegram will handle the new IT rules in India.

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Availability of Telegram Platform 

Users can download the Telegram app in 155 countries (out of 175 countries). Android users in all 155 countries can install Telegram from Google Play. The Telegram app is available for installation in 52 countries (out of the 109 countries where the Windows Store currently operates) in the Windows Store.

What is the amount of Indian Telegram users?

The Telegram app was downloaded 220 million times in India in August 2021, accounting for 22% of all Telegram downloads worldwide.

Top Telegram Features That Indians Might Not Know

Telegram is one of the best communication services with some great perks that can dwarf rivals such as WhatsApp and Signal in terms of functionality. Basic Telegram features, such as the ability to edit messages after sending, are well known but lesser-known, but here are some beneficial features that your app can perform.

Live location and proximity alert 

Telegram users can send live locations to each other, just like WhatsApp. Live locations allow recipients to track senders in real-time at specific times while on the go. However, Telegram also allows both parties to set proximity alerts. These are mini-alerts that sound when another user approaches. For example, you can set a proximity alert when a friend is within 50 meters of you in the mall to find a friend nearby.

To use live location and proximity notifications, go to the contact’s chat window and tap the attachment icons’ paper clip icons. From here, select the Location button and then select Share Your Location. Live locations can be broadcast in 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. When you and your contacts share your live location, Telegram will show both parties on both maps so you can track each other. Select the proximity alert button in the upper right when you are here.

Scheduled silent message 

Telegram allows you to schedule messages sent at specific times. You can also send a “silent” message without a voice if you don’t want to disturb the recipient. It is ideal if you want to send a message to your boss when you know your boss is attending a meeting, or if you want to send something important when your friends are out with your family.

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Custom Theme with good effects 

Telegram has a feature to customize the application interface to your liking. Users can choose from different themes and color combinations within the app to do this. It also changes elements like the background color of chats and messages. To do this, go to Telegram settings by swiping on the hamburger menu on the left side of the application. Select “Settings” and then click “Chat Settings.” This menu displays several themes and color options to choose from. You can also change the curve and font size of the message box.

Editing and replacing images on upload 

Did you send the photo without adding a standard filter and marking the text you want to highlight? Did they send the wrong picture at all? Helpful Telegram. The app also allows users to edit and replace photos after sending them. 

To do this, press and hold the sent image. After sending a text, click the edit button at the top just like you would edit it. There is now a built-in photo editor where you can add filters and draw or crop images. You can also swap the image and send another image instead.

Create Chat Folder 

Telegram allows you to categorize all your chats into different folders. In this way, you can handle groups of chats at once and avoid other chats if they are unimportant. For example, you can set up one group to include chats for all your colleagues and another group to manage your social circles. To do this, go to Telegram Settings and select Folder. Additionally, you are free to create as many folders as you need and add personal chats to each folder and groups and channels. You can order the folders you create, but keep in mind that the default “All Chats” folder is always the first.

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Send animated Emoji 

It gives you the feature to represent Telegram’s standard emojis with animated avatars to enhance their emotional value. These are different from the GIFs that your app sends. To enable animated Emoji, go to Settings / Chat Settings / Large Emoji.

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