Is Eren the Strongest Titan/ Shifter in Attack on Titan? Titan vs Shifter

Is Eren the Strongest Titan/ Shifter in Attack on Titan? Titan vs Shifter

Is Eren the Strongest Titan in Attack on Titan? Is Eren a Titan and or Titan shifter? What is the difference between Titan and Titan shifter?

Eren holds the title of Attack titan and is the creator. He defeated Reiner when they first met and could have defeated anyone without Bertolt interfering. Eren is the founder and by far the strongest Titan. Eren also smashed down the war hammer and also ate Emma Tybur. Eren can take on the jaw titan using his skill and strength. His size and the armored are alike. However, he could take Reiner down using a method. Even though he cannot beat the colossal size, the founder definitely can. The founder is enormous and towers over the colossal Rod Reisses’s Titan and even the first founder.

Eren Yaeger is one of the most powerful shifters of the present stage of manga. That is the range of talents he’s acquired to demonstrate my point. I’m planning to put Eren against Armin, who is his “friend” (depends on the current manga as of now). But I have to point out that Eren isn’t a Titan and is Shifter. Before that, let us understand the difference between Pure/ Abnormal Titan vs Titan Shifters.

Titan vs Titan Shifter

Unlike Pure & Abnormal Titans, Shifters have a lifespan of 13 years because of the Curse of Ymir. Furthermore, another Titan should eat them to control who inherits their powers. Otherwise, a random Eldian will become the next Shifter, making the Shifters’ futures grim no matter what.

Who owns Colossal Titan now?

Armin is currently the owner of Colossal Titan, a titan that stands 60 meters tall. There aren’t any other Titan Shifters that are at this height, and the average titan shifter is only 15m tall as the height of a Titan unless it’s The Jaws as well as the Cart. A massive size has many advantages. For instance, the Colossal Titan can carry more mass and strength and an elevated body temperature capable of igniting things. Because of his size, his height is more significant than walls which measure 50m. So the walls won’t keep anyone safe. His ability to ignite things applies to flying debris. That is used in the most recent episode of the series. It not only sets more fires following the area and the terrain, but it is also considered a pyroclastic stream. The enormous explosions of hot debris come from a volcano during the beginning of the blasts. That is a medium-range attack and the ability to step up on things.

Eren as a Titan

I believe that is a powerful weapon. In the latest episode, Eren, as a titan, is trying to get the Titan’s feet and is subsequently knocked off the Wall’s top. The Ability of Nuke is one of the most notable ones. It is when the Shifter was first transformed and released vast amounts of energy. And he degraded the entire space surrounding it. In addition, there is the capability to let steam out, which is controlled by burning off the exterior on the Colossal Titan itself. That signifies that the Colossal Titan cannot move while in this state and will use energy. Thus, it limits the time that it can be utilized in a single session. It is therefore vulnerable in battles of attrition because it consumes more energy to maintain its size. 

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It is hard to master and to evaluate to test its limits and to master the use of the power of brute force, even though it isn’t challenging to utilize. However, I think it’s since the current user is Armin. Even if not, he is the most knowledgeable player in Attack on Titan. The use he makes of his Colossal Titan will maximize its potential and may even enhance the past experiences of previous players. His innate ability to adapt to the mistakes made by prior users. The strategic usage of the Titan can make an individual among the most potent Shifters.

How many Titans Eren has? Is he the most powerful Titan shifter?

Eren currently holds 3 Titans, including the Attack, Founding and the Warhammer Titan. First of all, The Attack Titan comes with no particular skill, aside from the ability. It is important to note that Eren does not depend on a feature of his Titan. As a result of this, it is hard for him to be comfortable. For example, Reiner could be too focused on the Armor that he wears. He is reckless, believing that the Armor is unbreakable and taking on various risks. Eren frequently has the benefit of doing training with Hanji. He is aware of his strengths and limitations and can quickly build these skills. Eren also can make his knuckles harder in layers, which function as dusters of knuckles. Hanji has developed the idea that, as a crystal is distributed across an entire body, the less potent it is. It is the reason that the tiny amounts of crystal found on the knuckles of Eren could easily break the Armor that is Reiner’s Titan. Because of its size of 15 meters, the body is highly flexible. It has a lot of potential and room for further improvement. Combat at a short distance is required, leading to the necessity for training. However, I don’t believe that this is a concern (yet) within the tale since Eren is highly skilled in using his fists, just as Annie was adept at her kicks.

His skill will not be instrumental if you fight Armin because it requires close-range combat. The only way to beat the Colossal could be to attack the nape. Eren cannot achieve this feat with the available abilities to Attack Titan.

Then comes Eren’s founding Titan is a way for anyone in contact with royal blood to take control of the mindless Titans. In everyday situations, the ability isn’t advantageous. However, what if the conflict against the Colossal was fought in the vicinity of the Walls? Suppose you were to go to any place in Paradis. In that case, there’s likely to be regular-sized Titans to fight and leave the Colossal in peace, even before Eren kicks them off to the Moon or something else.

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Is Armin more intelligent than shifters?

