How good is Skulker feat 5e for a Rogue?

Skulker feat 5e

 Is Skulker feat 5e good for a Rogue?

Skulker is a fantastic feat for 5e Rogues as it lets you “hide in plain sight” in darkly lit since dim light is considered to be slightly obscured. That means you can benefit from a bonus action that allows you to hide ahead of your adversaries and gain an advantage by fighting at stealth. So Skulker feat will enable you to conceal yourself even if you’re not entirely obscured. An area that is lightly obscured will be regarded as Dim light. Creatures equipped with Darkvision take Dim light as bright.

The Skulker feat, are you able to get away in the Darkness, even in the face of creatures that have darkvision?

The guidelines on light and vision (PHB 183) state. 183) provide:

In areas that are lightly obscured, like the dim light, patchesy fog, or moderately shaded foliage, creatures are disadvantaged in Wisdom (Perception) checkpoints based on the ability to see.

A dim glow sometimes referred to as shadows, produces a light obscured space. A dark area is often a border between the source that emits bright light, such as torchlight, and the Darkness surrounding it. The gentle light of twilight and dawn can also be considered dim light. A particularly stunning full moon could be awash in dim light.

A description for darkvision (PHB, page. 183-184) says:

Many creatures inhabit the world of D&D, particularly those that reside underground, are darkvision-equipped. Within a specific area, creatures that have darkvision can see dark as if it were dim, luminous light. As such, dark areas are marginally obscured for as long as the creature’s vision is concerned. However, the creature is unable to see color in dark and only gray shades.

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As a rogue with Skulker feat Skulker ability (and darkvision), Do you want to conceal yourself in the Darkness (with no other protection)? Why? If you were entirely in Darkness, it would be similar to Dim Light or Lightly Obscured to creatures with Dark Vision. But, you’d need to perform an attempt to conceal in the dark since the text reads, “You can try to hide.” You’ll need to investigate stealth and not against a perception test, which has a disadvantage for those with Darkvision. Suppose you apply your experience to stealth and combine it with a high dex level and dexterity. In that case, you are guaranteed a successful outcome. Even characters with darkvision capabilities would perform their perception tests with a disadvantage since the areas that are lightly obscured (like the dim lighting) can hinder any perception tests that depend on vision. In addition, Darkness is viewed in the form of dim light (lightly blocked) because of darkvision (PHB rule of vision)

Does a Skulker in DND 5E hide from Darkvision creatures in dim light?


The most fundamental rule follows that “You can’t hide from a creature that can see you clearly.” How Skulker accomplishes is “You can try to hide when you are lightly obscured from the creature from which you are hiding.”

Therefore, if you’re in dim lighting, it is possible to conceal yourself from people who don’t have darkvision, but not people with darkvision because you’re not in dim lighting from him.

But, there’s the benefit of this, since when you’re in an area with a lot of Darkness, that is dim lighting for creatures that have darkvision. Therefore, you can avoid them that you would not be able to accomplish if you didn’t have this ability (as you’d be a little obscured).

If you’re in an area with a lot of Darkness, the area is considered to be dim lighting for those with darkvision.” A place that is heavily obscured isn’t supposed to be dimly lit for those who have darkvision. A dark area is considered to be dimly lit. Often, this is caused by undergrowth, fog, or any other obstacle in which darkvision is not an issue. Darkvision can only make the difference in areas that Darkness heavily obscures.

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Source: Player’s Handbook

A prerequisite for this is Dexterity 13 or greater.

  1. You’re an expert in moving through shadows. You reap the following advantages:
  2. You may try to cover yourself in a light shade from the person you are trying to hide.
  3. Suppose you’re hidden from an enemy and fail to catch it by using a ranged weapon attack. In that case, the attack isn’t revealing your position.
  4. The dim light won’t cause any disadvantage on your Wisdom (Perception) tests based on your eyesight.