Is AEW Better Than WWE?

Is AEW Better Than WWE?

Is AEW Better Than WWE?

WWE may soon lose viewers to AEW. Tony Khan, wrestlers Cody Rhodes, Matt and Nick Jackson, and Kenny Omega launched All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on November 5, 2018, and it has since become a key player in the sports entertainment industry.

Is A better than WWE? Let’s compare the two weekly product lines. Is AEW Dynamite better than WWE? Read on to learn why. AEW is the only wrestling brand that features multiple storylines and great match-ups. Its roster includes Adam Page, Cody Garrett Runnels, Rhodes, and more. Read on to find out how AEW fares against the WWE.

AEW Dynamite is the best weekly wrestling product on TV

AEW Dynamite has been one of the best weekly wrestling products on TV in recent years, and Tony Khan has done an excellent job of building a great product. It’s arguably the best wrestling product on television, and with the cannibalization of NXT, its status has become even more specific. While AEW’s stables are a big part of the presentation, the promotion’s success has also led to several star-studded stars, including Bron Breaker. Besides, Cody Rhodes is a big star, and he wouldn’t be around without AEW.

Is AEW Better Than WWE?

AEW’s tag division is world-class, and tag division is the cornerstone of the company. Last week’s main event saw AAA and ROH Tag Team Championships being defended by FTR and the Tokyo Dragons. The tag division is the company’s core, and Dynamite was a showcase for it. But there are some issues. The main issue is the lack of talent and the AEW pandemic.

AEW Dynamite has received praises from the wrestling community since its founding, and despite the problems it encountered in its first year, the promotion has continued to grow and improve. The company has released action figures and has routinely outperformed WWE’s NXT division in the ratings. But unfortunately, while the company has a way of making its employees feel more comfortable in their jobs, it doesn’t necessarily give them the chance to shine.

AEW Dynamite has multiple storylines

The new AEW Dynamite show will take over the TBS Network next month. Fans can expect multiple storylines and a variety of contests, from the newest superstars to veteran stars. The series will also feature a second show on Friday nights, the Women’s title. Despite its newfound popularity, AEW has been careful to keep its storytelling unique and exciting, and that may be why many fans are pumped about the series.

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Bunny had a stellar year during AEW Dynamite, delivering a great babyface promo against CM Punk. However, his storyline was not without its issues, and fans didn’t like it. Many pointed to the fact that the couple was married in real life. Marshall eventually cited the fans’ unhappiness and blamed the fans for making the angle not work.

The first episode of Dynamite was a live event that featured many a surprise guest star. In addition to staring popular WWE and TNA superstars, the show featured stories about the women’s division. The stories revolve around several topics and themes, including the rise and fall of women, the nature of the workplace, and the future of the sport. Despite its numerous storylines, the main event of Dynamite is always a wrestling match.

Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes

In his short career, Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes has become the best wrestler in the world. He was a part of tag teams, winning the tag titles many times with his half-brother, Dustin, and the name Stardust. However, he became disillusioned with WWE and requested his release in 2016.

Before joining the WWE, he had a brief stint in OVW, where he fought Shawn Spears before winning a no-contest match. In 2007, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside his father, Cody Garrett Runnels. He made his first television appearance for the company the night before WrestleMania 23.

In 2011, Cody spent two years in the independent wrestling circuit. He toured the United States, the UK, and Japan. He even worked as a member of the criminal stable Bullet Club. Cody also got to work with Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, and Kenny Omega and organized a show called All-In, which featured wrestlers from different promotions. However, the crowd wasn’t happy, and the attack of the bear mascot overshadowed Cody’s appearance at the All-In.

Adam Page

Many would ask, “Why is Adam Page better than WWE?” It’s not a simple question, but one with several facets. First, the page has the talent and the work ethic, and the company wants him to stay. His in-ring abilities and versatility have made him an excellent choice for AEW. Unfortunately, WWE’s main roster is lacking in a few key areas. The biggest issue is the inconsistency between Page’s wrestling style and other top-tier stars.

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If he were to go to the WWE, he would be a star. However, WWE is not known for its long-term storylines, which would hinder his development. Page is a talented young wrestler with a vast talent pool. But he would never get the respect of the fanbase of WWE. As a result, WWE would have to settle for second place if they were to make Adam Page the face of their brand.

Whether Adam Page is better than WWE depends on the audience. If audiences see more of him in WWE, they will be likelier to watch AEW. It’s important to note that WWE does not want to have a star in the same ring as AEW, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t promoting him. In addition to wrestling, fans can also see his charisma on TV.

CM Punk

CM Punk made his return to the professional wrestling scene last year. After a long hiatus, he made his AEW debut to open up the new weekly show, Rampage. Other newcomers to the AEW roster include Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar. With these additions, AEW has become a force in the professional wrestling world.

Is AEW Better Than WWE?

CM Punk’s run in AEW has been much better than his time in the WWE. His feud with the MJF storyline is one of the most entertaining in history. And while his prime was years ago, he’s still one of the best in the world. Moreover, AEW’s match quality is superior to that of the WWE. It’s a matter of taste.

AEW was once limited to battling the WWE’s NXT brand for Wednesday night ratings. Now, it has become one of the world’s most popular independent wrestling promotions. AEW handled the return of CM Punk with more respect and class than the WWE did. In addition, AEW attracted two former WWE stars, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Darby Allin

A few weeks ago, Darby Allin denied referring to former WWE Superstar CM Punk by saying AEW is better than WWE. The comments came shortly after AEW announced it was coming to CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago on August 20. CM Punk often referred to himself as the best in the world while he was an active wrestler, and the comments only fueled speculation about whether he’d be a part of AEW.

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Darby Allin’s name was first associated with AEW during the first week of AEW’s debut. He wrestled Cody to a time-limit draw at Fyter Fest in June and at Dynamite the following January. Allin’s rise to prominence in AEW has sparked many comparisons between AEW and WWE. However, Darby Allin, whose name is synonymous with toughness and a challenging personality, says AEW is better than WWE.

Despite AEW’s alleged lack of respect for WWE, Chester doesn’t want to feel emotions while watching a wrestling show. AEW has been able to capitalize on homegrown stars like Kool Kyle and Darby Allin into babyfaces. While WWE’s booking is often more traditional, AEW has a more modern approach to building its stars.


MJF vs. AEW has been brewing for quite a while. The former WWE star recently made some controversial remarks about Tony Khan, the owner of AEW. Among other things, he accused Khan of signing former WWE stars to big contracts. However, MJF responded to Khan’s remarks with a vulgar tweet. Next, we will look at some of the issues surrounding MJF’s future in the company.

AEW has a history of good long-term storytelling. Their Hangman Page and Kenny Omega feuds are two great examples of this. This feud has been ongoing for a long time, and the two may eventually meet in the ring. It’s difficult to say what will happen, but either can win. A big question that remains is: Who will emerge as a babyface? The AEW roster is full of highly talented wrestlers who can challenge the biggest names in wrestling.

MJF vs. AEW is a challenging situation for both sides. Khan and AEW must tread a thin line to maintain the trust of their fans. A public dispute would result if either party were caught short-changing their fans. If this were to happen, AEW would be in a significant crisis. On the other hand, if the AEW/MJF feud were to be resolved publicly, MJF could respond with a series of answers to the questions that fans are asking.