Can the Xbox controller connect to a PS4? One question gamers ask

Can the Xbox controller connect to a PS4

How can the Xbox controller connect to a PS4?

It may sound weird for some people because these are two different gaming accessories. The Xbox falls under Microsoft and the PS4 was developed by Sony. Let’s take the example of someone owning a Samsung phone but using AirPods as hands-free. The question is, can it work? Are they both compatible with each other? And the answer is yes, however to some extent and it also depends on which Xbox controller you are using and you should keep in mind that in case it doesn’t work, you know that it was a risk you took knowing how different those devices are even in terms of their manufacturers so they disappoint shouldn’t be that big but rather buy the one that is compatible to the device you own. So let us explore, “Can the Xbox controller connect to a PS4?”

How to connect Xbox controllers to the DualShock.

Xbox One S.

The new version of the Xbox One S controller comes with a Bluetooth radio and the PS4 uses Bluetooth and this is where the magic happens. The truth is, they so connect but there is a setback. They can connect but it doesn’t guarantee that both devices will have interaction. There is a chance you won’t be able to get input that will enable you to register on the PS4 with the Xbox controller.

Xbox 360.

The answer to this unfortunately no. The 360 controller is not in any way compatible with the PS4 so it’s a wastage of time even trying.

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Comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One S controllers.

It’s crazy how different devices can have the same functions but one seems to be ahead of the other and this time, it’s the PS4 facing off the Xbox One S controller to see which one works best for gamers and most of the points to be mentioned can be useful for those who are interested in buying gaming accessories. Let’s look at both their physical features and see the difference and similarities.

Features PS4 Controller  Xbox One Controller.
Size 161mm× 57mm× 100mm 152mm×101mm× 43mm
Weight 210g 280g
Number of buttons 18 17
Ports Micro USB type B

Extension port

3.5mm headphone jack

Micro USB

Extension port

3.5mm headphone jack

Connectivity Bluetooth




Battery Integrated Li-lon battery Two AA removable batteries
Compatibility PS3



Xbox one


Other features LED light bar

Motion sensitivity

Built-in mono speaker


Sensor feedback triggers


After looking at those features, we will point out key points that make one better than the other.

  • When it comes to weight, the Xbox one controller is heavier as compared to the other and for something like this, you want something portable.
  • For the headphone jack, the Xbox controller is better in the aspect that it can work with any Bluetooth adapter because it works on the PC.
  • We also saw similarities in compatibility, connectivity, ports and when it comes to buttons, PS4 has one more button putting ahead of the Xbox one controller.

What was not mentioned in the table are the fact they both have directional pads, two analogue sticks, two triggers and four face buttons. These features have also different functions that make the devices unique from the other.

When it comes to analogue sticks, the Xbox one controller are designed in a way that it’s easier for the gamer to interact with it however when it comes to functionality, the PS4 is much recommended because of its firmness and the ability to allow movements when needed.

For triggers, the Xbox one controller is way much better as compared to the PS4 controller because of the haptic feedback motion that helps in gamer immersion for example in racing kind of games. There is not much to say for the other controller in this aspect.

Questions to ask about Xbox controller and PS4 console.

  • How compatible is the Xbox one controller with the DualShock?

They are not compatible. Gamers use different tricks to have them work together but if you are not wise enough, you can get them to work together.

  • Can all the Xbox series controllers connect with the PS4?

It’s possible. Xbox one controller automatically connects to the DualShock by pressing the Xbox one home button and if you have the new Xbox controllers, you are good to go.

Can the Xbox controller connect to a PS4?
Can the Xbox One controller connect to a PS4?
  • Is it possible to connect the controller to a PS4 and get it to work properly?

No. It won’t work on its own but rather if you get the attachment that will help hook into the micro USB for your Xbox controller and battery. In case you have the new version of the  Xbox One S, they usually come equipped with a complete Bluetooth radio. This can help you connect to the DualShock

  • Is there a way to connect an Xbox one controller to a PS4 without the adapter?

All brands have their standards and they work according to that not according to the standards of a completely different product from it. So the answer is no.

  • Which other controllers work on the PS4?

First party PS4 controllers and a couple of third-party PS4 controllers can easily connect to it.

  • Can you use a wired Xbox controller on PS4?

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Conclusion: Can the Xbox controller connect to a PS4?

The main purpose of the article was for the reader to know if they can use the Xbox controller on their PS4 console and there was little to say because even the methods that are present work to a certain extent and we also compared the two controllers and got to their differences in features and similarities. The gaming world has changed and it doesn’t come as a surprise that people ask these kinds of questions because when a new technology is introduced, you feel the urge to update and thus may wonder if it needs you to buy another device when there is a substitute of it. You need to look for answers and not waste money in any way.

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