Suppose it was close to any of these walls or even within the walls. Eren would have a powerful weapon in his arsenal. It implies that Colossal 60m titans within the walls can be summoned and are a problem for Armin to take on. Of course, Armin is more intelligent than Shifters. Still, we’ve also observed Shifters become overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of Titans. Also, Armin can limit time. However, it’s unclear if Wall Colossals possess a similar vulnerability.

Additionally, millions of people could be inside the walls, and Eren could only require just a fraction of those to beat Armin. The Founding Titan also has a hefty regeneration evident on Eren when he is in Titan and human form. As shown in various instances, Eren regenerates much faster than regular Titans and Shifters. It was evident particularly in the Berserk mode and when he carried the rock. The boulder would require continuous regeneration to bear its weight and stone without getting crushed. When Eren strikes at the Smiling Titan, his lower arm regenerates instantly. 

That is probably an aspect that is passive to this Founding Titan. Not only can Eren be able to withstand being kicked by the Colossal and the Colossal, but he’ll be prepared to strike back quickly.

How powerful was Eren’s Warhammer Titan?

The most recent addition to Eren’s collection is the Warhammer Titan. It is stunning. It allows for precise control over Titan Crystal. It could produce a Crystal that is so strong that it is invulnerable to destruction. There was just one exception. In the case of Jaws Titan, Porco’s Jaws were significantly toughened. It is a characteristic of Eren’s Titan ability, even though Eren is relatively new to this capability and has shown promising indications of how to use his abilities. Eren used it to burrow through the cell without damaging the insides while covering the entry point. The spears completely pierced each Armored and the Jaws Titan with massive spikes composed of crystals, which hindered the two. It could cause severe destruction for it. 

Colossal Titan: It’s not quite at the nape; however, nailing down its feet, the principal weapon of attack, could be advantageous. The legs could even get damaged, and it could put the Colossal down to its knees, drawing the nape a little closer. We’ve also seen other possible uses for Warhammer. It is like using ranged weapons like crossbows and the capability to wrap yourself in the incredibly massive Titan Crystal, which is an effective defence strategy. 

It is believed that the Colossal Titan wouldn’t harm this crystal. The Titan Shifter and the Warhammer can tunnel themselves under the ground. Both can create Titan bodies from distances it can control by using the cable that connects the two. A Colossal Titan probably lacks the eyesight and dexterity needed to maintain the line. 

Additionally, if Eren hasn’t mentioned his ability to Armin already, it could be another potential ace in his arsenal. The Warhammer could create a massive, lengthy, pole-like and hefty Hammer. It will undoubtedly take out the leg bones of the Colossal regardless of how thick they may be.

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Eren is more likely to seek out Armin. Eren will be more inclined to look for Armin than vice versa, resulting in Eren being much more prepared. Even though Armin is exceptionally strategic and calculating, he’s not going to stand many chances.

As it goes beyond imagination

Armin is contemplating a way to stop Marley’s march in Paradis and possibly something else. The idea is Armin is an insane genius, and you let him be, or is that right? He sat down to observe a flash of lightning from the far distance, and he employed ODM gear to find the area. At this point, all other Titan Shifters are the threat of Paradis as they shift to the outside of Shiganshina? 

That implies some attack. A single shifter has been confirmed. When he arrives on the scene, Armin spots the distinct Titan.

There is no way to speak to him without touching him. He uses this opportunity with the added element that of surprise detonate the entire area.

The perspective of Eren is changing.

Eren walks towards the Walls and then transforms around 1 km away. It was not too far from the Wall, and however, it was close enough to be seen. Armin will probably be the first one to be triggered. In the end, it was an attempt to make him angry. In the words of the Devil, He is here!

Eren can stay in a safe underground space with crystals and is protected when the nuke strikes. Eren appears to be in good shape because he is dark and in the middle of massive feet. It moves away and reveals a furious Armin. Eren runs away using ODM equipment and then runs towards the walls while there’s a chance.

Armin runs after him and throws debris that is burning. The entire group misses Eren, who travels faster than Armin, the Colossal Titan. Armin is aware that he suffers the disadvantage of being a Colossal Titan, which only can perform one Transformation at a time. However, Eren is at least three.

Eren is now standing on the Wall and looks towards Armin’s eyes to the eye. Eren reaches for the closest Colossal Titan with Royal Blood, and then Shiganshina’s walls Shiganshina begin to shake.

Many hundreds, if not thousands, of Colossal Titans were bursting out 60 meters in height and were massive. Armin might steam Eren as the Titan was in view and even blow his skies high. Or he might or explode out from the Colossal Titan to fight Eren. However, it was already falling, so there wasn’t any way Armin could take on Eren by hand. Steaming also can slash the rubble that surrounded the Titans and allow them to release more quickly, and Armin could move during the time.

Armin has also utilized most of his gas to chase Eren’s position using his ODM equipment.

In that instant, Eren takes his chance to strike from behind, and then he hits Armin’s legs using his Warhammer that puts Armin on his knees. Eren covers Armin with a swarm of Colossal Titans so that Armin cannot escape, however at the exact moment, Armin bitch slaps Eren’s Titan. Eren quickly recovers and takes on the nape using numerous shots fired from his crossbow. Armin knows that this is the final shot, and he can’t be going to get steam due to his long-running use of the Titan. Even if the Titan did steam, it would only briefly rid Eren of Eren before the time that his fellow Colossal Titans closed in to destroy him.