Armin titan form | Age, Birthday and sex in Attack on Titan

Armin titan form | Age, Birthday and sex in Attack on Titan

Does Armin have a Titan form?

Armin titan form: When in Armin’s Colossal Titan form, Armin has no skin and is exceptionally tall and roughly similar to the Bertholdt Colossal Titan. The Titan is elongated and has stocky arms that extend to the knees and strong legs that are short with thick feet. The last scenes from Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 6 reveal Armin Arlert transform into an insanity-filled Titan and eating the helpless Bertolt. After eating Bertolt in the Titan shape, Armin became the new owner of the Colossal Titan power.

Who are you? Are you Armin from Attack on Titan? Your form is unrecognizable!!!

Armin titan form
Armin titan form

Armin Arlert is the 15th and, currently, the commanding officer of the Survey Corps, named so by Hange Zoe before their deaths. Also, he was a friend from childhood of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman and is one of the deuteragonists from the series. Although he’s the most physically weakest member of those in the 104th Training Corps, his ability to think strategically and with a sharp mind makes him an indispensable asset, particularly when paired with Hange. For example, following the battle of Shiganshina District, he took strength from The Titans by Bertolt Hoover. As a result, he came into possession of the Colossus Titan.

Armin Titan form gif 


Armin Human Form

Armin is a boyish-looking face, sporting large brown eyes and a small pointed nose that’s red. His blonde hair is styled in an extended, slicked-back cut with bangs that cover the entire forehead. Armin has distinct eyebrows and sideburns that indicate his age. His body is like it’s always been, a bit thin and lacking muscle, but not as defined. In the Liberio attack, Armin is seen wearing an ordinary cloak for concealing reasons before transforming. However, he’s noticeably more extensive and also has his hair cut shorter.

When is Armin’s birthday? How old is is he in season 4?

Armin’s birthday is on November 3rd. He is 15 years old in season 4

As a member of the Survey Corps, Armin is photographed wearing the new black uniform to support an evening raid against Marley.

Armin was relatively short for his age as a teenager, even though Armin had a distinct body. Armin had a round face with blonde hair cut in the form of a bob. He had big expressive eyes with brown eyebrows.

Armin wore a long-sleeved single-buttoned coat with an untidy shirt and long dress pants and shoes for dress in his early years. As an officer in the 104th Training Corps, Armin wore the standard 104th Training Corps uniform with an under-shirt of white buttons.

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Before the revamp of their uniforms, Armin was wearing the standard Survey Corps soldier outfit. Under his short brown jacket, he was wearing a unisex button-up shirt with a white collar like the one he had worn as a teenager. Similar to his fellow soldiers, Armin supplemented his outfit with a massive cape in green when he participated in the missions outside the Walls and tasks. Also, he wore long brown boots that reached almost to the knees, similar to the other soldiers.

Is Armin a boy or girl? What is the sex?


Is Armin a boy or girl?
Is Armin a boy or girl?

Armin is a boy. There are some reasons worth consideration:

  • His appearance is male. That is not always telltale due to traps.
  • Armin uses distinctly male language in Japanese. (He refers to himself as 僕ぼく (Boku), a male pronoun, relatively rarely used by females unless they are traps.)
  • The Shingeki no Kyojin Wiki refers to him as male.
  • Armin is a boy’s name. (One source, but there’s many.)
  • A male in the English dub voices him. Though a female speaks him in Japanese, this is common for young or weak boys (Shinji Ikari, Edward Elric, etc.). However, a male voicing a female character is exceedingly rare, and I doubt the mangaka

Colossus Titan form: Armin

Armin has no skin as the Colossus Titan form and is exceptionally tall, much like Bertolt’s Titan. Armin’s Titan form is elongated and skinny with arms that extend past the knees and powerful legs, with thick and short legs. The feet of his Titan is designed to allow it to stand up without being thrown over by its size and proportions. The Titan’s upper part is also relatively thin and has an exposed and rib cage visible on the sides and front. The face is missing an eye, and a large portion of its skin is replaced with bone. The eyes of Armin’s Titan form are dark and sunken and are surrounded by muscle. The teeth of Armin are visible because of the absence of facial skin. But, unlike the prior Colossus Titan, Armin’s Titan has lips enclosed by a specific muscle. The thing that makes Armin’s Titan distinctive is the open windpipe visible in its neck. It has only two tendons to the front of it. There are no noticeable outer ears.

Armin Pure Titan form

Before gaining the ability from Colossus Titan from Bertolt Hoover, the Armin’s Pure Titan form shared many of the characteristics of his human counterpart. For example, it had shoulder-length blond hair and a small, slim body, lips that were missing lips or eyes, and an elongated nose. Additionally, the bones of the Titan could be seen through the skin, and its arms were also highly skinny. While the exact height of the Titan was not determined, it was found as being large enough to be able to see across a three-story roof of a house.


As a young man and naturally curious, Armin was fascinated with the world outside the Walls. When he was a kid, Armin was able to find and study an illegal book on the world outside that was his grandpa’s property. He shared with Eren Yeager, who became his most trusted friend, about the book and its information. Unfortunately, youngsters labeled Armin as a heretic by his unique curiosity about the world outside. As a result, he was frequently taken advantage of and picked on. Too insecure about defending himself, Armin would often rely on his close friends Eren or Mikasa Ackerman to guard him from the local bullies.

