Is Broly Canon in Dragon Ball Super?

Is Broly Canon

Is Broly Canon in Dragon Ball Super?

Is Broly canon in Dragon Ball Super? If you’re a fan of the series, then you’re probably wondering if the character exists in the manga or anime. There are many theories, but they all come from the same source: the Dragon Ball Super series. This article will explain a few more controversial ideas, including which characters are canon and what the future holds for Broly and SSJ4.

The new Dragonball Super movie, written by Akira Toriyama, has remade the Broly character, giving him a new backstory, character design, and power level. This new version of Broly is canon, but the older movies Toriyama didn’t write are still not canon.

Broly’s new movie is canon, just as Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F were as far as whether the old movies were canon. While it’s debatable whether the latter two films were, the first one at least fit into the timeline reasonably enough.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The reimagined version of the brutish Saiyan, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly,” is not canon. While the original Broly was huge, it was toned down by creator Akira Toriyama, who understood the need to ground his characters in humanity. The series’ second season introduced a new Broly, whose tragic origin story flipped preconceived notions of the monster. Although Broly may still be a bad guy, he does have the potential to become good.

The Dragon Ball Super: Broly series will be considered canon. It will be a continuation of the Super series’ storyline and set a precedent for future incarnations of the super Saiyans. The film will set the stage for a new super Saiyan with the same name, called the Legendary Super Saiyan. The character must hold up against Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct.


SSJ4 is a fictional character from Dragon Ball Super. The GT has reimagined it as an exquisite Saiyan. Its body is adorned with wild hair and ruby fur. In addition, its golden eyes resemble those of SSJ4. This character has a very similar body type to SSJ4.

Despite its differences from canon, Dragon Ball Super, Broly, and Z are a part of the Dragonball Super and Z franchises. While Dragon Ball GT and the Dragon Ball Movies are not canons, they have direct input from the creators. Broly’s version of SSJ4 may play a role in the series’ next power-up. Fans can catch up on the series on Adult Swim during Toonami. It is also available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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While many think Broly is too timid, it’s important to remember that his intelligence is not confined to fighting. He was once a Vampa, but later, he reverted to a human form. That means Broly doesn’t understand basic emotions like love and anger, and his motivations are quite different from those of his rivals. He also has different motivations than Kale, as we’ll see.

Super Saiyan 5 was first mentioned in Dragon Ball GT but is not canon. The character’s current form is C-type, a weaker version of the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation. Vegeta can achieve this form, but it isn’t easy to control. It also has raw power far more significant than Super Saiyan 2.


The question of whether Dragon Ball Super is canon is a controversial one. The franchise has been around for over 20 years, and while the first three films were considered canon, the fourth Dragon Ball Super movie was not. Though it was an animated film, the Dragon Ball Super movie was not based on the manga by Akira Toriyama. It was only a spinoff of the series that could be considered canon. However, that status has changed in the recent release of the Dragon Ball Super movie, and many fans are excited to see where the story takes the series in the future.

Although Broly is widely regarded as one of the franchise’s most important characters, his place among fans has been controversial. While there have been fan-wars regarding whether Broly is canon, the Legendary Super Saiyan has remained a controversial character for the most part. But this debate has only been fueled over time. The manga is not an official canon source and has been disregarded by many fans.


As one of the most important characters of the Dragon Ball franchise, Broly is also the most controversial. His canonization is up for debate, and there are many fan-wars over whether he is canon. However, he is a beloved character in the Dragon Ball series. Let’s take a closer look at the character and the debate surrounding his canonization. Below are some things to remember when deciding whether Broly is canon.

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Dragon Ball is a fantastic series that has produced enormous content, including manga and video games. But it is not a formal canon timeline written by the creator, Akira Toriyama. If you’re a newcomer to the series, you may wonder why a character you love isn’t considered canon. That is a common question, and the answer is complicated. Below are a few examples of situations in which Broly is not canon.


Considering the new film SSJ8 canon, the answer to the question will be no. Broly’s first three appearances are not canon. The Dragon Ball Super manga and the Battle of the Gods movie, released in 2018, are. However, the new movie fits into the timeline reasonably well. It is up to the fanbase to decide. In the meantime, we can enjoy the latest trailer of the film.

Broly is known to be highly muscular, and as such, he is the most iconic character in the Dragon Ball franchise. Because of his controversial place among fans, fan-wars have ensued over whether or not Broly should be canon. It is important to note that the fandom of Dragon Ball Z has remained staunch in their opposition to Broly being canon. However, it has also been suggested that Broly may be in SSJ8 after all.


Some fans believe that Broly’s character arc is canon, even if his appearance in SSJ9 isn’t. This idea is not common among fans, though. Some think that the character’s canon status is a matter of taste, while others say SSJ9 is the accurate canon version. While we won’t get into those arguments, it’s worth considering whether Broly is canon or not.

The earliest appearances of Broly in the Dragon Ball franchise came in 1993’s feature film. Although the character never made it into the manga, he has now appeared in three separate movies. Despite his appearances in these three films, fans still debate whether or not SSJ9 is canon. There have been numerous debates about whether Broly should be considered a canon character. Here are a few reasons why fans might feel differently.


There are a lot of debates about whether or not SSJ10 is Broly canon. The answer depends on which version of the manga you read and what you want to make canon. There is much room for interpretation here, but I think SSJ10 is canon, as it follows the timeline and is consistent with the anime. This article will discuss the main points and explain why each version is canon.

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While Broly is one of the most famous characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, he is controversial. His lack of canon status has sparked fan-wars. In addition to the fact that he is a film character, his absence in the manga is problematic. While many fans would prefer Broly to be canon, Toriyama considers the manga and films part of the Dragon Ball canon, even though they aren’t based on the manga.


Many people are confused about whether or not SSJ11 is Broly canon. The new show from Akira Toriyama could answer these questions, but a few things make it hard to say whether or not it is. Let’s look at what Broly does. He’s a Saiyan. He knows how to transform. When he transforms, he can do the same thing Goku does.

Dragon Ball has a lot of canons. The manga and cartoons have an extensive canon. However, the creators have yet to write a formal canon timeline. That is confusing to newcomers to the series. While some of their favorite characters may become canon in the future, it’s still best to follow the manga or TV show. Whether or not SSJ11 is Broly canon will depend on how many episodes the show has so far.


Whether SSJ12 is canon or not is a heated debate, with some fans claiming the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie is canon and others questioning it entirely. While the official stance is unclear, fans have quickly pointed out that Broly is the most potent fighter ever to face Goku. And the SSJ12 series is the definitive work of the franchise. While Broly is undoubtedly capable of many powerful moves, his inability to control his power makes him a formidable opponent for the Saiyan.

The most notable change, however, is that the character will finally be able to fight SSJ12. The series has been stuck in non-canon limbo for 25 years. It is the “glass ceiling” that’s kept some famous characters from becoming canon. Now, with Broly, fans absorb the new information, opening the floodgates for other characters in official storylines.