What makes Inspiring leader 5e a good dnd spell?

Fleet Pathfinder feat
Fleet Pathfinder feat

Inspiring Leader 5e feat

It’s a great feat to try Inspiring Leader 5e. Just imagine the damage it does to every short rest. Let’s say you have five characters at your level, and they take 12 temp hp each short. If you assume everyone uses Inspiring Leader 5e dnd, you are absorbing 180pts of damage per day. If you have 25 charisma points by the time you reach 20, you are giving 25 points of damage to the cleric before they can start to heal the wounds. It can reduce a bad attack to moderate and absorb a small attack completely.

5e d&d Inspiring Leader

  • Source: Player’s Handbook
  • Prerequisite: Charisma13 or higher

Spend 10 minutes motivating your companions and strengthening their will to fight. You can choose up to six friendly creatures, including you, within 30 feet of your location that can hear or see you and understand you. Temporary hit points can be granted to each creature equal to your Charisma modifier + your level. A creature can only regain temporary hit points after it has completed a short or prolonged rest.

What makes 5e inspiring leader a good dnd spell?

Your group can finish any rest with Inspiring Leader by giving them temporary hit points equal or greater than your Charisma modifier. Everyone at the party will be able to enjoy something similar to Toughness. Although a creature can only gain hit points between rests, it is the cheapest healing available in the game.

What is the average time that temporary hit points last for 5E inspiring leaders?

The Temporary Hit Points don’t have a specific duration. They will last until they are depleted or taken a long rest (PHB198). It can be applied to more people. However, it takes time.

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