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His weak body caused many apprehensions for Armin. It led him to be self-conscious and to consider himself an unwelcome burden to other children. That is why Armin has always been keen to prove himself. When he was a kid, He believed that he’d be able to claim himself as a genuine equal to his peers one day.

As Armin became older, he enrolled in military classes. Upon graduation, He was a member of the Survey Corps with Eren and Mikasa. Firstly, he was determined to create an important and lasting impression on the world and, secondly, to achieve his desire to travel to the world outside. It had remained a necessary trait in his character. Since he was just a kid, and drove him to go to any lengths to ensure that humanity prevails in the face of the Titans.

Armin suffered from low self-esteem during his training and even for a brief period following his graduation. At this point, Armin considered himself to be ineffective because of his lack of physical strength and skills. But, shortly after graduating, He realized that his brain could be a great asset to the military and that he could use his brain to assist people. Therefore, Armin gradually gains confidence in himself and his capabilities. But, he may be self-conscious sometimes. The fact that he’s so willing to put his life on the line to reach a goal proves that he does not consider his own life worth in the way he ought to.

Why didn’t Annie takedown Armin on the 5th Expedition Beyond the Walls?

At least in her head, she isn’t an antagonist. She might be an antagonist for the principal characters of the Anime; however, she does not see herself as an antagonist. She doesn’t see herself as an evil person.

She could not gain at all from the death of Armin. The only people in the group she killed were those who threatened her titanic appearance. She was trained with them and had made friendship bonds with a handful of them. The explorers were uncomfortable with her after they had learned how she worked.

Her primary goal was to capture Eren and then deliver him to her employers/masters (it isn’t clear who was charged with the kidnapping as per the manga in Chapter 66).

The reason for not taking down Armin might be:

Armin was not dangerous. His skills at vertical maneuvering were abysmal, and even if he tried to attack her titan form, she would be able to squat him.

She doesn’t see her as a monster or even thinks she’s evil, so she is not motivated by random killing.

Further details on her self-image. She’s an individual who can transform into a titan (in opposition to the case of Ymir, who was the Titan for over 60 years before she was granted the ability to change). She lives a comfortable life as a member of members of the MP Brigade. She’s not a psychopath. She might feel a sense of camaraderie or friendship towards Armin. Keep in mind that Armin has a very charming personality. He is a great friend to anyone.

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In regards to her persona, Shingeki no Kyojin Wiki states:

But, she appears to have an odd fascination. And even feelings of respect for those with a deep moral sense and a sense of righteousness. It seems to me that Armin is in that category.

Perhaps murdering Armin at the time might take longer than verifying that he’s not Eren and that she is determined to achieve her objective. Armin was not the only one. The act of killing Armin could bring the other explorers into a war-like rage to take revenge on the man who was his friend (maybe not, but who knows?).

What happened when Armin obtained titan-like form?

Chapter 85. Armin disengaged the Titan of Eren to create a crystalized titan body. But it came with a price. Armin was hit by a stream of steam that burned his body. Eren finally defeated the gigantic Titan, only to realize that Armin was dying. Eren then asked Levi to inject Armin to take a bite of Bhertohlt(sorry if the spelling is incorrect ). Levi was about to give the injection to Erwin, but someone with Erwin told him that Erwin required the injection. I’ll not spoil it for you; however, Armin changed into a titan and consumed the Bertolt at the final. It means that after beating the colossal Titan. Armin is alive but close to death. Levi decides to give him the most potent serum they have, which is when Armin transforms into an absolute titan. He consumes Bertolt and gains the power of the colossal Titans.

What is the way Armin obtained his Colossal Titan form in AOT?

Armin creates a plan for winning against Bertholt and Eren in the fight they will face in season 3, part 2. However, Armin is willing to sacrifice himself so that Eren has the opportunity to drag Bertholt from the Colossal Titan form. Instead, colossal Titan makes use of his steam to melt Armin’s body completely.

However, after Eren takes Bertholt away, Levi connects with Eren, who has the serum that transforms humans into an insensible Titan. Both Eren and Levi discover that Armin is alive. Eren recommends Levi infuse Armin into the serum so that he will transform into the Titan and eat Bertholt to transform into The Colossal Titan. However, a soldier arrives with the Captain, who is almost dead (the blonde-haired Captain that Levi follows, I don’t recall the name of his Captain). Levi has difficulty choosing which option to use, whether injecting the Captain by injecting the serum. Armin.

Finally, Levi is convinced that Armin should be injected using the serum. Armin receives the serum and transforms into a wild Titan, after which he eats Bertholt. He then can return to human. After eating Bertholt in his non-intelligent Titan appearance, Armin has received intelligence and Colossal Titan’s abilities in his Titan form. He can also transform into the Titan as Eren.

In essence, it is the case that both Armin and Erwin were suffering from severe injuries following their battle against the Warriors. Levi is the person who was given Titan Serum. Titan Serum, thus he is the one who exercises judgment on who should take the serum. What was the reason Armin came to be the recipient of the serum? Erwin was the most suitable option. Levi’s motive was to see Erwin at peace and didn’t want to drag Erwin back to the abyss. In addition, Armin did contribute a considerable amount to his fellow members of the Recon Corps.

However, Armin had to eat Bertholt to transform into a human being – a Titan shifter, making it more specific. It’s sad, but that’s the way the majority of stories end. That is all about Armin Titan form.