Lava Damage 5 for Water Walk in dnd

Lava Damage 5e

Lava Damage 5e in dnd

In nature, Deaths attributed to lava flows are often due to related causes, such as concussions when lava interacts with water, the collapse of an active lava delta that forms where lava enters a body of water, asphyxiation due to bringing toxic gases, pyroclastic flows from a collapsing dome, and lahars from meltwater. But we are in Dungeon & dragons, and we will discuss Lava Damage 5e and water walk in this article. Exercising in high temperatures for prolonged periods can cause exhaustion. The DM’s Guide seems to ignore damage from Lava but does not specify damage for “falling”, etc.

The Improvising Damage Chart is located on page 249 in the DMG. It states that you take this amount of damage per round.

  • 10d10 wading in a lava stream
  • 18d10 Submerged in Lava

If we were to use the same chart for contact, we would likely default to 1d10 (burned with coals on the chart) or 2d10 (2d10) (stumbling into an open fire pit) if a foot/hand was submerged briefly.

What damage would water walk 5e on lava cause in D&D? 

Water Walk 5e

This spell grants the ability to move across any liquid surface – such as water, acid, mud, snow, Quicksand, or Lava – as if it were harmless, solid ground (creatures crossing molten lava can still take damage from the heat). This ability can be used by up to ten creatures that you see within range. The spell concerning damage from Lava can be viewed from the 5e water walk. Your spell will transport your target creature to the surface of a liquid if it is submerged.

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Water Walk 5e

  • Level 3 ritual transmutation
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Distance: 30 feet
  • Components V S M (A piece cork)
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Classes: Cleric, Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer

5e Lava damage dnd

Lava is hotter than fire and would cause it to take 2d10 fire damage. Expect significant damage from 5e lava. The only effect water walking has to keep you from getting submerged in Lava. It would cause 18d10 fire damage per the DMG.

It is the hottest material you can walk on. It can easily burn your hands in just a few combat rounds.

The PC would not be happy with the attempt. They will lose their feet. They are gone. ASH. They will then be making dex saves at a disadvantage to continue walking, and in the next round, they lose their legs below the knee.

Let’s set a benchmark:

  • fire bolt (cantrip): 1d10 fire damage (average 5.5)
  • Witchbol (1st Level): 1d12 Lightning (average 6.5).
  • Shatter (2nd Level): 3d6 Thunder Damage (Average: 10.5)
  • lightning bolt (3rd level): 8d6 fire damage (average: 28)

The appropriate level for me is in the range of the lightning bolt. It is not based on anything other than “feel”.

Can Damage from Lava 5e be enhanced with Elemental Evil?

Remember that the adventure is based upon the Elements. The Lava might or may not be enhanced with Elemental Evil. It is also located in an area that characters should only visit from the third tier. It would almost be suicidally deadly for characters of the 5th level.

  • It’s still quite high damage considering you don’t get any saves. But Lava is hot.
  • It may sound like a humorous but realistic interpretation of Lava: you die. *

* Except if you are immune from fire

  • Open GL-licensed “comprehensive guide to lava, magma and super-heated rocks” lava rules pdf. It includes felsic Lava and andesitic.
  • Narratively, Lava should be frightening.
  • It’s not just frightening. It could cause a lot of harm. It’s terrifying like it’s an impossible force of nature.
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Lava Damage in the 5e DMG

The Dungeon master’s Guide offers some damage on page 249

  1. 10d10/round wading in a lava stream
  2. 18d10/round Being submerged in the Lava


It needs to be corrected and can still stand. Replace wading through by walking over, since you don’t make any depressions on the surface, and douse the latter with Lava.

Remember that lava showers are heavy. It would be fair to add some bludgeoning to the body from the impact of molten rocks to it – which sounds a lot like collapsing roofing (DMG page 122, example trap). That will give you 4d10 bludgeoning and 18d10 heat damage due to just being doused in molten stone. The same damage would also apply to molten metallics.

5e Lava is more complicated and challenging than most game designers realize. Often, falling into Lava can be avoided by making huge saving throws and using large damage dice. This ruleset has significant problems in realism and simulations errors. Who wants to work with them? Do you have 35 d6’s lying around, waiting to cause lava damage 5e?